Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander ) Chapter 485

Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander ) Chapter 485

Chapter 485

Seeing that his wife did not pursue the matter of registering for a marriage certificate, William became very suspicious for just a moment. Then he turned to look at his daughter.

Was it possible that his daughter brought it up previously to his wife so that she would not pursue this matter much? Did the boy from the Landor family take the initiative to take the blame?

That was possibly how things went. Otherwise, there was no way that his way would back down so easily.

William sighed heavily inside. He previously thought that his daughter could still stay at home for a few more years. He did not expect her to move away so soon. How did she get married after just taking a trip?

In the future, he would not be able to see his daughter every day. On the other hand, it would be a long time before his future daughter-in-law got married into his family. the Roberts family would become a bit quiet from now on.

William, who was used to having people around, felt a little disappointed and had mixed feelings.

Rose originally wanted to see her father’s reaction, however, now she felt bad after seeing William being unhappy. She took out her phone and sent a text message to her father, [Dad, although I am going to get married, I can still stay with you guys. I’ll take turns staying at both their house and ours. If you ever miss me, I’ll come home for you right away.]

A notification sound came from William’s phone, he took it out and saw that it was a message from his precious daughter. He turned to look at Rose and saw his daughter playfully raising her chin for him to check his phone. William lowered his head and read Rose’s long message. A smile finally appeared on his face. He was glad to know that his daughter was so mature that she knew what he was thinking about.

William replied to ha

text, [Fine, I understand.].

Rose sent another message

it okay for Edward and I to spend the night here?]

Though William was not willing to let Edward stay at his house, he still agreed since his daughter would spend the night at his house as well. He replied, [Sure, I’ll do whatever to make you happy.]

A son-in-law would always be his father-in-law’s natural enemy.

The discussion of wedding gifts continued while the younger generation watched on the side. Since this was a matter that should be hosted by the Landor family, Juana decided to let Richard take charge and handle this matter gracefully.

Richard went straight to the point. “Thank you for being generous and not fussing over Edward’s mistake. Another reason for us to come today is mainly to propose marriage. Although they have already received marriage certificates, we still have to make up for what we should have offered Rose. Our entire family is quite fond of Rose. My wife talks about her every day. You can rest assured that we will treat Rose the same way we treat Sherri.”

William waved his hand and continued to behave politely. “Actually, the Roberts family doesn’t really care about wedding gifts. Rose is our greatest treasure. If your son takes Rose with him, but can’t treasure her like we did, my suggestion is to stop this whole thing right now.”

The Roberts family did not care to marry Rose into the Landor family if she was not going to be treated properly. They surely could afford to let Rose stay with them. The Roberts family’s bottom line in agreeing with this marriage was that their daughter would be properly taken care of.

Sensing that his father-in-law was in a tense mood, Edward immediately said, “William, I can definitely do that.”

Grace fiddled with her sleeves. Her tone was calm, but there was also a hint of deterrence. “Remember your words.” Edward nodded. Frank casually sat at the side and played with his phone. He pursed his lips and did not say anything. Once both families reached an agreement, it would not be possible for them to break the deal.

Richard said, “A few days ago, Edward asked me to transfer all the shares under his name to Rose. Here is the document of that. Rose, please sign it. Here is a list of the other wedding gifts. The villa next to the Landor family is under your name as well. Edward put it under your name when he bought it.”

Rose was deeply touched. Why was this fool always doing this kind of thing in secret?

Grace was not pretentious. She took the document on the table and roughly skimmed it. “This is too much. Our gifts for this wedding were 30%. We only ask you to match our part. We don’t need this many gifts. Our sole requirement is for Rose to be happy.”

The gifts from the Landor family were 50%.

Juana waved her hand and said straightforwardly, “This is not too much at all. Rose deserves it. After all, Edward is the one who would be considered taking advantage of Rose by marrying her.”

William was not someone who was greedy for wealth. If he was offered cash, he might just accept it. However, their family was offered the shares of the company of the Landor family. This did not seem appropriate to him. It was as if to change the Landor Group to Roberts Group. He said, “We are simply marrying our daughter into your family. We have no plan of taking over your company. Please reconsider your hospitality.”


Grace nodded in agreement. “Let’s exchange 10%.”

Edward objected. If it was just an exchange, he felt that his family would end up not showing enough sincerity. “Mr and Mrs. Roberts, 30% of Rose’s shares will be hers no matter what. It will not be integrated into our marriage assets. Since Mrs. Roberts thinks this is too much, I will give 10% of my share to Rose. Additionally, I will draft another contract that indicates all of the assets under my name will be transferred to Rose if I ever cheated on her.”

Hackett thought, “Edward is basically saying that he will leave this marriage without anything if anything happens. Should I help him if he left their house with only a pair of underwear at that time?

“He’s being too harsh on himself.”

The sharp-tongued Frank continued to remain silent. He only curled his lips when no one was able to him. He was satisfied.

In the end, things went the way Edward wanted. It was also because Grace did not want to reject the kindness of this child. Edward said, “The drafted document will be sent over tonight.” Grace replied, “You don’t have to rush. It can happen tomorrow.” However, Edward still texted Kyle Jenkins to ask him to start preparing the document.

Edward, who was known for always abiding by the rules, did not like to procrastinate. He is straightforward and decisive. Once a decision was made, he wouldn’t be able to sleep that night until he signed off on it.

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts asked the Landor family to stay for dinner. Because it was their first time coming to the Roberts family, when they first arrived, they did not have a chance to take a proper look around the place.

Juana was simply focused on settling the marriage for her son and worried about it. She was not in the mood to pay attention to her surroundings. Now that they had some free time, Juana wanted to look around in the courtyard. Grace stood up and said to Rose, “Rose, it’s still early for dinner, you take Edward to tour around here.”

Frank stood up and said to Edward, who was sitting across from him, “Let’s go. I’ll show you a new world.”

There was no point in touring this courtyard. Edward had already toured this place except for Rose’s room. As a man, Frank obviously knew that Edward wanted to see Rose’s room the most.

He assumed that his sister probably wanted to bring him upstairs too, but she was too embarrassed to say it.

Edward nodded in gratitude and said to Grace, “Dad, Mom, I’ll go up first.”

William was stunned. It did not seem that repulsive to have another person call him father. He decided to accept the reality and simply take it as he had another son. While acting as an elder, he nodded his head and replied to Edward, “Okay.”

He looked like an old boss to Edward.

Grace also said, “Okay.”

Rose saw that Edward had already changed how he addressed her parents, and her parents had already accepted that. She felt like she had to do the same, otherwise, it would be very rude.

She tidied the air on her collarbone and prepared emotionally. She smiled and called out, “Dad, Mom.”

Grace did not say anything. She knew that Rose was not talking to her. However, it was different for William. He subconsciously thought that his daughter was calling him and directly responded to her.

At that moment, the situation became a bit awkward. Richard couldn’t respond to Rose even if he wanted to. Juana was grinning happily. She even took out two red packets from her pocket and stuffed them into Rose’s hands. “Here, I almost forgot about this. I’m old and my memory isn’t good. Don’t mind me.”

“That’s okay. Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Dad.”

the Landor family had given her bouquets as a gift. the Roberts family had returned home in a hurry and was unprepared. Grace said, “I’ll make up for it tonight.” She meant to say this to Edward.

Edward smiled. “Mom, we don’t have to do that. It’s okay.”

Grace was never short of manners. “I’ll take you around the courtyard to familiarize yourself with it.” This was directed at Juana. She had long noticed her intentions to look around.

Juana thought to herself, “Those rumors about her are fake, right? Rose’s mother has quite a nice personality. She’s not that cold and she’s good-looking.”

Grace looked like a twin sister to Rose. Their hair had similar lengths. One was casually tied up, and the other was loose.

“Alright, alright. Grace, how much land does your family occupy? It’s really big.” Juana felt that it was nice to have a big place like this for her to stay when she became old. She thought that William and Grace were great at picking land.

Grace rolled up the sleeves of her clothes and walked towards the courtyard. “I’ve forgotten exactly how big this land is. In the beginning, it wasn’t that big. Later on, we increased bit by bit and bought all the land around it. At first, there was only one house. William bought all the land around it later.”

“It seemed that it was a bad deal for Rose to marry into our family. There is no way that our villa in the city will be as comfortable as your place.”


Grace smiled. “I don’t talk too much and I’m not very good at communicating, so…” Sometimes she was not being rude, nor was she being ignorant of people.

Juana understood her. Everyone’s personalities were different. Not everyone was as easy to talk to as she and Joy Blackwell. She interrupted Grace. “It’s fine. I am very talkative. I’m an outgoing person, so don’t worry. I’ll definitely get along well with Rose. I’ll treat her as my own daughter. To be honest, I was worried sick about my son. He usually didn’t talk much. I thought he was going to be single for the rest of his life. He never brought a girlfriend home before.”

Grace smiled. “Rose’s personality is lively and sometimes very playful.” Edward’s personality was indeed much calmer.

“That’s good. It means that they complement each other. My son should find someone like Rose. Otherwise, if he found someone like him, how could he spend the rest of his life without talking much? They will probably just stare at the ceiling all day.” When Juana heard that, she felt that her son and daughter-in-law were really a perfect match. They were simply a match made in heaven.

In the living room, William was clearly not in a very good mood. As someone who had been through this before, Richard hugged William’s shoulder. They seemed like two brothers. “It’s not a big deal. My daughter has just gotten married. A while ago, she just gave birth to a son. Our entire family stays with the Blackwell family. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Hackett. Hackett, Am I right?”

Hackett, who was sitting at the side, finally had a chance to speak. He almost suffocated to death by not being able to talk. “Yes. Because Sherri is going to rest for two months after giving birth, my parents invited Richard and Juana to stay at the Blackwell family. It’s very lively at our house.”

Right after Hackett finished talking.

Richard continued, “In the future, if your daughter has a baby, we’ll stay at your house. You guys/can stay at mine. That should be fine, right? It’ll only make our houses more lively.”

Richard, who had always acted as a mascot today, finally started being useful.

“If that doesn’t work, we can switch to staying at each other’s houses every other day.”

Since Richard had already said so, William could no longer act tense since he wanted to be a cool person. “That’s not what I meant. I’m just too sad to see my baby girl leave. Rose is my treasure. This is a deal now. We can’t let Rose stay at your house every single day.”

Richard promised him. He had come with a mission. Before he came, Juana had assigned him a mission and asked him to take down William. “That’s for sure. As the elders, we will definitely not interfere with where Rose wants to stay. You can call at any time.”

With that, William’s depressive mood dissipated a lot. He asked politely, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to have some coffee. Hackett, you can go upstairs and hang out with Frank and the others.”

Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander )

Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander )

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Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander )


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