The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) Chapter 177

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) Chapter 177

Chapter 177

“There is a gem!”

“Look! The raw stone that Mr. Harrod chose has produced a gem first!”

When the staff member saw the gem in the raw stone, he was so excited that he screamed.

Under his shout, many people at the scene looked over.

Under everyone’s gaze, the shells of the raw stone kept falling off. Soon, an emerald appeared in front of everyone.

The emerald was crystal clear and flickered with a faint glow.

It was obvious that it was not an ordinary gem.

The only regret was that the emerald was not in a good shape and was too small, only the size of a pinky finger.

“The sapphire is good stuff.”

“Unfortunately, it’s too small. It can’t be carved anything decent.”

“No matter what, with this emerald, Mr. Harrod will definitely recoup his cost. Mr. Harrod’s appraisal skills are amazing. He is completely Golden Finger.”

When everyone saw this emerald, some were happy, while others sighed and felt that it was a pity.

If this green gem was larger, its value would definitely double.

“Mr. Harrod, what a pity this time. If this emerald was bigger, we would have made a killing Kim also had a look of pity.

“It’s fine. There’s no hurry. This is just a small try. The good stuff is still in the following” Frode’s expression was calm and


Frode did not care about this small piece of emerald pendant. After all, it was not his greatest work

“Look! There’s a gem here too!”

At this moment, a staff member beside the other machine also shouted excitedly.

On his machine, a crystal, clear emerald pendant appeared.

“There’s a gem here too!”

“Also, there’s a gem on my side!”

“Everyone, come over and take a look. It’s a ruby. This is a top-grade rúby!”

Screams of surprise rose and fell. After cutting out, it showed that all the ten raw stones Frode chose had gems inside.

In no time, ten dissected gems were placed on the stage

They were of different sizes and shapes, but in terms of luster, color, and overall, they were not ordinary emerald pendants. “Mr. Harrod is indeed a treasure appraisal expert. He is quite impressive!”

“No! He is more than a treasure appraisal expert! I think he is simply Golden Finger! If I had this skill, I would have made at fortune long ago!”

“Look at that green gem the size of two fingers. Mr. Harrod bought it for 2 thousand dollars. With its shape, quality, and size, I think it can be sold for at least 10 thousand dollars. It’s five times the cost.”

“Mr. Harrod deserves the title of Golden Finger.

“The Southern Heavenly Gate Raw Stone Market is awesome. There are really emerald pendants in the raw stones. Mr. Harrod got ten expensive emerald pendants in one go, which means that the probability of the raw stones carrying gems is very high!”

“That’s right. We must come here more often in the future. If we’re lucky, we might become rich overnight!”

“Haylan wants to gamble on stones with Mr. Harrod. He’s simply asking to be humiliated!”

“You’re right. Haylan’s ten stones are still being cut out. I don’t think there will be any gems.”

Looking at the emerald pendants that had been dissected, everyone present was filled with envy. They looked at Frode with admiration.

Many people’s eyes shone as they looked at the various types of emerald pendants on the bronze VIP floor. Their eyes shone with greed.

These things were all treasures.

At the same time, many people looked at Haylan with disdain.


“Take your time. Don’t rush”

“Slower! Yes, slower!”

Haylan’s expression was calm Haylan looked at the stones he had bought and instructed the staff to move slower.

These were all spirit stones that Haylan had carefully selected. Although their quality was not very high, as long as Haylan carved talismans and arrays on them, they could become protective gems that could be blessed. So, Haylan had to guarantee them from being damaged at all.

The staff looked at Haylan with disdain.

As they carefully cut, they slandered Haylan in their hearts. “Slower? I think he can’t afford to lose and is deliberately stalling for time.”

The ten raw stones Frode chose had already been cut out, and he got ten emerald pendants, but none of Haylan’s stones had produced an emerald pendant.

In their opinion, Haylan had clearly lost and was just stalling for time.

“Mr. Jaber, are you sure these stones can produce gems?” Simon asked.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure!” Haylan said confidently.

Simon looked at Haylan and then at the ten emerald pendants on Frode’s side. Simon’s heart began to waver toward Haylari.

Jerry glanced at Haylan and ignored him. Instead, Jerry said loudly, “Next, let’s invite the treasure appraisal experts in our raw stone market to appraise the quality and value of these gems,”

Following Jerry’s words, two treasure appraisal experts walked out.

These two people were the treasure appraisal experts in Southern Heavenly Gate Raw Stone Market. They were also famous big shots in the treasure appraisal industry and were absolute authorities.

After the two of them appeared, they immediately appraised and evaluated the ten emerald pendants.

Soon, they came to a conclusion and gave their evaluation. These ten pieces of emerald pendants are all very good.

Although they’re not considered top-notch, they’re still of excellent quality.

“According to our appraisal, the total value is 600 thousand dollars!”


As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was shocked.

“600 thousand dollars? Oh my god, I remember that Mr. Harrod only spent 70 thousand dollars on these ten stones. How many times higher is it?”

*70 thousand dollars for 600 thousand dollars. Awesome!”

“As expected of Golden Finger. A treasure appraisal expert is indeed good at making money.”

All the onlookers were shocked. They looked at Frode’s ten stones with envy.

When Jerry saw this scene, his eyes up.

This was the effect Jerry wanted.

As long as Jerry could make the Southern Heavenly Gate Raw Stone Market famous, he would not have to worry about not having customers.

“Mr. Harrod, you are so awesome!”

After Kim heard this evaluation, he was overjoyed and laughed out loud. Then, Kim looked at Haylan with disdain and said, “Haylan, Mr. Harrod has already obtained the results. Shouldn’t you admit defeat?”

“Why are you guys in such a hurry to admit defeat?” Haylan asked calmly.

“Young man, don’t be so arrogant. It’s not embarrassing for you to lose to me.” Frode’s expression was calm, but his attitude was superior. Frode’s eyes were filled with disdain as he looked at Haylan.

“Did you hear that? Losing to Mr. Harrod is your honor! Also, you should have seen it just now. Mr. Harrod’s stone appraisal technique is definitely top-notch. You can’t compare to him.” Kim laughed loudly. His attitude was arrogant, and he felt that they had already won

“Haylan, you’ve lost. You should kneel to us now,” Maxwell said coldly.

“The staff haven’t finished cutting my stones yet. Why are you guys in such a hurry to kneel to me?” Haylan said calmly. “Can your pile of broken stones compare to Mr. Harrod’s gemstones worthy of 600 thousand dollars?” Maxwell sneered.



At this moment, a crisp sound came from one of the raw stones Haylan chose. The shell fell off, and a wisp of tender green appeared in front of everyone.

“There’s a gem!” The staff member was shocked.

The staff member had already cut more than half of the raw stone in his hand. He hadn’t expected there would be a gem inside!

The staff member had worked here for ten years, but he had never encountered such a situation.

Haylan’s expression was calm. “Alright, my gem has appeared”

‘Let’s not talk about anything else. Just this one is enough to defeat all other gems in an instant.”

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

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The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing.  Haylan Jaber is an American USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of new adult, gay and lesbian, fantasy romance and contemporary romance novels.. She writes moving, character-driven romantic tales where art and love entwine to heal, and love always triumphs.

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

High above the sky, a sliver plane was flying through clouds colored red and orange by the morning sun.
In the plane, Haylan Jaber leaned against the window frame and looked down at the rugged mountains below, feeling a bit edgy. “It’s been eight years. How are Mom and Dad? With all the money I sent back, they must have moved into a big mansion,” he thought.
He was twenty-eight years old and had thick brows and stunningly beautiful eyes. He was quite good-looking.
He had a worn duffel bag across his shoulder and wore a white tank top, a plaid shirt with jeans, and a pair of muddy cowboy boots. They were all cheap stuff, and he looked downright broke.
However, the cold, fleeting gleam in his eyes was sharp as a fine knife that could slice anyone’s throat in the blink of an eye.
The stubble on his chin made him look older than he was.
Looking out of the window, he peered down at the familiar yet strange city below the clouds with anticipation in his eyes.
The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist Haylan )

People also ask

The main character in Chapter 1 of the provided text appears to be Haylan Jaber. He is the central character around whom the events in this chapter revolve. Haylan is introduced as a former mercenary known as the Sovereign of Shadows, who has returned home after eight years abroad. The chapter explores his thoughts, experiences, and interactions with other characters, making him the primary focus of the narrative in this section of the story.  
Question 1: How does Haylan feel as he looks out of the plane window? Answer 1: Haylan feels edgy as he looks out of the plane window, thinking about his family and his past eight years abroad. Question 2: What kind of life did Haylan lead for the past eight years? Answer 2: For the past eight years, Haylan lived a life as a mercenary, climbing up the military ladder to become the Mercenary King, known as the Sovereign of Shadows. He was involved in dangerous missions and had raked in fortunes. Question 3: Who is Reign Labenz, and how did she meet Haylan? Answer 3: Reign Labenz is the CEO of a global business group. She met Haylan when she was accidentally led into a war zone during a business trip, and mercenaries attacked her. Haylan saved her from these mercenaries. Question 4: How does Reign react to Haylan's indifference towards her personal card? Answer 4: Reign is frustrated and confused by Haylan's indifference to her personal card, which is highly valuable and an honor to possess. She wonders if he finds her unattractive. Question 5: Who are the two fighters flying alongside the passenger jet, and why are they there? Answer 5: The two fighters flying alongside the passenger jet are there to escort Haylan back to the Longhard Kingdom. They were ordered to do so. Question 6: How does Haylan react when Xavier Lynch offers him money to change seats on the plane? Answer 6: Haylan refuses Xavier's offer and tells him to go away. This refusal leads to a confrontation between them. Question 7: How does the confrontation between Haylan and Xavier on the plane escalate? Answer 7: Xavier becomes enraged when Haylan refuses to change seats, and he attempts to slap Haylan. However, Haylan strikes first, sending Xavier flying and causing blood to spray from his mouth. Question 8: How does Xavier react to being hit by Haylan, and what threat does he make? Answer 8: Xavier is furious and threatens Haylan, saying that once the plane lands, Haylan won't be able to leave the airport.


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