Tangled in His Obsession Series Novel Chapter 234

Tangled in His Obsession Series Novel Chapter 234

Chapter 234

Seraphina washed her hands, looked at herself in the mirror and chuckled, “You didn’t use to say that

Sandra replied, “I only knew him through your words, and he was pretty awful to you back then… But now, I’ve seen him with my own eyes”

“So, you reckon he’s not too bad?” Seraphina asked.

“He’s way better than I imagined,” Sandra paused before continuing, “Sera, did you know? When he was asking me about Betty, he tried to blackmail me using my brother’s situation.”

Seraphina raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

“Although he didn’t say it outright, I could tell. That’s the kind of person he is,” Sandra said, “But in the end, he didn’t do it. I think it was because of you.”

Seraphina was quiet for a moment, then slowly nodded, “Ever since he found out about Betty, he’s… changed”

After finding out about Betty, the old Leandro, who was dominant and had his way, disappeared. He started to accommodate her, be considerate of her. Sometimes he couldn’t control his true nature, but when he was with her, he was really restrained.

“You’re the one who’s with him Sandra said, “You should know better than anyone how he treats you.”

Seraphina smiled and replied, “Of course.”

“So, how are things between you



“He’s been spoiling me ratten, treating me like a queen. Anything I say goes. Seraphina said, “What more can I say about a guy like that?”

Sandra let out a small sigh, “He’s trying to make up for his past mistakes


Upon hearing this, Sandra looked seriously at Seraphina, ‘So, have you… fallen back in love with him?”

Seraphina dried her hands, applied hand cream, and then casually said, “Im enjoying the good treatment.”

“And then?”

“And then, Seraphina winked at her, “we’ll both be happy stop asking me whether I love him or not, love is a tricky word to define. Let’s leave it at that, I feel pretty good.”

Sandra, somewhat confused, listened.

But ultimately, someone was genuinely good to Seraphina, and she was willing to accept it. That was a step in the right direction, right?

Regardless, she now had a home, someone to rely on, and someone to care about.

-Wasn’t this the Seraphina shed always hoped to see?

She used to hope fervently that Seraphina would sever ties with Leandro, but now, she genuinely warted Seraphina to find happiness with him.

After all, he was genuinely good to her.

When they returned to the dining table, Leandro was chatting with Bowen

They were both businessmen, so naturally, their conversation was filled with dull economic topics.

Leandro was not usually sociable with strangers, but his attitude towards Bowen, though still distant, was unusually patient and courteous

Bowen, on the other hand, was much more relaxed, talking about Betty and occasionally teasing Valerio.

When Seraphina and Sandra returned, the atmosphere at the table eased significantly. Even if Leandro didn’t speak, it wouldn’t be awkward.

In fact, after Seraphina sat down, Leandro didn’t speak much. Most of the time, Seraphina and Bowen were chatting, while Leandro was just casually listening, occasionally looking at Valerio, not seeming to put much thought into it.

But Sandra could tell that, despite Leandro’s distant demeanor, his attention was mostly on Seraphina.

For example, when Seraphina accidentally knocked over her wine glass, he was apparently looking at his phone, but within a second, he handed her a napkin from the table to wipe it off.

Sandra noticed these details very carefully.

Perhaps because she was so focused on Leandro, she didn’t talk much that night. It wasn’t until everyone was about to leave that Bowen turned to her and asked, “What’s wrong? You didn’t eat much tonight and you didnt talk.”

“I’m fine, just a bit tired” Sandra answered, then turned to Seraphina, “You guys go ahead and leave with the kid. I’d like to stay for a bit longer”

After Seraphina nodded, she quickly led Valerio and followed Leandro out.

Bowen sent the three of them to the elevator and shook hands with Leandro to say goodbye.

“Mr. Reynolds, I enjoyed our conversation today” Bowen said, “I hope we have more opportunities to meet in the future.”

“No need for formalities “Leandro replied

Seraphina smiled at Bowen and made a goodbye gesture before entering the elevator

Watching the elevator doors close, Bowen turned and returned to the restaurant

Sandra was still sitting at the table, staring at the spot where Valerio had sat.

Just as Bowen was about to approach, he saw her reach out, grab a spoon Valerio had used, and quickly hide it in her puree.


When Leandro returned to his apartment with Seraphina and Valerio, Keen was waiting for him with some documents in the living room.

Seeing that he had work to do, Seraphina took Valerio upstairs to prepare for bed.

After a hot bath and changing into her nightgown, Seraphina came out to find Leandro in his study conducting a video conference.

She pecked in, smiled at him, and said. Im just grabbing a book to read, I’ll go to bed in a bit.”

Leandro’s gaze fell on her for a moment before returning to his screen.

Seraphina found the book she wanted, took it, and went straight back to her room,

But after sitting on the bed and reading for a few pages. Leandro walked into her room.

Seraphina seemed to have anticipated this, lifting her eyes to look at him, and asked deliberately. Your meeting ended so fast?”

“Yep Leandro responded, loosening his collar and heading straight into the bathroom.

After he emerged from the bathroom, he hopped onto the bed and went at it like rabbits with Seraphina, all tangled up. But in the final moments, Seraphina faintly perceived that Leandro seemed to have something on his mind.

Their eyes met, both of them trembling slightly and Seraphina could even guess what he was about to say.

They had just visited Betty today, he helped her let go of her issues with Betty, and now, they were in intimate unison,

But in the end, Leandro didn’t say anything, only lowering his head to plant a deep kiss on her

Afterwards, the bedroom fell into silence.

It was a while before Seraphina spoke, “You barely slept last night, better hit the sack early”

Leandro heard this, but didn’t move for a while.

‘I’ll sleep here tonight he said.

Seraphina glanced at

and said, ‘Don’t blame me if you can’t sleep”

The previous two nights, he had spent in her bed, and Seraphina knew he hadn’t been sleeping.

After a quick tidy up. Seraphina nestled into the covers, and not long after closing her eyes, sleepiness gradually crept in

Leandro lay on his side with one hand on her waist, simply watching her.

Just when he almost thought she had fallen asleep, Seraphina suddenly murmured. “Leandro, go ahead and sleep… I won’t smother you with a pillow…” Leandro looked at her with focused eyes, but she just kept her eyes closed, completely relaxing and drifting off to sleep after she finished speaking

Leandro remained silent for a moment, a hint of a smile suddenly playing at the corner of his lips.

Tangled in His Obsession Series Novel

Tangled in His Obsession Series Novel

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Tangled in His Obsession Series Novel

Seraphina was a helpless orphan living with the Reynolds family when she fell in love with Leandro, the charming second son of the family. But their crush was short-lived as Seraphina was blamed for pushing Leandro’s girlfriend off a building and forced to leave the Reynolds family. Seven years later, Seraphina had become a stunning and successful overseas journalist, while Leandro had taken over the family business as the sole heir of the Reynolds fortune. When they unexpectedly crossed paths again, Seraphina tried to ignore him, but Leandro kept appearing in her life, interrupting her every chance of finding a boyfriend. One day, Seraphina confronted him and asked, “What exactly do you want from me?” Leandro, always calm and reserved, blew a smoke ring in her face before answering, “I want to sleep with you.”…   Tangled in His Obsession Series Novel  

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  • Author:  Seraphina
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