Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander ) Chapter 483

Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander ) Chapter 483

Chapter 483

That night, Rose was unprecedentedly well-behaved. She simply hugged Edward as a pillow and fell asleep happily.

It was a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Ava and Frank left Haililand without saying goodbye to Rose and returned to Sapphire City.

As for Rose and Edward, they traveled throughout Haililand according to the plan they had formulated. The plan was set by Rose, and Edward held the map. Because Rose was directionally challenged, Edward was afraid that she would lose the way for both of them if they followed her.

After all, they were unfamiliar with Haililand. They could still go home with their eyes closed after losing their ways in Athana. It was a little difficult here. They did not dare to take the risk. He had to keep an eye on Miss Roberts.

They would travel,during the day and work on models with Edward for an hour before bed. It was the same every day. After that, they would exercise for a while before bed.

In the end, she hugged Edward to sleep. However, who did the hugging still depended on whether they had exercised. If they exercised, Rose would get hugged. When they did not exercise, it was the other way around.

In the blink of an eye, their wedding leave was over. Tomorrow was the day to return to Athana.

The decoration Edward had done in the room could be said to be intact. Other than the balloons decreasing every day, everything else was good.

The balloons were leaking air and they did not look as good slightly deflated. Rose would untie the knot and let out the air.

At this moment, Rose was wearing pajamas and wandering around the room reluctantly. She touched this and that. When Edward came out of the bathroom, he saw Rose constantly and carefully touching some of the decorations.

She looked like she couldn’t bear to destroy it.

Edward strode towards her and stood at the side. “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to go back?”

“No, it’s not that. No matter how grand a place is, it can’t compare to my home. I just can’t bear to part with the room you decorated. If only I were a god and the decorations and things in this room could fly to Athana with a wave of my hand.”

Rose looked regretful as she stared at the back of the bed.

– Edward-stroked the hair on her collarbone. Her hair was soft and silky. Every strand of hair seemed to be caressing his


He pulled her arm and walked to the bed. He pressed her down on the edge of the bed and touched her shoulders. “Didn’t we buy a villa in Athana? Think about how to decorate it. The decoration of this room is a little rushed and not that perfect. You can decorate the house in Athana according to your preferences. When it’s done, you can call Sherri and the others over as guests.”

Upon hearing this, Rose’s eyes began to sparkle. “Really? Really? Do you mean it? That’s great. Then I want to think about how to do it now. Come, come, let’s sit down and see how to decorate and style the place. Let’s not make Château de Courbonne tonight. We’ll complete it when we get our new home.”

They would not have to bring it to the Roberts family’s residence. Otherwise, if she worked on it with Edward, Frank would feel terrible. It was quite pitiful to be alone. Everyone was married, but he was alone in Athana.

Edward quietly listened to Rose’s consecutive arrangements. However, he did not sit on the bed. He was going back tomorrow. Edward had a habit of doing everything in advance.

He didn’t like the feeling of panic. He liked to arrange everything in advance. “Take a look first and save the photos. I’ll pack, so we don’t have to rush tomorrow.”

Everything was arranged meticulously.

Edward had to sort out her things. How could Rose sit still? They had agreed that a family was a matter for two people. She had agreed that she would be here for Edward. She quickly threw her phone on the bed and jumped down. She walked to Edward’s side in a few steps. “Packing up, right? I’m good at it. Let’s do it together.”

Edward frowned and looked up at the agile Rose. “No need. Sit down. We didn’t bring much. I’ll be quick.”

Rose retorted, “We didn’t bring much, but we bought 3 boxes worth of stuff. Hurry up and don’t dawdle. Finish packing quickly. Then we can look at the pictures.”

The anxious Rose immediately went to the bathroom to look for things to pack, but she was stopped by Edward behind her. “Don’t tidy up the things in the bathroom first. You still have to wash your face and put on makeup tomorrow morning.”

If they wanted to pack, it was annoying to see some stuff left over. Rose suggested, “Why don’t we just pack everything? I can just wash my face with water. I’ll look good without makeup, right?”

Edward said honestly, “Yes, you look good.”

“Then it’s settled. Let’s pack up everything in the bathroom now. We can still sleep a little longer tomorrow. We bought these two cups at the supermarket. I want to bring them back. Let’s use the disposable cups provided in the room to brush our teeth tomorrow. Don’t bring the towels and toothbrushes back.”

“Uh huh. If I really want to put on makeup, I can do it on the plane too. Honey, do you like me when I put on makeup or when I don’t? Which one looks better?”

Rose asked at the top of her voice while tidying up in the bathroom.

Edward searched for words in his mind and finally said carefully, “My wife looks good with or without makeup.”

That should be the right answer.

Sure enough, in the next second, Rose turned around and walked out of the bathroom. She stood still and looked at Edward in shock. It was not because of the word “wife”.

Wife and husband. They had addressed each other this way many times after they registered their marriage. So much so that they had become numb.

Her immune system had already increased by countless levels.

She was surprised that Edward actually knew how to say honeyed words. It was even sweet. He had a promising future. Indeed, it was different now that he stopped acting like a monk. However, she had to say she taught him well. “Not bad. Mr. Landor has improved. I’ll reward you tonight. Keep it up.”

After saying that, she even made a cheering gesture, which made Edward laugh. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly

and “Okay.” However, Edward did not intend to indulge Rose that night. He was going to see his mother-in-law tomorrow

could not leave a bad impression.

Two hours later, Rose placed her hands on her hips and checked the room to see if she had missed anything. She looked around like a leader rubbing her chin and nodded. “Uh huh. I don’t think we missed anything. Alright, let’s look at the pictures.”

Finally, it was over. The most troublesome thing to do when they were traveling was to pack up. People kept feeling that they left something out. When they were ready to leave, they kept wondering if they left anything behind at the hotel.

They kept thinking if they missed anything.

Rose took off her shoes, lifted the blanket, and crawled in. She patted the blanket and urged Edward, “Come up quickly.”

Why was he always so slow? He was so calm.

Edward unhurriedly lifted the blanket and sat down. He leaned against the back of the bed and prepared to research together. “What style do you want? Classic, ancient, romantic, minimalist, modern…”

Rose looked up in confusion. “Are there so many styles?”

Edward nodded. “Every country has a different style. For example, the style of the hotel we’re staying in now is completely different from your brother’s hotel.”

Rose was silent for a few seconds as if he was thinking. “Can we throw in everything? I just want a little of everything I like.” Edward pondered to himself. As long as it’s not scary, it was fine. Anyway, she would be sleeping with him.

“Sure. You can decide.”

Rose swiped her phone with one hand and pinched Edward’s fingers with the other. She was very restless. “There has to be ancient style elements for sure. I also want big red balloons. I want these long lamps as well. These too…”

It was supposed to be a discussion. In the end, all Edward could do was nod, say yes, or say it was good.

He was not being perfunctory. This villa was originally bought for Rose, so she definitely had the final say in the decorations. The intention of buying a house for their marriage was for Rose to live happily.

After settling the layout of their new place in Athana, the room became quiet. The two of them knew what they had to do next. They reviewed their homework and kissed as usual. After day after day of training, Edward’s skills were already excellent.

Originally, Edward only wanted to simply sleep. After all, he had to see his mother-in-law tomorrow. However, he could not resist Rose’s teasing…

Just as Edward was taking something out of the drawer, a fair and delicate hand stopped him and pushed the cabinet back

with the back of her hand.

Edward looked at Rose in confusion. “What’s wrong?” Did she not want to exercise? She had been restless just now.

Rose shook her head. “There’s no need for that. Let’s just do it.” She could accept it. Edward was almost 30 years old. She seemed to be looking forward to the fruit of her love with Edward.

Moreover, Rose liked children very much.


As soon as she said this, it was Edward’s turn to be stunned. He was uncertain. He placed his hands on her sides and lowered his eyes to restrain his excitement. “Rose, do you know what this means?”

Rose slapped Edward’s chest. “Are you stupid? What’s my profession? If we get pregnant, so be it. We are already officially married, right, Silly?”

Edward smiled like a child. Rose knew that he wanted it, so she would satisfy him. She did not intend to go without children. The sooner she gave birth, the sooner she would recover. She still planned to be a hot mother. Wouldn’t it be good to be like Sherri and Natalie?

With such a small episode, both Rose and Edward were overjoyed.

At night, Edward was unusually excited. The wind outside the window was especially strong. The swaying tree trunk kept moving up and down with the wind.

Like the powerful north wind, it had a powerful aura. When the tree trunk swung to the side, the fallen leaves would also fall to the ground with the wind resting on the white cement ground.

More than an hour later, Rose hid under the blanket. Her face was red and she said energetically, “Do you want to revise again? Perhaps it would do you good, right?”

Edward, “…”

Edward lay on his side and rubbed her head. He helped her tidy up the messy blanket. The scène just now was still in his mind. When people who were in love created lovely memories, it was always moving. “Sleep well tonight. Can we make up for it tomorrow? We still have to see your parents tomorrow.”

Hearing his words, Rose felt that she should not go overboard. If she walked like Charlie Chaplin tomorrow, William and the others would definitely see through it. “Okay. You will make up for it.”

Edward, “…” He did not know how Hackett and Sherri communicated about such matters.

It was just that sometimes it felt like the roles were reversed for them. Rose protected him and acted like she was the man.

Rose asked carefully, “Do you want to smoke?”

“Hmm? I’m not smoking.”

Rose continued to lean on her side, using her arm as a pillow. “Okay.” It seemed that not all the information online was true. It was misleading.

Edward thought of Frank saying that Rose did not like the smell of cigarettes. “If you don’t like the smell of cigarettes, I can slowly quit.”

“You can quit while we’re preparing for pregnancy. You can continue after the child is born. I don’t like the smell of cigarettes, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t smoke. However, smoking isn’t good. It’s better for you to smoke less. When you kiss me, you can’t have the smell of cigarettes in your mouth.”

Rose rolled her eyes and analyzed her own thoughts. She couldn’t ban Edward from doing everything if she didn’t like it. She wasn’t the queen dowager.

Why did Edward have to live as she wanted? If that was the case, Edward would not be Edward anymore.

Edward replied, “Okay. As you say.

Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander )

Turning Of The Tide By (Diana Sander )

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