Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander ) Chapter 484

Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander ) Chapter 484

Chapter 484

Edward knew that Rose liked to sleep in, so he booked the flight for the afternoon.

This way, Rose could sleep until she woke up naturally. Everything was packed. There was no need to rush. She could take her time.

When Rose woke up, it was already 10:30 p.m. After lunch, the couple pushed their luggage to the airport. Rose pushed two suitcases while Edward pushed three.

They had brought two suitcases with them when they came. They bought three suitcases later. There were gifts, souvenirs, photos, and so on.

On the plane, Rose woke up. After sleeping for the entire morning, she began to chatter non-stop. The route that the two of them had planned was to go to the Roberts family’s residence. Rose was afraid that Edward would be nervous when he officially met her parents, so he told her about her parents’ personalities.

“Are you nervous?”

Edward held her hand. “I’m not nervous.”

“Are you really not nervous? I’ll analyze my parents for you.”

Since Rose wanted to tell him about them, he was happy to hear. It was still beneficial to know more about them. He glanced sideways with a serious expression and prepared to listen attentively. “Okay, go ahead. I’ll listen.”

Rose moved her butt and adjusted her sitting posture. She looked ahead. In her mind, she thought about her parents. There were also scenes of them getting along happily in the residence, including Frank. “Let’s talk about my father first. William looks cold and fierce on the outside and is a man of his word. However, William at home is completely different from outside. William at home is a little cutie. He talks a lot, is everywhere at home, and likes making his presence known, especially in front of Grace.

“Also, if you want to flatter William, you have to praise him for being handsome and young. He’s very narcissistic.



remember?” Rose asked Edward worriedly, afraid that he did not hear her clearly.

Edward nodded, indicating that he remembered. “I heard you. Anything else?”

“Yes, there’s also my mother, Grace. She looks cold and aloof on the outside. She doesn’t talk much and even less than my brother. However, my mother is the kind of person who’s cold on the outside but warm on the inside. For example, she’s the one who prepares the medicine that I always prepare when I go out on a trip. My pocket money is prepared by my brother. Anyway, even though they aren’t big on talking, they’re very meticulous. For example, my brother is very thoughtful toward my sister-in-law, Ava. He’s so careful that he would use a fine toothcomb for it if he could. You didn’t see this coming, right?”

Edward really didn’t expect Frank to be so meticulous, but Edward seemed to understand. It was because when you liked someone, you could consciously learn to do something and want to surprise them. It was because you had eyes for them, so you would take care of them.

This was care and love.

Judging from Rose’s words, the couple were easy to get along with. They were not as unreasonable as the rumors said, including the ones that mentioned they were unkind and stubborn.

Edward didn’t have much contact with the Roberts family, and he didn’t have much interaction with the Roberts family in the past. It was just that this year, he had a dock project with Frank and needed to borrow his transportation.

Previously, he had heard from Kyle Jenkins that the Roberts family in Athana was quite unyielding. Perhaps it was because their entrepreneurial journey was different from other families. They could distinguish between gratitude and grudges. A favor was a favor, and money was money. If something could be resolved with money, there was definitely no need to resort to favors.

Throughout the entire journey, Rose had been analyzing the situation at home with Edward. She had analyzed Frank because he was afraid that they would not get along well.

A few hours later, the two of them stood at the exit. Edward first called his parents and asked them to go straight to the Roberts family’s residence. A few days ago, Edward had already talked about the shares. Juana had also discussed the betrothal gift with Richard.

After receiving their son’s call, the couple hurriedly rushed to the Roberts family.

After getting off the plane, Rose began to feel nervous. She had been talking non-stop on the plane just now. Now that she imagined the scene of the two families sitting together and discussing their marriage, she inexplicably began to feel nervous.

Edward noticed that Rose was silent. It was obvious that she spoke much less. “Nervous?”

“A little. They won’t quarrel, will they?”

“They won’t. They’re there to give the betrothal gifts, not to quarrel.”


Rose said, “I’d better call my brother.” As she spoke, she took out her phone and called Frank. “Hello? Where are you?”

Frank answered, “Get to the point. If you have something to say, say it. If not, I’m hanging up.”

Rose stood at the exit and took a deep breath. She kept telling herself he was her biological brother and that she should let it go. “I just wanted to ask where you were.”


Rose wanted to ask if he would die if he said one more word. In her heart, she was scolding her brother. However, she asked in a friendly manner, “Alright, are you going out later?”

“No.” Actually, Frank knew that Rose would be back today, so he came back early in the morning after going to the office. However, he did not say it out loud.

This girl probably wouldn’t be able to stay with the Roberts family for long. He was sad to see her move out.

Edward was very familiar with the route of the Roberts family’s residence. He could even find the location of the door with his eyes closed. After an hour, Edward’s car pulled up steadily in the parking lot in the courtyard.

This time, he had entered the Roberts family’s residence openly and legitimately.

When they walked into the living room, they heard Hackett sitting on the sofa and talking non-stop. “Frank, you’re the worst now. We’re already married. Look, I already have two children. Look at Trevon, he already has three. Perhaps in the near future…”

Just as he was about to say a nickname, he received a look from his mother-in-law, who was alse sitting on the sofa. He quickly restrained his strength and changed his words. “Rose might have a baby in the near future.”

Juana loved to hear this. She was secretly delighted. She looked at her son-in-law in satisfaction and nodded. Richard did not say a word and just sat quietly and waited for her.

Frank was very polite. He did not ask the servants to prepare boiled water or fruits. He went to the kitchen to get them himself and placed them in front of them. “Frank, Juana, drink coffee first and eat some fruit. Mom and Dad are already on their way.”

Richard said, “Sorry, I didn’t inform you in advance.”

Just as Frank was about to speak, Edward and the others came in. The two of them came with five suitcases. Juana got up excitedly and walked towards Rose. Edward stood in front of Rose and reminded her in a low voice, “Mom, calm down.”

Juana was brimming with enthusiasm but she promptly held herself back. She was even more agile than the brakes on a car. She gently pulled Rose from Edward’s side and looked at Rose with a burning gaze. “Good to see you. Come over. You must be tired.”

Rose scratched the back of her head and smiled. “It’s alright. Erm…”

She wanted to change and call her “Mom”, but Juana spoke before she did. “It’s fine. Call me Juana first. When your parents come back and accept our gifts, you can change your words. You can change your words whenever you’re in the mood.” Since they had already gotten their marriage certificate, it didn’t matter if Rose called her “Mom”. Rose could even treat her as her older sister if she deemed fit. In any case, it would even make her seem younger.

Edward carried all the suitcases in and glanced at the person on the sofa. Why was Hackett hére?

Hackett responded, “Don’t look at me. My duty today is to be a driver and a witness to your love.”

It was mainly because Sherri had given him a mission and wanted him to share the details when he returned. That was the reason he was here.

Upon hearing Hackett’s words, Edward did not continue the conversation. “Dad.” After pausing for a while, he received Frank’s gaze and smiled faintly. “Frank.”

Hackett, “…” This was how it worked. He and Sherri were the youngest in the family. Edward was already older than him and like a brother/Now that he was married to Rose, she was his sister-in-law in the figurative and technical sense. Damn it.

Upon hearing this, Frank smiled and politely received him. “Take a seat first. It’ll probably take a while.”

Rose was pulled by Juana to sit down beside her. It was difficult for Edward to separate them because her biological mother kept holding Rose’s hand.

In the end, he could only silently sit down on the other side of Rose and stroke Rose’s neck with one hand to comfort him. After a while, the sound of an engine came from the door, followed by a deafening shout, “Hi, Grace, and William.” The sudden voice startled Richard and Juana in the living room. Hackett and Edward were used to it. It was not the first time they heard it.

Juana smiled and said, “You have a powerful voice and came with lots of practice.”

Grace was wearing a white shirt, black wide-legged trousers, and white high heels. Her shirt was rolled up to her elbows. Rose stood up and walked to her mother’s side. She held her hand. “Grace, William.”


Juana and Richard looked at each other. They were very curious about the way they interacted with each other. After all, Rose was treating her parents like brothers, and sisters.

Juana didn’t know how to describe the aura emanating from Rose’s mother. She was a very oppressive and cold beauty. No wonder Rose was so good-looking. The couple’s facial features were impeccable, and their genes were all excellent. It was difficult for Rose to be nothing short of beautiful.

In the future, Edward and Rose’s children would definitely be good-looking too.

The more she thought about it, the more distracted she became.

William patted his daughter’s shoulder dotingly and walked to the sofa.

Grace was an observant person. Naturally, she saw the doubt on Juana and Richard’s faces. “Our family isn’t that strict with the way we address our elders. As long as the child is happy, it’s fine. I’m also used to others calling me that.”

Richard immediately said, “It’s fine. We just feel that the atmosphere in the Roberts family is very good. Don’t take it to heart.”

William nodded and sat down beside Frank. Grace and Rose sat down on the sofa on the other side.

“I was held up by work. You guys are…” William spoke knowingly as he kept a polite distance.

Edward naturally noticed this, but he was a junior and could not interrupt now.

Richard smiled and went straight to the point. “Mr. Roberts, we’re here today for two reasons. The first is for my son, Edward, to apologize. He brought your child on a trip kidnapping your precious daughter without her parents’ consent. This is Edward’s fault. He needs to apologize.”

Edward had already thought of this problem. It had to be his fault. He couldn’t say that Rose was at fault. At the same time, he sent a signal to Rose telling her not to speak. He could handle it.

However, Rose thought that it shouldn’t be like this. She was the one who suggested it. Why did Edward have to take the blame?

The two of them exchanged glances, and Grace and Frank saw their small actions. They already had an answer in their hearts. Needless to say, the instigator of this matter was this girl.

Frank thought to himself. Edward was pretty good at taking the blame. Back then, Edward immediately took the blame without even blinking when he asked whose idea it was.

Grace knew that Edward planned to take the blame. Looking at her daughter’s anxious expression, Rose wished she could immediately confess and shout that she was the culprit. Grace patted Rose’s hand to calm her down. Since Edward wanted to take the blame, she would not expose him or put his effort to waste. “Since you’ve already obtained the certificate, we won’t pursue who raised the suggestion first. Only when both parties are willing can you successfully obtain this certificate.”

William originally wanted to put on airs, but when his wife said this, he could not use the words that he had thought of.

Rose looked at her mother gratefully and smiled at Edward. Edward smiled back.

Frank pinched the space between his eyebrows and sighed. His sister had really gotten herself married.

Hackett could already feel Frank’s helplessness. He raised his eyebrows and smiled smugly. Frank looked at him in disdain.

Wherever the elders were, the juniors had no right to speak. They could only quietly listen from the side.

Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander )

Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander )

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