The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) Chapter 171

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) Chapter 171

Chapter 171

Then, Simon’s eyes lit up and he gave Haylan a thumbs up.

As expected of the fearless Mr. Jaber! He was amazing.

In the gems industry, there were not many people who dared to treat Frode so arrogantly.

However, when Simon thought about how Haylan dared to declare war on Hugh and was domineering and fearless, he felt relieved.

Compared to Hugh, Frode was much weaker.

Thus was the first time Frode had been treated like this. Frode’s eyes suddenly turned cold. “What did you say?”

Kim was even more furious. “Fuck, what are you saying?”

Haylan did not answer. Instead, he was counting down, “Ten, nine, eight…

When they saw Haylan like this, Maxwell, Frode, and Kim’s faces darkened, and their eyes were filled with anger.

Maxwell stood up and said with a cold and domineering gaze, “Haylan, I didn’t want to argue with you on account of Mia, but your actions are too much. You have no respect for the elders and are lawless!

“As your class monitor and Mr. Harrod’s friend, I have to teach you a lesson.

“Now, I’ll give you ten seconds to choose. First, say sorry to Mr. Harrod immediately, and I’ll consider letting you go..

“Secondly, I’ll cripple you and force you to apologize to Mr. Harrod.

“Take your pick.”

Haylan did not listen to Maxwell at all. Instead. Haylan was still counting down. “Five, four…”

When Maxwell saw that Haylan was still like this, his gaze became even colder.

There was even a hint of murderous aura in Maxwell’s

‘s eyes.

Maxwell was the class monitor and the son of a five-star Lord. Maxwell’s father held great power and ruled over tens of thousands of people.

As the son of such a hero, Maxwell had trained in martial arts since he was little. He was proud and arrogant, and he was usually praised by many people. No one of his age dared to disobey Maxwell.

Now that Maxwell stood up for Frode and was ignored by Haylan, Maxwell felt humiliated. Maxwell wished he could immediately tear Haylan into pieces to regain his reputation.

“Damn it, you’re courting death!*

Kim’s gaze turned cold. He stood up on the spot and threw a hard punch at Haylan’s face.


Just as Kim was about to attack, the countdown of Haylan ended. Haylan looked at the incoming fist, and his eyes lit up immediately.

In the next second, Haylan attacked at lightning speed. With a slap, Kim fell to the ground. Kim spat out blood, and many teeth were broken. His mouth was filled with blood as Kim lay on the ground. His head was buzzing, and he couldn’t stand for a long time.


When they saw this scene, Maxwell and Frode’s expressions changed drastically.

They did not expect Haylan to really attack. They were stunned for a moment.

Haylan glanced at Kim and said coldly, “Calm down on the ground for a while. You’re buzzing like a fly. Noisy!”

Simon was also stunned for a moment. Then, he gave Haylan a thumbs up again.

As expected of Mr. Jaber! He was quite powerful, dornineering, and impressive.

A small fry like Kim deserved a beating.

Earlier, Simon felt extremely displeased when he was threatened by Kim. Now that Simon saw Kim being beaten up, he felt that he had fiercely vented his anger and felt refreshed.


At this moment, Maxwell came back to his senses. Maxwell was extremely furious. He roared angrily and appeared in front


of Haylan like a bolt of lightrung. His fist was like a siege hammer as it smashed toward Haylan’s face.

Maxwell’s anger reached the top.

Haylan beat up Maxwell’s friend in front of Maxwell. In Maxwell’s opinion, this was a huge shame to him. Maxwell had to send Haylan flying to regain his reputation

This punch contamed Maxwell’s anger. It was as fast and fierce as lightning.

Before the fist landed, the wind from the fist already arrived, blowing Haylan’s hair back.

If this punch really hit, even if Haylan didn’t die, he would be seriously injured.

Haylan was expressionless. In a flash, he easily dodged it


Maxwell’s punch did not hit Haylan. Instead, it blasted a huge pit 4 inches in diameter on the stone pillar behind Haylan.

The bricks shattered, revealing the steel bars inside.

At this moment, the steel bars were also bent.

“Oh my god. It’s so amazing

When Simon saw this scene, he could not help but widen his eyes in shock

This power was too terrifying

Maxwell had shattered the stone and concrete and bent the steel bars inside. Was this the strength of a normal human?

Maxwell was simply a monster.


Maxwell frowned when his attack missed.

Maxwell had

in anger just now He had used all his strength and was as fast as lightning. Even the Lords under Maxwell’s father command could not dodge.

How did Haylan dodge in

Maxwell turned around and stared at Haylan coldly. “No wonder you dare to be so arrogant. You have some skills”

Haylan s expression was calm as he said in a drep voier, “Maxwell, on account that we are classmates, I didn’t attack you immediately

“I forgive you for that move just now

“Next, if you attack me again don’t blame me for being impolite!“

Maxwell rubbed has palms together. His eyes were cold as he said word by word, “Then come at me. I want to see how impolite you will be to me

After saying that, Maxwell walked toward Haylan aggressively.

When Haylan saw this scene. his gaze turned even colder

Initially. Haylan did not want to make things too awkward between Maxwell and him. Maxwell was so aggressive that it made Haylan angry too.

For a moment, the atmosphere between the two of them became tense.

“Stop it!”

Just as the two of them were about to fight, a middle-aged man in a suit walked over and stood between them.

He was wearing glasses and had a refined temperament, but his eyes were deep, and his entire body exuded the aura of a superior

Moreover, he was very powerful. After standing between Haylan and Maxwell, he immediately dissipated Maxwell’s aura

“An expert!”

Maxwell’s expression suddenly changed. He immediately stopped advancing and stared at the bespectacled man Maxwell was afraid and did not dare to attack for a moment.

Simon heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the bespectacled man. Simon thought to himself, “It’s good that Jerry is here”

The bespectacled man in front of them was called Jerry Griffith Jerry came from a prestigious family and was the manager

of the raw stone market

Jerry was in charge of all merchants doing gem business here.


With Jerry around, Haylan and Maxwell would not be able to fight.

“What’s going on?”

Jerry glanced at the scene and his gaze was cold. “You’re causing trouble in my territory. Do you want to die?”

Frode pointed at Kim, who was still lying on the ground with blood spurting out of his mouth. Frode said in a deep voice, “Mr. Griffith, I didn’t cause trouble. It was Haylan who attacked first. Look, he beat Kim up so badly.”

When Jerry heard this, his eyes were as cold as knives as he stared at Haylan.

“Mr. Harrod, you can’t lie. We all saw it. You were the ones who caused trouble first.”

Simon stood up for Haylan and said, “Haylan only said that the gem in that raw stone was very ordinary. You guys stopped in front of us. Not only did you ask us to apologize, but the man named Kim also wanted to hit Haylan.

“Haylan was just defending himself. He didn’t cause trouble first.

“Mr. Griffith, if you don’t believe me, you can check the surveillance videos.”

“Mr. Kwen, are you going to fight me to the end?” Frode stared at Simon with an unfriendly gaze.

“I’m just telling the truth.” Simon showed no fear.

Jerry glanced at Haylan, Frode, and Maxwell. In the end, Jerry said coldly, “I don’t care what happened to you guys, but fighting here is wrong!

“Therefore, both of you will have to pay the price!”

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

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The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing.  Haylan Jaber is an American USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of new adult, gay and lesbian, fantasy romance and contemporary romance novels.. She writes moving, character-driven romantic tales where art and love entwine to heal, and love always triumphs.

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

High above the sky, a sliver plane was flying through clouds colored red and orange by the morning sun.
In the plane, Haylan Jaber leaned against the window frame and looked down at the rugged mountains below, feeling a bit edgy. “It’s been eight years. How are Mom and Dad? With all the money I sent back, they must have moved into a big mansion,” he thought.
He was twenty-eight years old and had thick brows and stunningly beautiful eyes. He was quite good-looking.
He had a worn duffel bag across his shoulder and wore a white tank top, a plaid shirt with jeans, and a pair of muddy cowboy boots. They were all cheap stuff, and he looked downright broke.
However, the cold, fleeting gleam in his eyes was sharp as a fine knife that could slice anyone’s throat in the blink of an eye.
The stubble on his chin made him look older than he was.
Looking out of the window, he peered down at the familiar yet strange city below the clouds with anticipation in his eyes.
The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist Haylan )

People also ask

The main character in Chapter 1 of the provided text appears to be Haylan Jaber. He is the central character around whom the events in this chapter revolve. Haylan is introduced as a former mercenary known as the Sovereign of Shadows, who has returned home after eight years abroad. The chapter explores his thoughts, experiences, and interactions with other characters, making him the primary focus of the narrative in this section of the story.  
Question 1: How does Haylan feel as he looks out of the plane window? Answer 1: Haylan feels edgy as he looks out of the plane window, thinking about his family and his past eight years abroad. Question 2: What kind of life did Haylan lead for the past eight years? Answer 2: For the past eight years, Haylan lived a life as a mercenary, climbing up the military ladder to become the Mercenary King, known as the Sovereign of Shadows. He was involved in dangerous missions and had raked in fortunes. Question 3: Who is Reign Labenz, and how did she meet Haylan? Answer 3: Reign Labenz is the CEO of a global business group. She met Haylan when she was accidentally led into a war zone during a business trip, and mercenaries attacked her. Haylan saved her from these mercenaries. Question 4: How does Reign react to Haylan's indifference towards her personal card? Answer 4: Reign is frustrated and confused by Haylan's indifference to her personal card, which is highly valuable and an honor to possess. She wonders if he finds her unattractive. Question 5: Who are the two fighters flying alongside the passenger jet, and why are they there? Answer 5: The two fighters flying alongside the passenger jet are there to escort Haylan back to the Longhard Kingdom. They were ordered to do so. Question 6: How does Haylan react when Xavier Lynch offers him money to change seats on the plane? Answer 6: Haylan refuses Xavier's offer and tells him to go away. This refusal leads to a confrontation between them. Question 7: How does the confrontation between Haylan and Xavier on the plane escalate? Answer 7: Xavier becomes enraged when Haylan refuses to change seats, and he attempts to slap Haylan. However, Haylan strikes first, sending Xavier flying and causing blood to spray from his mouth. Question 8: How does Xavier react to being hit by Haylan, and what threat does he make? Answer 8: Xavier is furious and threatens Haylan, saying that once the plane lands, Haylan won't be able to leave the airport.


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