The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele Chapter 219

The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele Chapter 219

Chapter 219
Chapter 219
“I just want to expose your insider dealing!”
“Oh, it looks like that you have a high sense of justice. But why is your Miss Jodie here?”
“Miss Jodie only wants to personally hand over the files. She won’t pull strings like you!”
“Oh? Listen, it’s clearly stated in the candidate’s manual that all the candidates are not allowed to privately come into contact with the judges before the interview. And, your Miss Jodie must have received this manual, right?” Olivia said in a
serious tone.
“Your Miss Jodie failed to get into the association through the back door, and now you’re making up an excuse to slander Professor Clinton and the association. You’re quite bold!”
Olivia asked bluntly, staring at Tilden.
Instead of standing up for Jodie as he had expected, Tilden eventually encountered Olivia, who was difficult to deal with. What’s more, Jodie was condemned for backdoor deals.
Tilden definitely didn’t want Olivia to clamp a dirty name on Jodie.
“You son of bi tch, how dare you say that? I’ll teach you a lesson today!” Tilden shouted.
“Tilden! Professor Clinton is here. Don’t be rude.” She had been listening outside. Seeing that the situation was getting worse, she entered the conference room and stopped him.
Jodie had thought that Tilden’s scolding them would make these people would restrain themselves and even rush out to
show respect to her immediately.
However, things weren’t happening as Jodie expected.
“How could they make such a disgraceful thing be public? It’s not a good sign!”
Jodie thought.
“Miss Jodie, they’ve gone too far!” Tilden immediately complained when he saw Jodie.
“We came here just to hand in the files, and we didn’t know that there was such a rule in the manual. It’s our negligence. But now you are here, so you also break the rules, miss?”
Jodie still maintained her usual elegance. She wanted to get rid of the suspicion of pulling strings.
But when Jodie saw Olivia sitting leisurely not far from Professor Clinton, Jodie was really unhappy and directly raised the question.
Jodie felt that Olivia was so beautiful that even if Olivia was only wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, Olivia’s good figure was perfectly displayed.
Jodie assumed that Olivia was not a simple woman. What’s more, Jodie was even a little jealous of Olivia’s beauty.
It was also because of Olivia’s beauty and temperament that made Jodie feel jealous. That was why Jodie suspected that Olivia pulled strings.
An idea had just occurred to Jodie at this moment.
Unexpectedly, as soon as Jodie finished speaking, Tilden began with a look of smug satisfaction.
“That’s right, Professor Clinton. Since you can accept others through the back door, why did you refuse Miss Jodie? Do you know that Miss Jodie was the daughter of the Pratt family? I’ve never heard there is someone who can refuse the Pratt family to get in through the back door!”
When Tilden heard Jodie mention Olivia, he instinctively assumed that Jodie thought it was unfair that only Olivia could pull strings.
So Tilden spoke out all his thoughts at once.
Hearing Tilden’s words, Olivia could scarcely suppress a laugh.
“Aha! Professor Clinton, how can he claim backdoor deals with perfect assurance?” Olivia shook her head and said with an ironical smile.
Hearing Olivia’s words, Jodie’s face turned purple with rage instantly.
“Alas, the moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day! Ms. Chairwoman, unhealthy tendencies must be corrected immediately. Don’t let those who have ulterior motives corrupt our International Council of Nonprofits!” Professor Clinton glanced at Jodie and Tilden and said bluntly.
Chapter 219
He had always felt intense loathing for such kind of bad practice.
He didn’t expect that someone would come to him with the intention of getting in through the back door as soon as he acted as a judge. “Public morality has degenerated!”
“I think so.” Olivia nodded seriously.
“Ms. Chairwoman, what?” Tilden suddenly sensed that he seemed to have said something wrong.
“Let me introduce her to you. This is Miss Clarke, the Chairwoman of the World International Council of Nonprofits.” Then Gideon spoke, in a very polite voice.
Jodie immediately felt terribly embarrassed the instant she heard Gideon’s words.
Jodie almost lost her balance and fell down, but Olivia helped her up quickly.
Jodie stood there dumbfounded.
When Jodie recovered from shock, there was no longer the calmness and dignity of the daughter of a wealthy family on her face.
“Ms. Chairwoman, so you and Professor Clinton were just putting on a show, in order to accuse us of pulling strings?” Jodie asked.
“You’re really capable, Miss Clarke. I just don’t know what benefits you can get by offending the Pratt family!”
Olivia Clarke didn’t expect that Jodie was still standing facts on her head.
Olivia also felt that Jodie seemed to be threatening her?
Olivia hated being threatened the most!
Then Olivia looked displeased.
“Miss Jodie, how can you say that? It’s you who came here trying to get in through the back door, isn’t it? Now your tricks are exposed, yet you still want to confound black with white and stir trouble.”
“As for the Pratt family you’ve mentioned, I believe that a family that has lasted for hundreds of years must have its own principles. If the Pratt family acts so shamefully, then our International Council of Nonprofits will never cooperate with them.
“Are you threatening me?” Jodie knew that Ethan had applied to join the International Council of Nonprofits for her development in Melburgh.
Jodie didn’t want to see that Ethan’s application was rejected because of her.
Moreover, the Pratt family couldn’t afford to lose face!
“Well, I’m just stating the facts,” Olivia replied casually and honestly, with an indifferent expression in her eyes.
“You!” Jodie felt extremely angry at this moment.
Olivia didn’t respond and just turned to Gideon.
“Gideon, the surveillance videos must have recorded what happened today, right?” asked Olivia.
“Of course,” Gideon replied immediately.
“Good! You must keep the videos well so that no one will slander our association.”
As Olivia spoke, she deliberately glanced at Jodie.
“It’s outrageous for you to level dirty charges against Miss Jodie. Do you think the Pratt family is easy to be trifled with? Come on, smash this room!®
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