When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash Chapter 50

When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash Chapter 50

Chapter 50 How Do You Thank Me?
“Gone? Who is gone?” Maverick’s reaction was far greater than Judson’s. “Who is Ms. Edwards? How did she disappear?”
His expression was visibly tense and solemn, and the gazes of Judson and Isidro instantly became guarded.
Isidro was sweating profusely. “She… went to the restroom, took a turn, and I lost sight of her. I have searched everywhere, but I couldn’t find her…”
“You searched everywhere…” Maverick gasped for breath, shouting Houdly, “Butler! Butler!”
Judson didn’t quite understand Maverick’s excessive reaction. He reassured the old man, “Ms. Edwards is just a friend of mine. She’s a bit restless, maybe she went out for a casual stroll.”
Although he said so, Judson looked at Isidro’s eyes as if he were looking at a dead person.
Rose didn’t have wings again, Isidro, a grown man, couldn’t even keep an eye on a girl. Is he blind or stu pid?
“I’ll go look for her,” Judson took a step forward, “as long as she is still here.”
“Stop right there,” Maverick’s face turned dark. “Mr. Roach, this is my private estate. Please have a seat, I’ll take care of it.”
The butler had already run over, but he didn’t know that Rose was missing.
“Is that Miss journalist?” he asked.
Maverick almost fainted, “What journalist?”
The butler replied, “It’s the journalist Miss who has been wanting to interview you these past few days. She finally caught up with us today. As I mentioned before, you told me to dismiss her, but I didn’t expect Mr. Roach to bring her in just now…
Now, it was Maverick’s turn to look at Judson with eyes that seemed to want to devour him.
“Mr. Roach, is this your… true purpose?”
What butterfly brooches, they are all excuses and pretenses!
Judson was stunned.
Did Rose really come to interview Maverick?
Did she… deliberately come here to wait for him, not having heard anything from Mrs. Roach?
“Humph!” Maverick glared at Judson darkly. “Mr. Roach, the cun ning of you businessmen is truly beyond defense!”
He almost called him a swindler.
Judson: “I went to find her back!”
“I said stop!” Maverick almost roared, “This is my home! Someone, escort the guest out!”
Judson stood still.
“Man, I brought him here,” he said, his gaze towards Maverick turning unfriendly, with a hidden hint of paranoia and aggression.
He walked into the living room and sat down in front of a high-backed armchair. He crossed his legs and a cold expression appeared on his
“Mr. Brown, look for him. Once I find him, I will leave.”
Maverick paused for a moment.
With things having come to this point, he had no intention of getting entangled with Judson any further, so he hurriedly left with his butler.
Eerie and solemn dark clouds hung over this massive courtyard.
In the living room, Maverick’s private bodyguards had stern faces, guarding Judson and Isidro as if they were thieves.
Although the sun was still shining brightly in the afternoon, there was a chilling breeze flowing through the courtyard.
At least half an hour had passed when Maverick returned.
The expression remained serious, but obviously not as tense as before.
“I asked the ser vants, your friend has already left.”
This answer surprised Judson.
He straightened up and his first reaction was to question, “Are you sure the ser vants here didn’t mistake me for someone else?”
“Didn’t you see it wrong? It was a young girl wearing a red dress, right?” Maverick said with great detail. “Earlier, she went to the restroom, and wasn’t there a maid following her? After the girl came out, she looked around and then left directly. The maid didn’t pay much attention to it, and later got busy with something and forgot to report it.”
“Can we check the surveillance to make sure?” Judson looked up and glanced at the surveillance equipment on the door.
It’s strange that in Maverick’s secret room, there are many priceless treasures, but he advocates for simplicity and hasn’t even installed a single camera.
A surveillance camera was installed at the entrance.
It gave people a feeling of putting the cart before the horse.
To my surprise, Maverick immediately refused, “The surveillance system broke down a long time ago, Mr. Roach. You know, I really dislike these modern gadgets.”
Judson glanced at the electric fence on the high wall and finally nodded.
“That would be disturbing.”
He bid farewell to Isidro.
After leaving, Isidro kept self-reflecting, “Mr. Roach, please deduct my salary, I was so foolish… knowing how Ms. Edwards is now, and
Judson ignored him and instructed the driver, “Stop by the green path outside the yard.”
Isidro was puzzled, “Did Ms. Edwards go to the woods?”
Judson did not answer, he closed his eyes and dozed off until the car stopped, “Keep an eye on me.’
Isidro still didn’t understand, “Stare…”
What are you staring at?
Judson suppressed his simmering anger and said, “Tell me when she comes out!”
After a few more seconds, Isidro finally understood.
Mr. Roach meant that Ms. Edwards didn’t leave at all and stayed in Maverick’s yard.
Wait until the gate was completely closed, ensuring that no one would break in anymore.
Maverick had just passed through several courtyards and walked along several hidden corridors when he arrived at a tightly closed small courtyard gate.
He sighed and raised his voice, “He left, come out.”
The gate creaked open.
Rose walked out and politely thanked, “Mr. Brown, thank you.”
“No need to thank,” Maverick said with a weary expression. “Ask whatever you want to interview about. As long as it doesn’t excessively involve privacy, I can answer.”

This old pitiful look was at the mercy of others, with no hope in life.
Rose finished interviewing Maverick, and it was already evening.
She certainly didn’t ask any intrusive privacy questions, but they later
had a good conversation.
Maverick showed her around the entire yard, talked to her about tea, and showed her some of the collections.
Finally, they insisted on having her stay for dinner.
Unable to refuse his kindness, Rose had to give in.
Before leaving, she said to Maverick, “The task given to me by the leader is to do two issues, one is about tea and the other is about collectibles. What do you think?”
Maverick chuckled, “Your boss sure knows how to keep you busy.”
It was well known that he refused to be interviewed.
If Rose hadn’t been pushed to that extent, how could she have repeatedly hit a wall so foolishly?
“Today, there wasn’t enough time. Come over another day, and I will tell you in detail about my collection. I have several items, and the stories behind them are all quite legendary.”
“Alright,” Rose smiled and bid farewell to Maverick, “I’ll go back and make a rough draft first, and send it to you for review.”
The sky was filled with sunset glow.
The small door next to the vermilion gate was opened.
Isidro rubbed his tired eyes and exclaimed, “Ms. Edwards! It’s really Ms. Edwards!”
Mr. Roach was not wrong, Rose really did not leave Maverick’s
It was strange…
Why did Maverick provide cover for her?
When Rose reached the middle of the greenway, a Rolls-Royce came down from the nearby slope and blocked her way.
Judson sat in the back row, his elbow resting on the car window, his fingertips lightly tapping on the door, without looking at her.
“How can I thank you?” he asked, his voice soft and slow.

When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash

When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash

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When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash" A romance novel is a genre of fiction literature primarily focused on the development of a romantic relationship between two main characters..When Love Turns into Hatred novels are popular for their ability to provide readers with a sense of escape, emotional fulfillment, and the promise of love conquering all. They cater to a wide range of tastes, offering a diverse array of settings, time periods, and character dynamics to suit different readers' preferences. Read more Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

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Rose Edwards took thirteen years transforming herself into Judson Roach's preferred kind, but it never crossed her mind that he had feelings for someone else. Upon this realization, she began living solely for herself. She embarked on a carefree and marvelous journey of life. Judson, who had never cared about her before, deeply regretted his choices and yearned to have her back. "Rose, I beg you, please grant me another opportunity," he pleaded. Rose chuckled and said slowly, "Mr. Roach, since when did you transform into the very man you despise?" ... Read More Novel Mi Ex-esposa Misteriosa Es Multimillonaria Violet Irwin  

When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash

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The main character of the provided text is Rose. Throughout the story, we follow Rose's experiences, thoughts, and emotions as she navigates a tumultuous breakup with Judson Roach and begins a journey of self-discovery and independence, determined to live life on her own terms.   When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash
  1. Question: Why did Rose enter Imperial Garden for the last time?
  2. Answer: Rose entered Imperial Garden for the last time because she had just broken up with Judson Roach.
  3. Question: How did the servants in the house gossip about Rose?
  4. Answer: The servants in the house gossiped about Rose, expressing surprise that she had returned even after breaking up with Judson. They thought she was shameless and speculated about her intentions.
  5. Question: How long had Rose been associated with the Roach family?
  6. Answer: Rose had been associated with the Roach family for thirteen years.
  7. Question: What did Aileen, the housekeeper, say to Rose when she tried to enter the master bedroom?
  8. Answer: Aileen informed Rose that Mr. Roach (Judson) was not present and that it would be improper for her to enter. She expressed concerns about her taking things from the room. Find More The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Novel
  9. Question: Why did Rose feel humiliated in the presence of Judson?
  10. Answer: Rose felt humiliated in Judson's presence because he treated her with contempt and indifference, even though she had been his fiancée.
  11. Question: What offer did Judson make to Rose after their encounter?
  12. Answer: Judson gave Rose a black card with a substantial value on it, explaining that it was for her sister's operation.
  13. Question: Why did Rose refuse Judson's offer for her sister's surgery?
  14. Answer: Rose refused Judson's offer for her sister's surgery because the surgeon was out of the country and couldn't perform the operation immediately.
  15. Question: Why did Rose have a preference for white clothing?
  16. Answer: Rose had a preference for white clothing because Judson had praised her pearly white princess gown during her 12th birthday celebration, which influenced her fashion choices.
  17. Question: How did Rose change herself to please Judson?
  18. Answer: Rose changed herself to please Judson by adopting a more understated style, avoiding heavy makeup, giving up her interests and profession, and severing external ties to meet his preferences.
  19. Question: What decision did Rose make after leaving the Roach family home?
  20. Answer: After leaving the Roach family home, Rose decided to live for herself, leaving behind her despair and a bank card, and embracing a new self. Read More Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled


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