The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) Chapter 1014

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 

II don’t know.” 

The cultivator looked at the distant city, his eyes filled with shock and fear. So many people died. That person killed many of us I, I.. 

Before he could finish, his eyes closed completely, and he lost his breath

He was dead

That winged bastard is seeking death!” 

Haylan looked at the cultivator, who had already passed. A monstrous anger instantly swept out and shattered the clouds in the sky

He was a cultivator of the Longhard Kingdom. He was the hero guarding the border

Even without half of his body, he was still fighting. He endured the pain and even told them to run

Such a man was a true herol 

Unfortunately, he died so miserably

Mr. Jaber, someone’s coming,” said Nigel in a deep voice

He felt a very powerful energy surging towards them at extreme speed

Yo, I didn’t expect there to be such a person in the mortal world. It seems that this mortal world is indeed worthy of us taking action!” 

With a teasing voice, two people appeared in front of Haylan

One of them was in black, and the other was in white. The woman in black held a rose whip in her hand. There was a hint of strangeness in her charm

The fairskinned man had three pairs of wings on his back. He was handsome, but his gaze was like a knife

There really are people with three pairs of wings?” 

Nigel looked at him with shock in his eyes. Where did you buy those wings on your back? This cosplay costume is looking quite realistic.” 

The three pairs of wings looked lifelike, but after careful observation, one could tell that these wings were just decorations. They were not real wings at all

These people were actually playing tricks

What did you say?The fairskinned man glared at Nigel ferociously

Nigel looked at him and laughed involuntarily. Isn’t that so? You don’t have any real wings at all. You still dare to call yourself a God and play pretend.” 

Upon hearing Nigel’s words, the man’s eyes turned colder. The murderous intent was even more terrifying

These are the people you just killed.” 

Haylan placed the cultivator’s body on the ground and stood up slowly. He stared at the fairskinned man pretending to be an angel

When the male angel heard Haylan’s words, he smiled and said, You’re right. Those below the God Realm are all shit. If these people dare to resist me, they must die

As for a God Realin’s cultivator like you” 

As the male angel spoke, he sized up Haylan to sense the power of the God Realm from Haylan

Your strength isn’t bad. You have the qualifications to live and be our servant.” 


As soon as the male angel finished speaking, the woman in black laughed as if she had heard the funniest joke in the world. That’s right. A person like him should be a slave to us experts of God’s Land!The woman laughed

When the male angel heard this, he also laughed loudly

Their laughter infuriated Nigel

“How dare you!” 

Nigel took out the sharp sword on his back and stared coldly at the two of them

10 041 

Chapter 1014 

Even though he knew that he was no match for the other party, he still wanted to kill these two people and avenge Hayları 

You’re courting death!The woman’s eyes turned cold as she stared at Nigel. Just as she was about to attack, she was stopped by the male angel beside her

I want to see what else he can say.” 

The male angel looked at Nigel like a huge wildcat looking at its prey

He spontaneously treated Nigel’s words as a fight from a trapped beast, a struggle before being hammered to death

Nigel, stand down.” Haylan said in a deep voice

Nigel frowned and could only retreat

Haylan stared at the other. I always thought that Terence was the only one with an arrogant personality. I didn’t expect the people from God’s Land to be the same!” 

Oh? You know Terence Ronald?” 

When the male angel heard this, interest appeared on his face. It seems that Terence was the one who told you about God’s Land

Terence’s strength isn’t bad. He can be considered above average among us, a senior to me.” 

When he mentioned Terence, a hint of admiration flashed across his eyes

At this moment

The woman in black, who had been silent all this while, continued. The fact that you can get Terence’s recognition proves that you’re not bad. I’ll give you a chance to submit to us

Otherwise, I’ll kill without mercy!” 

Both had thought that Terence had interacted with Haylan because he wanted to subdue Haylan as his slave

With the arrogance of God’s Land experts, they simply did not respect an expert from the mortal world like Haylan

Is a piece of trash that I killed something you have to show off?Haylan said in disdain

Then, he turned to look at Nigel beside him and said in a deep voice. Contact the Dragon Team immediately. Get them to tell Lord Supremacy to withdraw all their forces back to the country and prepare to resist the enemy. Also, send an application saying that the Shadow Knight is willing to fight the enemy with the Longhard Kingdom. To live and die together!” 

Mr. Jaber, you want to deal with them alone?Nigel frowned

He knew very well how powerful the other party was. So, naturally, he was unwilling to let Haylan face two powerful 

enemies alone

You’re no match for them. There’s no point in staying here,Haylan replied calmly

Upon hearing Haylan’s words, Nigel’s expression darkened

Haylan was right. He was too weak. He would not be able to help Haylan Jaber at all from just being a godclass expert

He gritted his teeth. His heart was filled with unwillingness, but he knew that if he stayed here, he would become a burden to Haylan 

He nodded and turned to leave

You’re leaving just like that in front of us? Do you think we’re invisible?” 

The woman’s face was filled with anger. She swung her whip at Nigel


Her whip was very fast. It was so quick that she did not give Nigel any chance to react. In the blink of an eye, she arrived in front of him

The wind howled

It was painful to the face

Nigel’s pupils constricted violently 

He wanted to dodge, but he could not control his body at all. He could only watch helplessly as the whip arrived 

The woman in black looked at Nigel, who was unable to move, before laughing sinisterly

She had trained hard for over 20 years, and her whip was as fast as lightning 

Even at a distance of 32 feet, her long whip could reach the enemy instantly and whip them hard

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

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The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan ) is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing.  Haylan Jaber is an American USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of new adult, gay and lesbian, fantasy romance and contemporary romance novels.. She writes moving, character-driven romantic tales where art and love entwine to heal, and love always triumphs.

The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist: Haylan )

High above the sky, a sliver plane was flying through clouds colored red and orange by the morning sun.
In the plane, Haylan Jaber leaned against the window frame and looked down at the rugged mountains below, feeling a bit edgy. “It’s been eight years. How are Mom and Dad? With all the money I sent back, they must have moved into a big mansion,” he thought.
He was twenty-eight years old and had thick brows and stunningly beautiful eyes. He was quite good-looking.
He had a worn duffel bag across his shoulder and wore a white tank top, a plaid shirt with jeans, and a pair of muddy cowboy boots. They were all cheap stuff, and he looked downright broke.
However, the cold, fleeting gleam in his eyes was sharp as a fine knife that could slice anyone’s throat in the blink of an eye.
The stubble on his chin made him look older than he was.
Looking out of the window, he peered down at the familiar yet strange city below the clouds with anticipation in his eyes.
The Invincible Mercenary King ( Artist Haylan )

People also ask

The main character in Chapter 1 of the provided text appears to be Haylan Jaber. He is the central character around whom the events in this chapter revolve. Haylan is introduced as a former mercenary known as the Sovereign of Shadows, who has returned home after eight years abroad. The chapter explores his thoughts, experiences, and interactions with other characters, making him the primary focus of the narrative in this section of the story.  
Question 1: How does Haylan feel as he looks out of the plane window? Answer 1: Haylan feels edgy as he looks out of the plane window, thinking about his family and his past eight years abroad. Question 2: What kind of life did Haylan lead for the past eight years? Answer 2: For the past eight years, Haylan lived a life as a mercenary, climbing up the military ladder to become the Mercenary King, known as the Sovereign of Shadows. He was involved in dangerous missions and had raked in fortunes. Question 3: Who is Reign Labenz, and how did she meet Haylan? Answer 3: Reign Labenz is the CEO of a global business group. She met Haylan when she was accidentally led into a war zone during a business trip, and mercenaries attacked her. Haylan saved her from these mercenaries. Question 4: How does Reign react to Haylan's indifference towards her personal card? Answer 4: Reign is frustrated and confused by Haylan's indifference to her personal card, which is highly valuable and an honor to possess. She wonders if he finds her unattractive. Question 5: Who are the two fighters flying alongside the pa**enger jet, and why are they there? Answer 5: The two fighters flying alongside the pa**enger jet are there to escort Haylan back to the Longhard Kingdom. They were ordered to do so. Question 6: How does Haylan react when Xavier Lynch offers him money to change seats on the plane? Answer 6: Haylan refuses Xavier's offer and tells him to go away. This refusal leads to a confrontation between them. Question 7: How does the confrontation between Haylan and Xavier on the plane escalate? Answer 7: Xavier becomes enraged when Haylan refuses to change seats, and he attempts to slap Haylan. However, Haylan strikes first, sending Xavier flying and causing blood to spray from his mouth. Question 8: How does Xavier react to being hit by Haylan, and what threat does he make? Answer 8: Xavier is furious and threatens Haylan, saying that once the plane lands, Haylan won't be able to leave the airport.


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