The Enigmatic Return By Juliana. Spicy Chapter 899

The Enigmatic Return By Juliana. Spicy Chapter 899

Chapter 899 A Devastating Defeat 

Neera sat down opposite Eugene, and started to negotiate with him

I haven’t seen you in so long, Mr. Grey, why have you become so unkind? We’re so familiar with each other, why can’t we talk about it nicely? Look, I’m back here for probably about a week or so, why don’t I offset all of the points that I owe, and maybe cook for you, three meals a day, how about that?” 

Is your food some kind of rare elixir? How can there be such a good thing, to offset your points by cooking a few meals? You’re trying to rip off the wrong man!” 

Oh, he’s not buying her cooking now

Was he really that stubborn

Neera’s headache started to come back. She had no choice but to explain the true reason that she was here

I’m here to do some really important research! It involves the life of an important friend of mine! I’m really hoping that you can show some kindness and accommodate me this timeAs a doctor, you can’t just leave someone to die right, Mr. Grey?” 

Eugene was quite surprised to hear such words. He wanted to hear more about it

Even a famous doctor such as yourself can’t do anything about it, huh? Tell me, what is the problem?” 

Since he’d asked about it already, Neera decided to just tell him

I have a friend, who had caught a case of the wugs. However, I’m not exactly sure what kind of wug it is, or how he caught it, or how to solve it” 

She didn’t hide anything about the matter

The old man was very knowledgeable, and also had a mysterious background. He must know much more about wugs than herself

As expected, Eugene was flabbergasted to hear such a thing

How could it be? Technically, wug poison has already been lost for a very long time. There’s probably only a handful of people that know about it in the world! The wugs nowadays are just basically poisonous insects, and they have different kinds of grades high and low ones. The advanced level ones should already be lost to mankind!” 

Neera nodded her head. Yes, indeed. The wug poison that infected my friend appeared before when ancient medical techniques were popular a hundred years ago, but then disappeared. I thought the techniques were already destroyed, but now, it seems like that was not the case. My friend’s life is now hanging by a thread. I can’t just watch him die like this, so I thought of coming back here to do some research” 

Speaking of this, she looked at Eugene eagerly, her intentions were clear

Eugene stroked his white beard with his fingers and saw her expression. He then suddenly widened his eyes and put on a stern face

Don’t think I can let you continue claiming points on credit about this! These are two completely separate things!” 

Neera felt a little regretful. She didn’t expect that the old man would not take the bait at all


Then tell me, how can I only be able to enter the library to do my research? It’s a matter of life and death! Please give me a pass this time! Please!” 

Seeing that she was getting restless, the President leaned forward and started to gossip

That friend of yoursis it the one that you like?” 

Neera was stunned for a moment, and immediately denied it. No no no, he’s just a friend! What are you thinking?” 

Eugene leaned back in disappointment. Then, why are you so anxious about it if he isn’t?” 

Is it only worth being anxious over people you like?Neera didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or be upset

I’m not heartless like you” 

Eugene pursed his lips, his disgust even more apparent

However, he finally came to a compromise. Well, it’s not impossible for you to enter the library. However, I have some conditions.” 

Neera went numb for a bit

Her intuitions were telling her that his conditions were probably not anything good

As expected, the President explained slowly. You will be responsible for maintaining the Alliance’s security for the next three years, for free, and you will have to complete a SSSlevel task. How about that?” 

Neera’s eyes widened, and looked at him with disbelief

How are these conditions? This is clearly a robbery in daylight!” 

The President didn’t take her words seriously and chuckled. You only have two options now. Either you accept it, or you can walk out of here and go back to wherever you came from, and I will forget that you were even here.” 

Neera was really upset

This old man was indeed an old fox! 

She took a deep breath and bargained. “I’ll maintain it for a year.” 

Eugene had prepared for this move of hers, and said: Two years


She tried again. A year and a half.” 

The old man stopped bargaining. Then you can walk out of here.” 

Neera: ” 


In the end, she had no choice but to agree to his terms. Fine, two years it is then!She said with her teeth grit

Eugene was now satisfied

When she left his office, she looked very unhappy

When she left his office, she looked very unhappy

Daisy took one glance at her face. And she could tell that Neera had suffered a devastating defeat in her exchange with Eugene. She couldn’t help but laugh

Neera complained angrily. “How can you still laugh at me! You have no empathy” 

Daisy winked at her as she took out a purplegold card

Really? Well, the information you’re looking for is on the highest floor of the library. The books there are the most advanced and they require a purplegold card to enter. I was just thinking that I could lend you my card, but it seems that you don’t need it anymore right” 

She then pretended to put it away

Neera then changed the expression on her face, and pounced on her to give her a hug with appraisals and 


Yes yes yes, I do! My dearest Daisy, you’re the kindest and the most beautiful woman, no, goddess in the 


Daisy couldn’t stop laughing at her words, and passed the purplegold card to her

Alright, alright! Cut it with your sweet a’s words, take it.” 

Neera got her wish and gave her a kiss on her cheek

Mua! Do you have time to have dinner with me tonight, the most beautiful woman in the world?” 

The Enigmatic Return By Juliana. Spicy

The Enigmatic Return By Juliana. Spicy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 06/08/2023 Native Language: English
"The Enigmatic Return By Juliana. Spicy" is one of the most famous romance authors in the world. She has written Romance novel, including paranormal and romantic suspense series like “The Enigmatic Return” Identity of Romance”.” He has won numerous awards, including the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Enigmatic Return By Juliana. Spicy

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  • Title: The Enigmatic Return
  • Author:   Juliana. Spicy
  • Publisher: Noveltk
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English
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