The Windfalls of Love by Roxanne Chapter 37

The Windfalls of Love by Roxanne Chapter 37

Chapter 37
The intense humiliation cut into Chloe’s heart like a sharp knife, over and over again.
The man who had once promised to love her for a lifetime was actually looking down on her like this? He had actually degraded her like this? This was no longer a marriage to him; it felt more like she had jumped into a pit of fire. She truly wanted to kill this man. But killing had its consequences. She wouldn’t ruin her own life for this horrible man. Deep within her, Chloe was filled with shame and anger, and an immense disappointment settled in her soul.
“I want a divorce. Aria’s surgery is scheduled for the day after tomorrow. Once the surgery is over, we’ll go to proceed with the divorce paperwork.”
Numbness had set in for her. Chloe no longer held any expectations for this marriage. Thoughts of divorce were growing within her.
But this wasn’t the time to wallow in pain and heartbreak. Aria was still in the hospital, awaiting payment for the surgery.
Chloe suppressed all her disappointment, pain, and helplessness and began to figure out how to gather the money for the surgery. While she was in the restroom, she called Roxanne.
Roxanne happened to have enough money in savings to cover the deposit. She rushed to the hospital immediately after the call.
Chloe choked back tears as she said, “Anne, I might not be able to repay you this money anytime soon.”
“It’s alright; saving Aria is more important.” Roxanne dismissed her concerns.
Roxanne’s willingness to help Chloe was based on the warmth Chloe had extended to her in the past. When Roxanne was in a tough spot due to her parents’ divorce and lived with her strict and unpleasant grandmother, Chloe often shared her food and even gave her clothes. Despite facing punishment, Chloe continued to give her the best things, even risking her parents’ disapproval.
One time, when a chicken was slau ghtered at Chloe’s home, she wrapped a few pieces of meat in tissue for Roxanne, who had probably not eaten meat in a long time. Roxanne was eating behind a pile of junk when Chloe’s mother discovered her. Chloe’s mother scolded Chloe and beat her with a stick, leaving red scars on Chloe’s arm. However, Chloe came back to console Roxanne after being beaten and continued treating her as her best friend.
Such friendship and kindness left an indelible mark on Roxanne’s heart. So when Aria needed surgery and Roxanne had the means, she didn’t hesitate to offer her savings. She even provided Chloe with her bank card and password.
Chloe’s eyes welled up. “Anne, I’m truly grateful. At a time when even Oliver can’t support me, you’ve lent me all your savings.”
“Don’t say that. Go pay the fees, and then hurry to arrange the surgery with the doctor. Aria’s health is what matters.”
“Yes, I’ll go pay the fees.”
After paying the fees, Chloe asked Roxanne to stay at the hospital to keep Aria company.
Chloe hadn’t bathed in days while at the hospital and felt dirty. She needed to go home to change clothes and bring some items back.
As Chloe reached her doorstep, she overheard a conversation between Oliver and Charlotte.
Charlotte said, “Oliver, if Chloe wants a divorce, let her have it. You have money, a house, and a car. Are you afraid you won’t find a younger girl? But make sure not to give her a penny.”
Oliver responded, “Don’t worry, that woman doesn’t have the courage to actually get a divorce. She’s just talking. She’s been at home with the kids for seven years; she’s completely out of touch with society. She can’t leave me.”
“What if she really wants a divorce?”
“That’s fine too. She won’t get anything good out of it.”
“The house, car, and money… None of it is for her. The two kids won’t go to her either. I wasn’t a fan of that girl, Aria, because girls are useless in this society too. But when she grows up, she can earn money for us. Let her stay for now. School doesn’t cost money these days. When Aria reaches middle school, we can make her work to earn money. She’ll have to hand over all the money she earns.”
“I understand, Mom. I’ve been giving you money for years. Keep it safe.”
“I’ve been saving it all along. I’ve hardly spent any of the thousands of dollars you’ve given me every month. It’s all saved up; there’s over fifty thousand dollars.”
Oliver exclaimed, “Wow, that much?”
“I’ve been saving it for you. It’ll be yours in the future.”
“Mom, Chloe must never know about this money. Aria’s surgery costs over ten thousand dollars. Let Chloe borrow it herself. Since she’s so capable and always talks about going to work, let her repay it slowly later.”
Oliver had been hiding the money from her all these years by handing it over to Charlotte? No wonder he claimed not to have saved any money.
Chloe, standing outside the door, was infuriated. First, Oliver secretly gave money to Charlotte, which was disgusting. Second, Aria urgently needed surgery, and he had the money but refused to provide it, even forcing her to borrow it. What if she couldn’t borrow it? Wouldn’t that delay Aria’s surgery? Aria was Oliver’s biological daughter. How could he be so selfish and heartless?
Chloe was seething with anger; her fury overwhelmed all reason. She wanted to storm in and confront them. However, as she fumbled for her keys, she regained a shred of sanity. Charging in wouldn’t make them hand over the money. And facing off with this cun ning and shameless mother-son duo alone wouldn’t end well.
While Oliver had indeed earned his wealth, he wouldn’t have accumulated so much without Chloe taking care of Charlotte, the two kids, and managing the household. Moreover, Chloe had provided the startup funds for Oliver’s business. Her contribution was undeniable.
She had to reclaim that money.
Later, pretending she hadn’t overheard, Chloe changed clothes, gathered her belongings, and went back to the hospital.
At the hospital, she confided in Roxanne about what she had overheard. Roxanne’s heart would have probably given out if she had a heart condition; the news was so infuriating.
“Da mn it! How could such cun ning and heartless people actually exist in this world? Charlotte and Oliver, this mother-son duo, are the worst. Aria Is Oliver’s daughter and Charlotte’s granddaughter! How could they be so callous? Chloe, I initially thought these two kids were so pitiful, and I didn’t want to advise you to divorce. But what’s there to hold onto in such a marriage? Get a divorce! Once Aria is well, divorce Oliver quickly. Your future must not be ruined by such people.”
“I want a divorce too. Even if I have nothing and can only take the two kids, I’m willing.”
Roxanne was taken aback; she initially thought Chloe wouldn’t agree,
“Anne, why should I let Charlotte and Oliver benefit from this?”
Roxanne was at a loss for words.
“I paid the down payment for the house and provided the startup funds. I have nothing now, but they can continue living with a house, a car, and savings. Why should they benefit from me?”
She absolutely couldn’t let this mother-son duo profit.
Roxanne agreed, “Chloe, you’re right. You must reclaim the house and money. It’s yours, and you shouldn’t let them take advantage.”
Chloe worried, “But they’re so unreasonable. I don’t know how to deal with them.”
Roxanne reassured her, “Chloe, I have a plan to help you reclaim the money from Charlotte. It doesn’t require arguing or using force.”
Chloe asked, “What’s the plan?“
Roxanne drew close and whispered her plan to Chloe.

The Windfalls of Love by Roxanne

The Windfalls of Love by Roxanne

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The Windfalls of Love by Roxanne" A Love novel is a genre of fiction literature that primarily focuses on the theme of love and romantic relationships between the main characters. These novels typically explore the emotional and personal development of the protagonists as they navigate the challenges and complexities of falling in love, building and maintaining romantic relationships, and overcoming obstacles to achieve happiness together. Read More His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire?

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The Windfalls of Love by Roxanne

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The main character in the story is Roxanne. She is initially portrayed as someone who hastily marries a struggling small business owner in pursuit of a simple life but experiences unexpected twists of fate. Her journey and realizations form the central narrative arc of the story. Read More The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet  
  1. What led Roxanne to hastily say "I do" to a struggling small business owner?
    • Answer: Roxanne rushed into marriage with the hope of having a simple and stable life with the small business owner.
  2. How did Roxanne's dreams take an unexpected turn after she got married?
    • Answer: Roxanne's dreams took an unexpected turn when she won a brand-new Porsche, which was worth more than the affordable car she had in mind.
  3. What happened while Roxanne was trying to secure a loan for a cozy two-bedroom apartment?
    • Answer: Roxanne unexpectedly won a luxurious villa while trying to secure a loan for the apartment.
  4. How did Roxanne's husband handle the challenges that came their way?
    • Answer: Roxanne's husband remained calm and collected, effortlessly resolving her problems with ease.
  5. When did everything change for Roxanne and her husband?
    • Answer: Everything changed for Roxanne when a smooth-talking individual approached her and addressed her as Mrs. Rodriguez.
  6. Who was the smooth-talking individual who approached Roxanne?
    • Answer: The smooth-talking individual who approached Roxanne is implied to be a billionaire tycoon.
  7. What realization did Roxanne have when the smooth-talking individual addressed her as Mrs. Rodriguez?
    • Answer: Roxanne realized that she had unknowingly married a billionaire tycoon.
  8. How did Roxanne feel about her marriage after this realization?
    • (Answer: This information is not provided in the given text, so it's open to interpretation.)
    • conclusion

In a surprising twist, Roxanne's life takes an unexpected turn when she realizes she unknowingly married a billionaire tycoon. This revelation alters the course of her story, raising questions about her future and the challenges she and her husband will face in navigating their newfound life of wealth and privilege. Read More Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled


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