The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele Chapter 213

The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele Chapter 213

Chapter 213
Chapter 213
William grinned from ear to ear to Ivan, happiness written over his face.
He felt warm in his heart too.
“Then congratulations, Mr. Kinsman. In this world, not every lost chance could be recovered. This time, you must grab it in your hand.”
William regained his usual serious composure and promised. “Of course, I won’t let Olivia suffer anymore.”
Ivan nodded affectionately, slightly bowed to William, and took his leave.
William watched Ivan leave and decided to heat up a glass of chocolate milk for Olivia upstairs.
That girl should have taken a shower by then. She could sleep soundly after a glass of milk.
Thinking like that, William was already in front of Olivia’s room.
However, he couldn’t turn the door handle.
After trying several times, he came to a harsh conclusion.
That heartless girl had locked the door.
On that day, the children weren’t in. Except for Ivan, they were the only ones there.
So who was that ungrateful young lady guarding against?
How insulting!
William felt wronged and angry, but he had nowhere to vent his anger.
After all, in case Olivia had fallen asleep, he didn’t want to wake her up by pounding on the door.
He didn’t want to alarm her.
“Forget it, I’d better go back to my room.” He thought.
William hung his head gloomily, then took a sip of chocolate milk himself, and walked upstairs.
He didn’t know if he was too mad or something, but he felt hot all over his body and his mouth was dry.
He gulped down the drink but still, he was thirsty.
Therefore, when he returned to his room, he poured himself a glass of water.
Nevertheless, it wasn’t working too well.
Instead, the heat in him rose.
His intuition told him that something was off.
He fished out his phone and opened the dialog box with Jameson.
William: [Are you asleep, James?]
In the meantime, Jameson was gaming under a blanket in Chelsea’s guest room.
Last time, he had screwed up his ranking tournament because he had temporarily gone afk, so this time, as soon as he logged in, he was crazily criticized by his teammates.
Then, he finally won their trust again by swearing that he wouldn’t ever go afk for his wife again.
He received a message from William.
Well, he ignored it and selected a super amazing jungler, ready to improve his ranking with his real strength.
He was a jungler famous even in Melburgh. He couldn’t ruin his reputation.
“Let’s go!”
“The ace is carrying us. We’ll win this!”
“James is mighty!”
“James is the GOAT!”
They played in a cheerful atmosphere, and Jameson didn’t bother checking William’s text at all.
Chapter 213
After all, he was very confident in the medicine he had personally developed. Needless to say, William must be thanking
“Hehe, it’s okay. I’ll text you back later. He thought.
Hence, Jameson happily finished a round bearing that in mind.
He finished the game perfectly. He was the king of the rift!
He was amazing!
Jameson felt so proud of himself, and then he thought of William so he logged out of the game and opened Skype.
Huh? That was strange. Why did William stop after asking him one question?
He hadn’t asked for a “thank-you gift” yet!
Hence, he quickly typed on his phone.
Jameson: [So, William, how was it? Wasn’t my medicine amazing?]
Jameson: [And, I also named this medicine Aphrodite. What do you think? Doesn’t it sound beautiful?]
Jameson: [Why aren’t you replying? You asleep?”
Jameson held his phone and stared at the screen for a reply, but there was no response. He couldn’t help but feel anxious.
When he was getting impatient, he called William.
Beep, beep. The call was finally picked up.
“William, why didn’t you reply to my message?”
“James, what did you feed me? I feel kind of weird…” William sounded a little weak, which tensed up Jameson instantly.
“What’s wrong? Why do you sound so weak? Have you indulged yourself too much?”
“I’m in the ice water.
“I think my wound splits open…”
“Ah? What’s going on? What are you going in the ice water? If your wound splits open again, you’ll be done for!”
Jameson screamed subconsciously.
By the time he came to his senses, he had already jumped out of bed and ran out of the door.
Chelsea was busy with work when she heard the roar of a sports car outside. She was about to curse the driver for their bad behavior, but then she found it came from her own yard.
She was dumbfounded. Jameson? At such an hour? What did he want?
Going out in a sports car in the middle of the night? Destination: a nightclub?
Chelsea secretly trashed him. She wished his car would break down and he would be incompetent when he met a girl!
Meanwhile, in Maple Villas.
William lay in the bathtub. The cold water seemed to make him feel a little better.
However, the wound seemed to have split open because it was soaked in water. He felt that his whole body was burning.
It was as if the heat in him was about to explode.
Gradually, he started to think he had a fever and felt a splitting headache.
His throat also felt unbearably dry.
After answering Jameson’s call, he tossed the phone onto the ground. He lay back, trying to calm down.
That being said, just as he was about to retrieve his peace of mind, he heard someone enter his room.
Before he could rise, he heard them opening the bathroom door. Then, Olivia showed up with a pillow in her arms.
Her eyes looked a little dull, as if…
“Hey, you, Olivia!”
William just realized that Olivia was sleepwalking again, but before he could react, Olivia trudged into his bathtub.
William froze!
Chapter 213
He had thought that Olivia would only sleepwalk to the bed upstairs.
Then, a bathtub too?
Anyway, seeing Olivia getting in the ice water, William could only lift her.
Though he was fast, Olivia’s clothes were still soaked.
To avoid a cold, William wrapped her in a towel and carried her to the bed.
He grabbed a piece of his clothes and helped her change. He tucked her in and held her on top of the sheets to warm her.
Still, Olivia didn’t wake up and was even drooling in her sleep after all he had done. William sighed helplessly as he looked at her.
“You heartless girl, are you here to seduce me?”
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The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele

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