The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 675

The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 675

Chapter 675

The sound echoed in William’s ears, and he found himself locked in the gaze of Brittany.

Standing at the far end of the crowd, Brittany’s expressive eyes shone with an unwavering determination.

“William, are you being set up?”

Brittany couldn’t bring herself to believe that the always composed and gentle William had done such a thing, especially at an event like that.

Mrs. Dillion was overjoyed when she heard his agreement to the marriage.

Carla managed to break free from her brother’s grip and threw herself into William’s arms, sobbing uncontrollably.

Isaac turned his back on him, his gaze falling on Brittany. His voice was low and steady as he said, “Bri, let’s just put an end to this drama.”

William had already admitted to it. What was she still holding onto?

Did she really think that the world was full of schemes? Or did she believe that he orchestrated that marriage?

Carla was hell-bent on marrying William. They couldn’t really send him to prison. If he agreed to that marriage, everything else could be sorted out.

William forced a smile, “What you see is the truth.”

His smile was pained, eyes rimmed red, blood-soaked, and in complete disarray.

A pang of pain shot through Brittany’s heart. She braced herself and after a long while, managed a weak smile, “Congratulations on your wedding,”

Saying that, she turned away.

Carla was still crying in William’s arms, her hand clutching his wound. The unseen blood seeped out, slowly falling drop by drop onto the ground.

Brittany didn’t know how she got back to Radiant Residences, let alone how she got into bed. It felt as if something in her mind had shattered.

She met William when she was eighteen. Now, at twenty-nine, that event was eleven years ago.

He was always the best classmate, the best friend, and the most outstanding existence. How could he turn into a villain overnight, even admitting it himself?

She couldn’t understand what went wrong.

On returning to Radiant Residences, Isaac pushed open the guest room door.

Brittany was in a restless sleep, her face wet with tears.

Isaac instinctively clenched his fists as he became furious at that scene. She was crying so hard for William, even in her dreams!

He wanted to wake her up to tell her that William was not worth it.

Reaching out, he wiped away her tears. The hot tears seemed to burn in his heart, causing a pain akin to being devoured.

William was taken back to the Dillion family’s house. Timothy gave him a good beating, “Look at the mess you’ve made, almost ruined the whole Dillion family, and nearly landed yourself in prison!”

Without any resistance, Mrs. Dillion stepped in, pushing Timothy away, “Why hit William? Everything’s settled now, it’s not William’s fault.”

It was all part of her plan, a plan that worked out perfectly for her.

Timothy huffed, “You’re spoiling him rotten!”

With that, he stormed off.

William shrugged off Mrs. Dillion, “Mom, I’m going upstairs.”

Mrs. Dillion wanted to say something but wasn’t given a chance.

Let it be.

The incident last night was too much for anyone to bare. It was understandable if he needed some time to process all of that.

Mrs. Dillion reassured herself, carefully erasing all traces, completely removing herself from the scheme.

William spent a sleepless night. The next morning, when he came downstairs, his face was etched with exhaustion.

Timothy grunted and got up to leave. Seeing his son like that was a sore sight.

Mrs. Dillion handed him a bowl of porridge, comforting him, “Your dad is stubborn; he’ll come around.”

William accepted the porridge, thanked his mom, and finished it before retreating to his room to rest again.

The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin )

The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin )

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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin )

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