See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 268

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 268

Chapter 268 The Cost 

In the Ferguson’s manor, Horace’s heart sank as he listened to the butler’s report

His dad indeed made a move, and it was a ruthless one right off the 


Although their family primarily operated in the restaurant industry, his father was good at socializing. Over the years, he had already established connections with many people in the business and political circles. As long as his father spoke up, those people would give him 

some face. It wouldn’t be difficult to bring down a company together

Where is my dad?Horace became anxious, thinking about his father’s methods

The butler looked at him uncomfortably, Young Master, Mr. Ferguson didn’t allow me to tell you his whereabouts. He said whatever you do would be in vain, he must make the Johnson family pay the price.” 

Why make the Johnson family pay the price, but not the Friedan family?Horace sneered with a cold face. In the end, he only dared to dominate locally, only daring to pick on the weak within his own territory

You told him that if he acted this way, the Friedan Group would definitely join forces with the Johnson family. Seraphina is no saint 

either. He needs to clear his head. If he dares to offend the Johnson family, he should be prepared to offend the Enigma organization as well.” 

As far as he knew, the power behind Seraphina was unfathomable. Although he didn’t know what her status was in the Enigma organization, her position was definitely not low

It seemed that the Ferguson family had the upper hand, but in the end, it could backfire and they might lose disastrously

Enigma organization?The butler’s eyes widened, How could Mr. Ferguson have offended such an organization?” 

Clearly, the butler had also heard of this organization, his eyes filled with fear

Horace didn’t explain, thinking of Kingston’s methods, his heart was pounding

In the end, he decided to call Claudia, to inform her about Kingston’s methods and intentions

If the Johnson family went bankrupt because of this, she would definitely end up hating herself

He didn’t want to be tainted by Kingston, and he certainly didn’t want any distance between Claudia and himself

Thinking led to action, he picked up his phone and dialed a number… 

At that time, Claudia was at the hospital with Emily, and Thomas was still unconscious, showing no signs of waking up

The police had come and said that there wasn’t enough evidence at the moment to rule out the possibility of your father having suicidal tendencies.” 

Emily, with a face full of fatigue, managed to muster a smile upon seeing Claudia, I heard your engagement with Horace was called off?” 

Claudia nodded, Actuallywe’ve always just been playing roles.” 

She thought for a moment, hesitating whether or not to tell Emily that Edmond was still alive. But then she realized, there was no possible future between her and Edmond, so it didn’t matter whether she told her or not

Kingston is not someone to be messed with, you might anger him,Emily frowned

Claudia chuckled, I know, my uncle said he would handle it, but he probably won’t be able to.” 

She had looked into this person, Kingston, who was different from Dempsey’s kind of influence. Kingston had a strong determination that wouldn’t stop until he achieved his goals

Thinking of her brother Dalton, Emily was visibly upset

She had been sick for so many years, and the company was solely managed by her brother without any assistance

Due to my elder brother’s straightforward and unsmooth character, he suffered more losses in the business world

Seeing Emily’s deep concern, Claudia took the initiative to comfort her, Don’t worry, I will help your uncle. The company will be fine.” 

She also wouldn’t let anything happen to the company

If there was something urgent, then let the bullets fly for a bit longer

Help? How can you help?Emily became anxious, Your father is now unconscious, and you’ve offended Kingston. If they join forces, they will target you. No, you can’t stay in Vencumfield anymore, go back to Wyvernport.” 

The Friedan family held the dominant power in Wyvernport. Although hiding was not a longterm solution, at least it helped to avoid the limelight for the time being

Watching her mother’s worried expression, Claudia patted her hand, about to reveal that she was an important figure in the Enigma organization, when her phone rang

Seraphina, I’m sorryII’ve been grounded by mu dad 


story short, I’ll tell you my dad’s intention,Horace said hastily. He wants to join forces with other companies to bring down the Johnson family. He has done this before to another company, and it only took him two days.” 

Two days, it could be considered as lightning speed

If you have a way to stop it, then stop it immediatelyAfter saying these words, he paused, My father is just like this. If you stop this, I hope you give him a chance.” 

Horace knew, no matter how big the Ferguson family was, it could not compare to the powerful Enigma organization

If Claudia had collaborated with this organization to bring down the Ferguson Group, it wouldn’t have taken two days, perhaps only half a day, for the company to fall apart

He deeply knew the terror of this organization

Upon hearing Horace’s words, Claudia’s eyes hardened

She had originally planned to take down the Ferguson family all at once, but she owed Horace a favor… 

If Kingston had backed off in time, I wouldn’t have sought revenge.” 

Her tone was light and airy, carrying a hint of gentleness

Horace let go of the weight in his heart, saying thank youin a hoarse voice

After hanging up the phone, Emily quickly asked, What happened to your uncle? Did something happen to the company?” 

She was close enough to catch fragments of the conversation inside

Claudia didn’t hide anything from her, she repeated what Horace had said

Upon hearing that Kingston was planning to oust the Johnson family, Emily gasped in shock

Although the Johnson family was not small in size, it was still far behind the Ferguson family

She looked at Thomas, thinking that if Thomas were awake, he might be able to help her brother. But he was still unconscious

Claudia looked at Thomas, suddenly noticing something. Squinting, she asked Emily, Did he used to wear something?” 

At that time, Thomas had nothing of value, except for his simple, loose clothing

She remembered that the Friedan family had a watch, which was used for selfdefense, while Thomas’s hand was bare, even revealing a slightly whitened watch mark

Yes, he liked wearing watchesEmily looked at his hand, her gaze faltering, Huh, where’s his watch?” 

Claudia had made a judgment in her heart, Thomas no longer had anything valuable on him

If it wasn’t suicide, then it was most likely homicide

After taking another look at Thomas, who had his eyes tightly closed, Claudia felt an inexplicable fear in her heart. Thankfully, no lives were lost./ 

If Thomas had really drowned, she might have carried the stigma for a lifetime

Although she didn’t like Thomas, she didn’t wish him dead either

Mom, his situation is too suspicious, I have a friend looking into it,she paused, looking at her seriously, You must remember, don’t let Felicia get close to him. You are his legal wife, no matter what Felicia does, she is just a mistress.” 

She knew that Emily disdained to argue with people, but in her view, Felicia’s tactics were not clever at all. Thomas did not completely favor Felicia. If she simply pushed Thomas to Felicia’s side, it would be too easy for her

Emily nodded seriously, I understand what you mean. I won’t let Felicia take advantage of the situation. Even if it’s a man I don’t want,

won’t let her benefit from it.” 

After all, Thomas was the president of the Priedan Group. If he were to remarry and have a child in his old age, it would certainly threaten the status of her children

She would never let this happen, even for the sake of the child, she had to guard this family door

Claudia felt relieved when she saw her rejuvenated 

Thomas had an accident, and the Johnson family might also be in trouble. Plus, with the current direction of public opinion, she was most afraid that Emily wouldn’t be able to hold on and would collapse 

After leaving the hospital, Claudia saw Felicia’s address sent from the organization on her phone. She hailed a taxi and headed towards where Felicia lived

On the other side, a black limo stopped in front of the Fleming family’s house

The car window was open, and Dalton took a hard drag on his cigarette

Had he not been at his wit’s end, he would not have come here, but the only ones who could stand up to the Ferguson family were the Fleming family

He squinted slightly as he looked at the grand villa

Inside the car, Arianna saw his dilemma and sighed deeply, Dad, we should consult Seraphina. Seraphina is a member of the Enigma organization, she might be able to help us.” 

No!Dalton’s face suddenly turned cold, I said I would protect her and I meant it. All these organizations, they’re just nonsense made up on the internet. Going to find Seraphina now would only make her blame herself, it serves no purpose.” 

Dalton had always been skeptical of online rumors. If Seraphina really was part of that organization, how could she have been stranded outside for so many years

How could Seraphina possibly have gotten into such a powerful organization

In his view, all of that was nonsense made up by the media, completely unreliable

I was her uncle, she had suffered so much outside, we, as her family, had to do everything in our power to protect her.” 

Arianna sighed with red eyes

Actually, she didn’t believe those rumors on the internet, but now the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. If they continued to delay, they would really end up on the streets

She didn’t mind hardship, but she couldn’t bear to see her father bowing down to ask for help, especially from the Fleming family

She looked towards the courtyard of the Fleming family, thinking of someone inside, her nose tingled slightly

She knew the reason her father brought her this time. After being raised by her family for so many years, it was time for her to contribute to the family

Back then, Axton had told his father that he wanted to arrange a marriage alliance between the Fleming family and the Johnson family, but the intended match was his foolish eldest grandson

That man in his thirties who couldn’t even take care of himself, let alone her, not even any socialite from Vencumfield would want to marry him

She could guess that if her father asked for help this time, Axton would definitely bring up the matter of the alliance through marriage again

Was she really going to marry a fool

Thinking of the miserable future life, Arianna bit her lower lip, almost bursting into tears of grievance

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral

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CEO During the three years of her secret marriage to Edmond Lamont, Claudia Lloyd had always been obedient. Even when she heard news of his affair, she never complained. When Edmond's first love returned to the country, however, Claudia demanded a divorce. "Did you fall in love with someone else?" he questioned coldly. With a nonchalant smile, she replied, "Yeah. You wouldn't cherish me, but someone will." Later, she was found to be the missing lady of the affluent Friedan family, totally out of Edmond's league. Read More Novel An Understated Dominance Chinese Novel  

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral


People Also Question And Main Character

The main character in the provided text is Claudia Lloyd. The story revolves around her and her experiences, including her marriage to Edmond Lamont, her relationship with her grandmother Eleanor Lloyd, and her suspicions regarding the role of Rosalie Clayton in her grandmother's death. Claudia is the central figure in the narrative. Read More Novel The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Novel Q1: Why did Claudia want to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Edmond? A1: Claudia wanted to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Edmond because they had never celebrated their previous anniversaries, and she hoped to mark this occasion. Q2: Who was the other woman that Edmond was seen with on their third wedding anniversary? A2: The other woman was Rosalie Clayton, who was Edmond's first love. Q3: What happened to Claudia's grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd? A3: Claudia's grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd, was in critical condition and eventually died due to acute cerebral congestion, which the doctor suggested was likely caused by strong emotions. Q4: What role did Rosalie Clayton play in Eleanor Lloyd's condition? A4: Rosalie Clayton had visited Eleanor Lloyd before her death and had a conversation with her. Claudia suspected that Rosalie's visit might have had something to do with her grandmother's emotional distress leading to her illness. Q5: How did Claudia react when she confronted Rosalie at the funeral home? A5: Claudia confronted Rosalie at the funeral home and accused her of causing her grandmother's death. She believed that Rosalie's visit was not a coincidence and that she had a role in it. Q6: What did Rosalie claim she was doing during her visit to Eleanor Lloyd? A6: Rosalie claimed that she had asked her foreign friend, a famous oncologist, to make a video call with Eleanor to learn more about her disease. She insisted that she was trying to help. Q7: How did Edmond react when Claudia accused Rosalie of causing her grandmother's death? A7: Edmond defended Rosalie and said it was his idea for her to visit Eleanor. He didn't believe Rosalie was responsible for Eleanor's death. Q8: Why did Claudia believe the surveillance video was damaged conveniently? A8: Claudia suspected that the surveillance video, which might have provided evidence of what happened during Rosalie's visit, was intentionally damaged because it broke down right around the time of her grandmother's death, making it appear suspicious. Q9: What did Claudia plan to do about the situation with Rosalie? A9: Claudia vowed to make Rosalie pay for her grandmother's death and was determined to uncover the truth, even though the police had refused to investigate further due to lack of evidence. Q10: How did Edmond react to Claudia's determination to uncover the truth about her grandmother's death? A10: Edmond was unhappy with Claudia's determination and found her accusation against Rosalie to be rude. He seemed to side with Rosalie in the situation. Q11: Why did Claudia feel alone in the world after her grandmother's death? A11: Claudia felt alone in the world after her grandmother's death because Eleanor was the only family she had, and with her pa**ing, she lost her closest and most cherished connection. Q12: How did Claudia react when she found out about her grandmother's death? A12: Claudia was overwhelmed with grief when she learned about her grandmother's death. She couldn't even cry out loud and felt suffocated by the loss. Read More Novel The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thala**a and Elowen


In this story, we are introduced to Claudia Lloyd as the main character. Claudia's life takes a dramatic turn when her husband, Edmond Lamont, is seen with another woman, Rosalie Clayton, on their third wedding anniversary. Shortly after this, Claudia's beloved grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd, falls critically ill and ultimately pa**es away. Claudia becomes suspicious of Rosalie's involvement in her grandmother's death, leading to a confrontation at the funeral home. Despite Claudia's determination to uncover the truth, Edmond sides with Rosalie, causing tension between them. Claudia is left feeling isolated in the world after her grandmother's death and is determined to seek justice for her. Claudia's journey and pursuit of the truth form the central focus of this story, making her the main character. Read More Novel God, the Real Miss Hated Everyone Equally Series Novel


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