When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash Chapter 209

When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash Chapter 209

Chapter 209 Her Charisma (1

I’m sorry, senior brother, I’ve let you down.Rose replied lightly

Darrin stared at Rose with a slightly heavy paze for a few seconds, then suddenly took a step forward, cornering her against the wall

I know you have your difficulties,he looked at her, I have my responsibilities too, but Rose, can we stop going backwards?” 

Senior Brother, I had no choice,Rose said, avoiding his gaze

The child in her belly left her with no choice

Darrin gazed at Rose for a long time, not knowing how much time had passed before he finally retracted his affectionate gaze, You will still do Wesley’s interview, won’t you?” 

I’m still not sure,Rose said seriously, but Luther assured me that if I didn’t conduct the interview, Wesley wouldn’t accept interviews from anyone else.” 

Darrin gave a bitter laugh, So this is your personal charm, huh?” 

He knew that Wesley’s agreement to be interviewed by Rose was undoubtedly due to Judson’s efforts. But the fact that Luther could make such a promise to Rose was a testament to her own abilities

Darrin was also jealous of Judson. He was envious that he wasn’t allowed to interfere in Rose’s affairs, while Judson never played by the rules

Intervened and forced Rose to accept

He didn’t want to see the two of them have more contact. The mistake he had made before had already made Rose and Judson a married couple in name

The more they intersected, the fainter his hope became

But to Abbie, this conversation between the two had a different interpretation

As expected, Rose got the interview by seducing Wesley’s assistant, Luther

Moreover, Luther had made her a solemn promise

I simply wasn’t as despicable or shameless as her, that’s why I lost so badly! Even though my family background and talent were superior to hers, and I was no less attractive, I was still crushed and humiliated by her!” 

Once this concept took root in Abbie’s mind, it could never be dispelled

After the meeting today, the highranking officials who had originally stood firmly behind me, all began to waver

They didn’t care how Rose achieved her goal, they only saw the outcome, saw her miserable failure, saw Rose’s capability

If Abbie continued to be so hesitant, she would only lose more in the future


Mr. Sullivan, a journalist named Edwards said that you had arranged to meet with him.” 

Luther was about to leave when he heard the phone ring. He 

immediately took out the gift he had prepared for Rose

Invited her in.” 

The door opened, and just as Luther, holding a gift, was about to speak, he saw a completely unfamiliar woman, dressed in a seductive and flamboyant manner, walk in

Who are you?Luther was taken aback

Mr. Sullivan, I’m Abbie Sawyer, I am the director of the Finance Department at Flourish Media,Abbie approached with a flattering smile

She belonged to the type of striking and bold beauty. That day, she had dressed up meticulously, wearing very revealing clothes, and donned. tencentimeter high heels, showing off her long legs. She was confident that no man could resist her allure

Indeed, Luther had also taken a good look at Abbie up and down

The head of the Finance Department? Wouldn’t that be Rose’s superior

Then she falsely claimed that her surname was Edwards, deceiving the foreign bodyguard with prosopagnosia to let her in

Luther immediately scoffed, Do you either think others are impostors, or you want to be an impostor yourself? Do you have a hole in your brain?” 

Abbie was taken aback

Chapter 209 Her Charisma (2

She hadn’t expected that the first thing Luther said, without any courtesy, was to start cursing directly

Mr. Sullivan, there might have been a misunderstanding between us.Abbie tried to maintain her charming smile, Rose had told me earlier that she couldn’t complete the interview task, so I misunderstood that she had found someone else to fill in” 

Did you think I wasn’t there at the time?Luther retorted, I accidentally picked up the phone, I heard your conversation from start to finish, clear as day. Alright, I don’t want to waste my breath on you anymore, you should leave, or else I’ll call someone.” 

Abbie was not content

She was usually arrogant and proud, never bowing her head in front of/ any man, except for Darrin

She didn’t believe that if she couldn’t handle Darrin, she couldn’t handle other men

Mr. SullivanShe moved towards Luther, wrapping her arms around his waist, Give me another chance.” 

Get out!Luther shoved Abbie away as if stung by a scorpion. He stormed to the door, unable to contain his anger. Is anyone there? Are you all dead? Get this shameless woman out of here!” 

Abbie was dragged out, Luther’s angry reprimand to the bodyguards still echoing in the corridor, Are you blind? Does Ms. Edwards look like that? Is Ms. Edwards that ugly? You let that kind of thing in, do you know how dirty that is? I want to change rooms!” 


Abbie couldn’t believe everything she had been through

She walked to the hotel’s restroom, looking at the woman in the mirror, her makeup exquisite, her beauty radiant and enchanting. ButLuther had dared to defame her! To despise her

The disgust in his eyes was definitely not fake

Thinking about his recent reaction, Abbie was so angry that she trembled

Yes, Rose was beautiful, but she also considered herself no less attractive. She never lacked suitors, but why did theywhether it was Darrin or Luther, treat Rose like a goddess and her like dirt

Abbie finally couldn’t bear it, covered her mouth, and forced herself not to cry out loud

After calming her emotions for a full half hour, she finally went out, intending to leave

Not long after she had walked away, there were two figures standing shoulder to shoulder ahead, which startled her… 


When Abbie was taking the elevator downstairs, her palms were full of 


She walked with her head down, in a hurry. Suddenly, she bumped into someone

Ah!Abbie’s heels were too high, she suddenly twisted her ankle and fell straight to the ground

However, the other party had grabbed her hand, preventing her from making a fool of herself

Abbie? What are you doing here?The person who was bumped into was actually Rose

Abbie, leaning on Rose for support, stood up, straightened her clothes, and tried to hide the panic on her face. I thought you went back to rest and nurture your pregnancy, how come you’re here?” 

Rose didn’t respond to her words, instead she counterquestioned, Has my resignation report been approved?” 

Don’t you know to go see for yourself?Abbie asked menacingly

How could she possibly approve

It had already been rejected by Rose

It was impossible that Rose didn’t know. It was clear that they were 

mocking her with this matter

She waved and left

Rose stood in place for a while, looking down, flicking thethe miniature camerashe had just taken from Abbie

Abbie didn’t notice such a heavy thing was missing, she was too busy being flustered

It seemed that something extraordinary must have been captured in here… 

When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash

When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash

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When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash" A romance novel is a genre of fiction literature primarily focused on the development of a romantic relationship between two main characters..When Love Turns into Hatred novels are popular for their ability to provide readers with a sense of escape, emotional fulfillment, and the promise of love conquering all. They cater to a wide range of tastes, offering a diverse array of settings, time periods, and character dynamics to suit different readers' preferences. Read more Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

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Rose Edwards took thirteen years transforming herself into Judson Roach's preferred kind, but it never crossed her mind that he had feelings for someone else. Upon this realization, she began living solely for herself. She embarked on a carefree and marvelous journey of life. Judson, who had never cared about her before, deeply regretted his choices and yearned to have her back. "Rose, I beg you, please grant me another opportunity," he pleaded. Rose chuckled and said slowly, "Mr. Roach, since when did you transform into the very man you despise?" ... Read More Novel Mi Ex-esposa Misteriosa Es Multimillonaria Violet Irwin  

When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash

People Also Question And Main Character

The main character of the provided text is Rose. Throughout the story, we follow Rose's experiences, thoughts, and emotions as she navigates a tumultuous breakup with Judson Roach and begins a journey of self-discovery and independence, determined to live life on her own terms.   When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash
  1. Question: Why did Rose enter Imperial Garden for the last time?
  2. Answer: Rose entered Imperial Garden for the last time because she had just broken up with Judson Roach.
  3. Question: How did the servants in the house gossip about Rose?
  4. Answer: The servants in the house gossiped about Rose, expressing surprise that she had returned even after breaking up with Judson. They thought she was shameless and speculated about her intentions.
  5. Question: How long had Rose been a**ociated with the Roach family?
  6. Answer: Rose had been a**ociated with the Roach family for thirteen years.
  7. Question: What did Aileen, the housekeeper, say to Rose when she tried to enter the master bedroom?
  8. Answer: Aileen informed Rose that Mr. Roach (Judson) was not present and that it would be improper for her to enter. She expressed concerns about her taking things from the room. Find More The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Novel
  9. Question: Why did Rose feel humiliated in the presence of Judson?
  10. Answer: Rose felt humiliated in Judson's presence because he treated her with contempt and indifference, even though she had been his fiancée.
  11. Question: What offer did Judson make to Rose after their encounter?
  12. Answer: Judson gave Rose a black card with a substantial value on it, explaining that it was for her sister's operation.
  13. Question: Why did Rose refuse Judson's offer for her sister's surgery?
  14. Answer: Rose refused Judson's offer for her sister's surgery because the surgeon was out of the country and couldn't perform the operation immediately.
  15. Question: Why did Rose have a preference for white clothing?
  16. Answer: Rose had a preference for white clothing because Judson had praised her pearly white princess gown during her 12th birthday celebration, which influenced her fashion choices.
  17. Question: How did Rose change herself to please Judson?
  18. Answer: Rose changed herself to please Judson by adopting a more understated style, avoiding heavy makeup, giving up her interests and profession, and severing external ties to meet his preferences.
  19. Question: What decision did Rose make after leaving the Roach family home?
  20. Answer: After leaving the Roach family home, Rose decided to live for herself, leaving behind her despair and a bank card, and embracing a new self. Read More Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled


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