The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele Chapter 216

The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele Chapter 216

Chapter 216
Chapter 216
With a grin as warm as a mother’s embrace, Ivan chuckled.
Olivia couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt.
She thought, “Clothes? Is there something amiss with my clothes?”
Glancing down reflexively, Olivia was mortified to discover that she was wearing none other than William’s shirt.
Even though the shirt was practically a tent on her, the realization was still like a bucket of ice water poured over her.
She felt extremely embarrassed.
How in the world was she in William’s shirt?
That’s why Ivan looked at her with his grin while she was making a fool out of herself. She was beyond embarrassing!
“Look, Ivan,” she stammered, “I think what you said makes sense. I’ll just… dash to change.”
Olivia made a beeline for her room and shut the door with a thud.
But in a blink, she was back out, clutching her pillow as if it was a lifeline.
“I’m going back to my own room…”
Olivia covered her head with a pillow and fled the scene.
Ivan just stood there, a soft chuckle, escaping him, thinking, “Mrs. Kinsman sure is a hoot. It’s clear why Mr. Kinsman has been smitten with her all these years.”
Olivia returned to her room as if she was fleeing. After confirming that the door was closed, she exhaled deeply.
“When the heck did I end up in William’s shirt?” She wondered, her cheeks burning.
The idea of sleepwalking crossed her mind. But no, she wouldn’t change clothes even if she was sleepwalking, right?
“Did that cheeky rascal William take advantage of me in my sleep?” she thought.
Her internal outrage was interrupted when the bathroom door swung open.
Out came William, donning her bathrobe, toweling his hair as he swaggered out.
“My dear wife, you’re awake?”
“William,” Olivia demanded, “explain the shirt!”
“Well, you came upstairs to find me last night and got drenched in the process. I just didn’t want you to catch cold.”
He said it as if he was talking about the weather, nonchalant.
In fact, he was in a panic.
“You changed my clothes?”
“William, you cheeky rascal!” Olivia threw the pillow in her hand at him.
William caught it and held it in his arms, then leant closer to Olivia.
“It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve seen you, is it? Feeling a bit shy now, are you?”
“I… Oh.” Olivia was pis sed off by this guy. Before she could retort, his lips silenced hers.
Olivia wanted to resist, but was suddenly pushed onto the bed by him.
For a brief moment, Olivia felt a stirring.
“I really should head to the office. Thank you for sending me my phone.”
After a long while, William finally let go of her reluctantly.
When he got up, he took the phone from Olivia and made his escape before she could react.
“That cheeky… William!”
She thought, “Why the heck did he have to be so rough? My lips feel like they’ve been in a boxing match.”
“Hmm, ouch,” she winced, touching her tender lips.
Chapter 216
After William left, Olivia’s phone on the bedside table buzzed with a new message.
She lazily rolled over, snat ched up her phone, and opened the chat.
Chelsea was flooding her with texts.
Chelsea, [Hey Liv, I saw Jameson sneak out late last night. Bet he’s up to no good. Should I tail him?]
Chelsea, [He has dark circles under his eyes and looks a little weak. Do you think he has kidney deficiency?]
Chelsea, [The sun’s up, Liv. Are you still in dreamland?]
Reading the messages, Olivia could practically hear Chelsea’s gossip-hungry voice in her car.
She typed out a message on the keyboard.
Olivia, [Chelsea, why the midnight watch on Jameson?]
Chelsea, [Liv, you’re finally awake!]
Chelsea replied immediately.
She even added a cheeky wink emoji at the end.
Olivia, [Waking up to your gossip. Are you secretly crushing on Jameson? Maybe you should confess your love to him.]
After sending the message, Olivia haphazardly pulled on some clothes from her closet.
Chelsea, [What are you talking about? My favorite couple hasn’t even gotten together and they’re already breaking up. It’s enough to drive a girl mad! Do you think William will be upset when he finds out Jameson sneaked out?]
Olivia, [Well, Chelsea, the two of them actually…]
But as soon as she arrived on the first floor, she spotted Jameson, playfully clinging to William, as they both hopped into the car.
This scene was too eye-catching. It was really worth taking a picture of it.
Grabbing the moment, Olivia snapped a candid shot of the two and sent it to Chelsea.
When Chelsea received the photo, she was surprised in an instant.
Chelsea, [Oh my g od! What did I just see? I knew they two were real couples!]
Olivia, [Looks like Jameson visited last night. Relax, and how about some beauty sleep?]
Chelsea, [Who said I was worried? I was just shipping them, okay?]
Olivia, [I’ll just silently watch your stubbornness without comment.]
Chelsea left Olivia on ‘read’.
Olivia thought, “I bet she’s rolling around in her bed, all flustered.”
As Olivia pondered breakfast, her phone rang. It was Gideon.
“Miss Clarke, we need to head to the office of the International Council of Nonprofits today. I’ll be at Maple Villas in ten minutes.”
Upon hearing this, Olivia suddenly remembered she had an appointment at the council that day.
She quickly changed into a more suitable outfit and rushed downstairs.
Because of the charity dinner fiasco caused by Gianna a month ago, the International Council of Nonprofits, after careful discussion, decided to host a charity dinner again next week.
The amba ssador candidates’ list for Melburgh was also freshly updated.
The council’s high-level executives unanimously felt that although the previous incident didn’t harm the council’s interests directly, it did cause a negative impact.
To signify its importance, they wanted Olivia to personally act as the judge for Melburgh’s charity amba ssador selection.
Olivia agreed.
She asked Gideon to plan a schedule and arranged to visit the council office today to review the candidate files.
There had been too much going on these past days and she had completely forgotten about this.
Thankfully, Gideon was there to remind her, otherwise they would’ve missed the boat!
Chapter 216
While Olivia was lost in thought, Gideon’s car pulled up.
Gideon stepped out, opening the car door for Olivia.
Olivia got in, and as Gideon hurried back to the driver’s seat, he passed her a folder.
“Miss Clarke, these are the latest membership applications for the council. I believe you need to take a special look.”
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