The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming Chapter 400

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming Chapter 400

 Chapter 400 Spotting MadelynForrest hastily pushed Kayla away and reached for his shirt, trying to put it on.

Kayla frowned and looked displeased. “What are you doing here?”

Madelyn pursed her lips for a moment before replying, “This is the apartment I’m renting!” Her voice sounded calm, but you could tell she was already angry.

A hint of panic flickered in Forrest’s eyes as he began to explain.

However, Madelyn didn’t want to engage in further discussion or argument with them because she had developed a slight headache on the way back, possibly due to catching a cold,

Chapter 400

Madelyn looked at Forrest with a weary expression. She didn’t know what to say to him. In the end, she simply said, “Pack up your things. Don’t come here again.”

After saying that, she went back to her room. She found her room relatively clean, with no dust, as if someone had cleaned it.

Without thinking much, she locked the door, dropped her backpack, and, without even changing her clothes, she lay on the bed under a blanket.

Outside the roomForrest and Kayla seemed to have an argument. Madelyn had a headache and didn’t want to get involved. She tried hard not to dwell on it. After a while, she fell into a restless sleep.

Around one o’clock in the early morning, the sound of brakes shattered the silence of the night, and Ethan got out of the car. He saw that the living room lights in the mansion were still on.

Exhausted, Ethan walked into the hallway. A servant noticed him and asked in confusion, “Sir, isn’t Miss Jent with you?”

Ethan furrowed his brow. “She didn’t come back?” Suddenly, his heart sank

The servant hesitantly said, “No, sir. Miss Jent called the driver and said she wouldn’t be coming back today, that she would be staying somewhere else. I… I thought she was with you.”

Ethan had just returned from the hospital. He checked his phone. There were no missed calls or unread messages. He repeatedly dialed Madelyn’s number, but it wouldn’t go through.

A chilling and icy demeanor began to emanate from him. “Why didn’t you ask her in the first place? If something happens to her, every single one of you will be fired! What are you waiting for? Why haven’t you sent someone to find her?”

“Yes, sir,” the servant replied, taken aback by the severity of Ethan’s anger.

After the servant left, Ethan’s body felt unsteady, and his leg, which had previously been giving him trouble, seemed to act up again. He sat down on the couch, holding his head in his hands, a mix of fear and panic flooding his mind. He regretted, ‘I… should never have seen Donna. If Madelyn finds out, I don’t know what I’ll do.‘

The bodyguards had searched all the nearby hotels and various nightlife spots around the school, but there was no trace of Madelyn

Close to four o’clock in the early morning, Leyton poured a cup of hot water and placed it in front of Ethan. “We still haven’t been able to reach the Jent family, but we’ve sent someone over to inquire. Don’t worry; we should have news soon.”

As he spoke, Leyton received a message from the bodyguards. He hesitated, not sure how to break the news.

Ethan asked, “Did you find something?”

Leyton replied, “We’ve checked the Jent residence at Southern Haven Villas and Mr. Jardin’s place at Grand Court, but Miss Jent was nowhere to be found.” He wondered, ‘If she’s not at home, where could she be?‘

Upon hearing this news, Ethan felt a pang of self–blame. “Should I have not met Donna? Maybe Madelyn wouldn’t have gone missing like this! Did Donna see Madelyn when she returned?”

Leyton shook his head. “I’m not certain. Miss Jent is usually quite deliberate in her actions. Besides, she’s been aware of the situation between you and Miss Jolie for some time now.”

Ethan was taken aback. When did she find out?” 

Leyton explained, “It was back when you were still in the hospital. George mentioned Miss Jolie to Miss Jent, but he didn’t go into much detail. While Miss Jent may not know everything about your history with Miss Jolie, if she did find out, she’d likely be understanding. Mr. Arnold, if you truly wanted to be with Miss Jent, maybe you shouldn’t have gone to the hospital today.”

Ethan lowered his eyes, lost in thought. Deep inside, he wished Madelyn would sometimes act without thinking as it would make him feel like she cared. At times, he also questioned whether Madelyn had truly loved him.


The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning

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The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning" is one of the most famous romance authors in the world. She has written Romance novel, including paranormal and romantic suspense series like “The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning” Identity of Romance”.” He has won numerous awards, including the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award.  

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Madelyn Jent died on her wedding anniversary. She had been married to Zach Jardin for eight years, compromising for the better part of her life. However, she ended up being kicked out of the house. After the painful divorce, Madelyn was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Despite her deteriorating health, she clung to life in the hospital, hoping that Zach would visit her one last time. As Valentine's Day arrived, heavy snow fell outside.

Yet, Zach failed to make an appearance, leaving Madelyn with a deep sense of regret. "Zach Jardin... If I could start over, I would never fall in love with you again!" Miraculously, Madelyn found herself reborn to the time when she was eighteen. Fueled by the desire to avoid repeating the same mistakes, she made a solemn vow to distance herself from everything related to Zach. But fate seemed determined to test her resolve. Just as she sought to escape the shadows of her past, the same man, Zach, emerged with an intimidating aura, gradually approaching her step by step. His voice, reminiscent of a devil's melody, echoed through the hallway as he declared, "Madelyn, I'll take care of you for the rest of your life..."

The Rewritten Love A Second Beginning

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"The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning" is a heartfelt contemporary romance novel that explores the themes of love, redemption, and the power of second chances. The story revolves around the lives of Sarah and James, two individuals who had once shared a passionate love but were torn apart by a series of misunderstandings and personal mistakes. Sarah, a successful writer, and James, a talented musician, had a whirlwind romance in their youth that ended abruptly, leaving them with wounds that never fully healed. Years later, fate brings them back together in the most unexpected way. Sarah is now struggling with a writer's block and a failing marriage, while James is dealing with the aftermath of a failed music career. When they cross paths again, the chemistry between them is undeniable, but both are hesitant to rekindle their love due to past scars. As they navigate the complexities of their present lives, Sarah and James embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. The story beautifully portrays their gradual reconciliation and the rekindling of their once-in-a-lifetime connection. Through heartfelt conversations, shared passions, and a rediscovery of themselves, they find the strength to start anew. "The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning" is a touching tale of forgiveness, self-acceptance, and the enduring power of love. It reminds us that even after life's setbacks and heartbreaks, it's never too late to rewrite our own love stories and embrace a second chance at happiness.


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