The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele Chapter 212

The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele Chapter 212

Chapter 212
Chapter 212
Dean seemed to have made up his mind because he sounded very determined.
“Mr. Clarke, if we sell all those things, we might really not have another chance!” For the first time, Griffin saw Dean so determined.
However, Griffin knew the current situation far too well. Valenfield Bay was the Clarkes’ only hope, their last chip to turn the tables.
Once they dropped the project by selling it at a low price, they would lose all the assets they had invested. Then, they would be left with no projects, without any strength to fight back.
At present, no one would work with the Clarkes, but, if they managed to run Valenfield Bay well, their future might be relatively promising.
Nevertheless, if they simply gave up on themselves, they might earn meager money then, but they were actually digging their own graves.
“I’ve decided. We have to live first of all. Do you understand, Griffin? I want you to live!”
Dean growled while grabbing onto Griffin.
Dean didn’t know why but when he heard that Griffin would die for him, he decided.
In his lifetime, he had his wife and kids but never someone who really cared about him.
He didn’t want to lose.
He didn’t want to lose someone too!
“Okay, Mr. Clarke, I heard you. I’ll listen to you!”
“That’s right. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and do it!”
“Okay, I’m on it!” Griffin wiped the tears on his face, scrambled to his feet, and rushed out.
Olivia felt a little sleepy on the way back and drifted to sleep slowly.
When she woke up, she found herself in the arms of William who had just stepped into Maple Villas.
She rubbed her eyes in a daze and struggled a little, only to be held even tighter.
As he felt her wriggling, William tightened his grip and whispered in her ear, “Don’t move. You don’t want to fall out of my
She felt a warm breath and immediately blushed.
“Put me down. I’m awake now.”
Olivia muttered and was about to wriggle out of his embrace.
“Aargh!” Olivia gasped.
Because William didn’t intend to let her go, he loosened his arms suddenly, making Olivia grab his neck by instinct.
“You did it on purpose, William Kinsman!”
“My hand just slipped.”
“Do you think I’ll believe you?” The shameless dude was getting better and better at lying through his teeth.
“Just…” Olivia wanted to ask him to put her down but swallowed her words as she saw Ivan.
Then, Olivia nimbly slipped out of William’s arms.
She awkwardly tucked her hair.
Seeing how shy she was, William could not help but snicker.
“Mr. and Mrs. Kinsman, you’re back!” Ivan held a tray, on which there was a crystal clear glass half full of brown liquid.
It looked like a concoction.
“Mr. Kinsman, Mr. Smith especially sent these herbs for you. They’re good for your health and I just concocted the drink. You should drink it while it’s still hot.”
Ivan sounded caring as he pushed the tray forward.
Chapter 212
Ivan had just heard from Jameson that Mr. Kinsman was actually injured. He was worried after that.
Therefore, when he heard the medicine was specially prescribed for William, he spent full three hours making it.
Then, just when he served the concoction, William returned.
“I’m in good health and don’t need health care products. I think I’ll pass on this medicine.” William hated bitterness so he refused instinctively.
“Mr. Kinsman, Mr. Smith prescribed it just for you. It must be good for your health. Since you’re injured, you should listen to him.”
Ivan felt worried, so he stopped William and tried to persuade the latter.
Then, since it didn’t work, he stole a glance at Olivia.
Obviously, he wanted her help.
Olivia quickly caught on. “Hey, since Jameson specially sent it, why don’t you drink it? After all, you need treatment.”
“I’m perfectly fine.”
William defended himself.
“Okay, you’re perfectly fine. I know that. Now come here and open your mouth, good boy…” As Olivia spoke, she had already pulled him to the sofa next to her and sat down. When she turned around again, she was already holding a small bowl and a spoon, trying to coax him.
She had raised Vivienne and Ezra herself. She was good at coaxing children to take medicine.
Ivan was stunned. When he was about to stop her, he saw that Mr. Kinsman, who had always been aloof, opened his mouth obediently.
“It tastes bitter. Can I just take one sip?” William bargained.
“It’s good for your health. Have some more. I’ll give you candy later.” Olivia approached him and continued to feed him patiently.
Actually, William really felt that the medicine smelled bad, but it was rare to see Olivia so gentle, so strangely, he found himself opening his mouth again.
“All right.”
Ivan was completely shocked. When did Mr. Kinsman become so good-tempered?
Oh, gosh! Mr. Kinsman had the light of his life back!
Thinking like that, Ivan sensibly went to the kitchen to get a few candies.
Olivia had just finished feeding William when Ivan came back with rewards. She picked one, peeled it, and sent it to William’s lips. “Good, you’ve finished it all. Now eat up your candy. Open your mouth and sing “Ahhhhh”-and you’ll feel better…”
After completing the whole process, she felt inexplicably proud of herself.
Well, sometimes, William could be a good boy.
Just like Ezra when he was a kid!
Thinking like that, Olivia couldn’t help yawning.
Feeling sleepy, she didn’t have time for the bedtime stories William had promised her and went upstairs first.
Meanwhile, William was still in a trance after Olivia fed him.
He felt like even if he didn’t have candy later, he didn’t find the medicine bitter anymore.
Yes, the medicine Olivia fed him was sweet.
After Ivan cleaned the table, he found William still on the sofa in a daze. Therefore, he approached William.
“Mr. Kinsman, you look different.”
“Oh? What’s different?”
“You smile. It’s like the light of your life has finally returned, or you’ve recovered what you lost and you look sincerely happy.
“When Mrs. Kinsman is by your side, you seem to be glowing.” Although he felt that he wasn’t in the right position, he still couldn’t help saying a little more.
Chapter 212
Ivan had watched William grow up. Now that William’s life was getting better, Ivan naturally felt light-hearted as well.
“Is that obvious?”
“It can’t be more obvious.
“Mr. Kinsman, you once said that ever since Mrs. Kinsman left, you seemed to have fallen into an endless abyss. Now, have you finally been saved?”
“Yes, Ivan, I have.”
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