The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) Chapter 178

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) Chapter 178

Chapter 178

Haylan was very confident in himself.

The spiritual energy of this emerald pendant was especially rich. It was much richer than the spiritual energy of Frode’s ten stones combined.

To put it bluntly, as long as this spirit stone was cut out, it would be able to instantly defeat Frode’s ten emerald pendants.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone fell silent.

In the next second, there was a roar of laughter.

“Haylan, are you lying through your teeth? You want to defeat all of Mr. Harrod’s emerald pendants with only a gem? You’re simply courting death.”

“The ignorant are fearless. I think Haylan is just daydreaming!”

“It’s more than daydreaming. Mr. Harrod earned about ten times the profits with a small sum. That’s already very impressive. A layman like him even wants to surpass Old Mr. Harrod? He’s simply ignorant”

“If he can defeat Mr. Harrod with only a stone. Ill eat shit upside down!”

All the people who were playing with stones laughed out loud. They looked at Haylan with mocking eyes, mocking Haylan for overestimating himself.

Even Jerry looked at Haylan with a hint of mockery in his eyes. “You want to win money from me? Haylan, you’re thinking too much.”

Using 70 thousand dollars to earn 600 thousand dollars was already a master-level existence.

After all, this was only the bronze VIP floor. The appraisers on their side had already done a check on the stones and had long transported the raw stones with top-grade emerald pendants to a higher floor.

In other words, there was no emerald pendant here worth more than 60 thousand dollars.

Haylan wanted to use a piece of an emerald pendant to win? That was really wishful thinking!

Listening to these people’s mockery, Simon stood beside Haylan and felt especially embarrassed.

Haylan’s words were quite infuriating.

‘You’re indeed a layman. Young man, you still have a long way to go.” Frode sneered.

“Idiot!” Maxwell finally found an opportunity to mock Haylan coldly,

“Haylan, if I were you, I would directly admit defeat in this match. If you surrender, we can accept you just pay half of the bet. Kim’s eyes were filled with disdain.

Haylan stared at Kim with a sharp gaze and said coldly. “Are you wanting a beating again?”

Kim felt as if he had been electrocuted by Haylan’s gaze and kept quiet out of fear.

At this moment, Haylan looked at Frode and Maxwell. “The outcome hasn’t been decided yet, but you guys are already so happy. Be careful to embarrass yourself.”

“Haylan, stop bluffing here. If you can win, unless the sun comes out from the west,” Maxwell said disdainfully.

“Ignorant people are the most terrifying. Open your eyes and take a good look.” Haylan sneered.

At this moment, the staff member who was cutting the stone stopped.

The staff member looked at the stone in front of him, his pupils constricted, and his mouth opened wide. He was so shocked that he could not speak.

This piece of the emerald pendant was only the size of two fingers and about 2.5 inches long. It was not very big, but it was very beautiful.

That was right.

It was too beautiful.

The man had been a cutter for so many years, but this was the first time he had seen such a beautiful gem.

It was natural, and there was no impurity at all.

The most precious thing was that the shape of this emerald pendant was actually Virgin Mary.

The Virgin Mary emerald pendant was like a professional sculptor’s work of art. It had a nose and eyes, and its posture was elegant, lifelike, sacred, and solemn.

Most importantly, the Virgin Mary statue seemed to be hidden inside the emerald pendant, and there was an impenetrable


gem barrier outside.

This also meant that this was not man-made, but the work of nature.

The cutter looked at the emerald pendant and reached out to touch it. Immediately, a cooling sensation swept over him, and he felt refreshed.

It was such a good stuff.

This was the first thought that came to the cutter’s mind.

The emerald pendant could nurture people.

Just touching the emerald pendant slightly made the cutter feel comfortable. If one wore it for a long time, it would definitely improve the wearer’s health.

This was a peerless precious emerald pendant.

The cutter was even more surprised. With a trembling voice, he said, “There’s another gem!”

“Even if there is another gem, so what?

Kim’s eyes were filled with disdain. He glanced at the emerald and mocked, The quality looks alright. It’s not big either. Do you think this piece of gem is worth more than 600 thousand dollars? Haylan, I advise you to scrain quickly and stop embarrassing yourself here!”

“Ignorant fool!”

Haylan glanced at Kim and picked up the emerald pendant. Haylan raised in high in his palm and displayed it in front of everyone. He said word by word. This emerald pendant is enough to instantly defeat all of Frode’s emerald pendants!”

Holding the Virgin Mary Emerald Pendant in his hand made him feel cool and comfortable all over. His mood was unprecedentedly good.

Moreover, Haylan could feel the majestic spiritual energy in the emerald pendant

If this spiritual energy was paired with Haylan’s array, it would definitely be a shocking amulet

“You want to beat Mr. Harrod just with such a small piece of emerald pendant? Haylan, are you dreaming? Maxwell said.

“If you don’t know what a top-grade gem is like, then let Frode come. Don’t pretend to know when you don’t know,” Haylan said.

Maxwell’s gaze turned even colder.

Just as Maxwell was about to continue refuting and belittling Haylan, Frode’s expression suddenly changed drastically. Frode rushed in front of Haylan like a gust of wind. His eyes widened as he stared fixedly at the emerald in Haylan’s hand, Frode’s face was filled with disbelief. “How… how is this possible? How can such a gem exist in this world?”

Not only Frode, but also the two treasure appraisal masters in the Southern Heavenly Gate Raw Stone Market were startled They immediately rushed forward.

“What a beautiful gem. This is the work of nature,” one praised.


The other’s eyes also lit up. He was incomparably shocked.

Jerry’s expression changed when he saw the three of them like this Jerry immediately instructed the staff, “Quick, prepare the lights and aim at this gem. Project it on the public screen.

The three treasure appraisal masters were shocked by this gem. Clearly, this gem was not ordinary. Jerry also wanted to see

what it was.

However, it was too far away for Jerry to see clearly.

The lighting technician and the cameraman immediately got into position. The cameraman immediately aimed the camera. at the gem in Haylan’s hand.

Soon, the exact shape of the gem was presented to everyone.


After everyone saw this gemstone, the scene immediately fell into dead silence.

Everyone stared at the picture of the gem on the screen as if they were hit at an acupoint.

Those who mocked Haylan felt as if their throats were being choked by an invisible hand. They could not say anything. “So beautiful..” Simon was also dumbfounded.

It was just a picture, but when Simon saw the Virgin Mary statue in the emerald pendant, his mood immediately became peaceful and calm.


This was definitely a peerless treasure.

Not only Simon, but Jerry was also stunned.

Kim and Maxwell were also dumbfounded.

Everyone was stunned.

Haylan put away the gem and placed it in front of the two appraisers, Haylan said indifferently. “Please appraise it. What’s the price of this gem?”

An appraiser from the Southern Heavenly Gate Raw Stone Market stared at the gemstone for a long time. Finally, he said with difficulty. “Mr. Jaber I’m sorry. I really can’t evaluate this gemstone because it’s priceless treasure!”

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

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The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing.  Haylan Jaber is an American USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of new adult, gay and lesbian, fantasy romance and contemporary romance novels.. She writes moving, character-driven romantic tales where art and love entwine to heal, and love always triumphs.

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

High above the sky, a sliver plane was flying through clouds colored red and orange by the morning sun.
In the plane, Haylan Jaber leaned against the window frame and looked down at the rugged mountains below, feeling a bit edgy. “It’s been eight years. How are Mom and Dad? With all the money I sent back, they must have moved into a big mansion,” he thought.
He was twenty-eight years old and had thick brows and stunningly beautiful eyes. He was quite good-looking.
He had a worn duffel bag across his shoulder and wore a white tank top, a plaid shirt with jeans, and a pair of muddy cowboy boots. They were all cheap stuff, and he looked downright broke.
However, the cold, fleeting gleam in his eyes was sharp as a fine knife that could slice anyone’s throat in the blink of an eye.
The stubble on his chin made him look older than he was.
Looking out of the window, he peered down at the familiar yet strange city below the clouds with anticipation in his eyes.
The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist Haylan )

People also ask

The main character in Chapter 1 of the provided text appears to be Haylan Jaber. He is the central character around whom the events in this chapter revolve. Haylan is introduced as a former mercenary known as the Sovereign of Shadows, who has returned home after eight years abroad. The chapter explores his thoughts, experiences, and interactions with other characters, making him the primary focus of the narrative in this section of the story.  
Question 1: How does Haylan feel as he looks out of the plane window? Answer 1: Haylan feels edgy as he looks out of the plane window, thinking about his family and his past eight years abroad. Question 2: What kind of life did Haylan lead for the past eight years? Answer 2: For the past eight years, Haylan lived a life as a mercenary, climbing up the military ladder to become the Mercenary King, known as the Sovereign of Shadows. He was involved in dangerous missions and had raked in fortunes. Question 3: Who is Reign Labenz, and how did she meet Haylan? Answer 3: Reign Labenz is the CEO of a global business group. She met Haylan when she was accidentally led into a war zone during a business trip, and mercenaries attacked her. Haylan saved her from these mercenaries. Question 4: How does Reign react to Haylan's indifference towards her personal card? Answer 4: Reign is frustrated and confused by Haylan's indifference to her personal card, which is highly valuable and an honor to possess. She wonders if he finds her unattractive. Question 5: Who are the two fighters flying alongside the passenger jet, and why are they there? Answer 5: The two fighters flying alongside the passenger jet are there to escort Haylan back to the Longhard Kingdom. They were ordered to do so. Question 6: How does Haylan react when Xavier Lynch offers him money to change seats on the plane? Answer 6: Haylan refuses Xavier's offer and tells him to go away. This refusal leads to a confrontation between them. Question 7: How does the confrontation between Haylan and Xavier on the plane escalate? Answer 7: Xavier becomes enraged when Haylan refuses to change seats, and he attempts to slap Haylan. However, Haylan strikes first, sending Xavier flying and causing blood to spray from his mouth. Question 8: How does Xavier react to being hit by Haylan, and what threat does he make? Answer 8: Xavier is furious and threatens Haylan, saying that once the plane lands, Haylan won't be able to leave the airport.


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