The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 508

The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 508

Chapter 508

Derek watched him walk away, a feeling of unease suddenly creeping into his heart.

There was always a hunch that beneath that seemingly tranquil lake, the waters were actually choppy and turbulent.

Brittany returned to her hotel, and as soon as she walked through the door, she got a call from William Dillion. “How’s it going, Bri?”

Brittany replied, “I’m making some progress. The top brass at the bank are willing to have a chat with me.”

That matter was giving Brittany a headache. She slipped off her high heels, padding barefoot on the carpet. “It’s just that their attitude is a bit vague.”

“Take your time. Should I come over if needed?” William had been expanding his business abroad for years, and his company was doing quite well. If he were to step in, the bank would definitely grant the loan.

“Nah, William, I want to try and sort this out myself first.”

Brittany hated to trouble others, especially William.

She already owed him so much, she didn’t want to pile on more debt.

The more debts she had, the harder it was for her to stand on an equal footing with him and give him the affection he yearned for.

William was slightly disappointed. After all those years, Brittany still refused to accept his help. He felt helpless, but he also knew that this was just Brittany’s character

“Alright, I won’t interfere”

Changing the subject, William brought up Katelin. “Katelin misses you.”

Brittany laughed “Alright, I’ll be back soon.”

Before hanging up, William asked casually, “Bri, have you seen Zac yet?”

1 have Knowing she couldn’t hide it from him, Brittany answered honestly I went to a dinner party tonight and saw Mr. Salter.”

William’s expression shifted slightly. He knew how much Brittany used to like Isaac, and he worried that seeing him again might stir up old feelings.

“William, I know what I’m doing Sensing his concern, Brittany spoke softly. “It’s getting late. I should rest

“Alright, we’ll talk tomorrow.”

After ending the call, Brittany put down her phone. Through the window, she could see the entire city sprawled beneath her feet, and she stood high above, looking down over everything

Brittany’s mind flashed with Isaacs face, and she found it amusing.

She had never forgotten what happened five years ago.

So how could he pretend to love her so much in front of her, even having the nerve to question her?

Brittany shook her head, not wanting to think about it any further.

She still had work to do. Before hitting the hay, she and Kari came up with a preliminary negotiation plan.

The next day, Brittany and Kari rushed to the bank, where they were received by the senior management.

The top dogs at the bank had worked with Brittany before and were willing to lend her money, but only a limited amount.

“Ms. Dustin, let me be frank with you. The market today is nothing like it was five years ago. Without Mr. Tueley’s protection, your company is going to have a tough time coming out of this unscathed.

Several departments were keeping an eye on your Bri-jeweled Studio. There were quite a few competitors in the industry who were jealous of you, and your company is in a difficult position”

Brittany was well aware of that, but she wasn’t willing to give up easily “Mr. Adams, I understand your point, but you should know me as well. If you’re willing to lend me the money, I guarantee fill pay it all back within a year.”

Mr. Adams didn’t agree to her terms.

Brittany was left with no choice but to leave the bank with Kari.

Kari was starting to get impatient. “Bri, they’re doing it on purpose.

They know about our predicament, so they’re purposely creating problems to mess with our cash flow. This will definitely affect our new product.”

Brittany got into the driver’s seat and rubbed her forehead. “I can see that”

Although Kari seemed mature in front of others, in front of Brittany, she was just as insecure as before

“Brittany, what should we do now?”

“Let’s head back to the studio first.”

Brittany was exhausted. The two of them returned to the studio. Before they could even get out of the car, they saw someone standing there.

Kari’s face suddenly changed.

“You go in first.” Brittany got out of the car.

Seeing her approach, Isaac slowly walked up to her and asked in a low voice, “Did you manage to sort things out with the bank?”

The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin )

The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin )

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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin )

Brittany had everything figured out in life, until her fiancé and sister betrayed her. In a fit of rage, she impulsively married a man burdened with a sick grandmother and unemployed. However, she was determined to make it work, and support her handsome husband by working hard and hustling for money. Little did she know, her new spouse was actually the wealthiest man in the country!   He could give her anything she desired, humiliate her enemies, and shower her with luxurious items. But, rumors began to circulate that the wealthy man only married a poor, ugly woman who was nothing but a gold digger. When the man in question cleared up the rumors, declaring that his wife was the most beautiful woman in the world. Brittany was left speechless. How was it possible that the wealthy husband who cleared up rumors looked exactly like her own handsome husba...   The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin )  

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