See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 270

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Good News 

Good news

No matter what the good news was, it couldn’t pique Arianna’s interest. The same was true for Dalton. Knowing that the company was doing well not only failed to cheer him up, but it made him feel even worse

The Fleming family kept their word, but what about him

He glanced at his eldest daughter, his eyes growing redder and redder

He regretted it, what’s the difference between this and selling one’s daughter for glory?! 

My company still has matters to attend to, it’s very late now. Whatever it is, let Seraphina put it aside for now, we can discuss it tomorrow after a good rest.” 

Dalton looked exhausted, he had been tired all day and had no energy left to deal with anyone else

I’m a bit tired too, little sister. You entertain Seraphina first, II’ll go upstairs first.Arianna held back her tears and quickly went upstairs

Claudia sat in the living room, contemplating how to explain to Dalton and the others that she had already taken action

In the end, she still resorted to using her organization’s connections, just like the time she helped the Friedan family. She called the heads of each company, using both threats and inducements. As soon as these people heard that it was someone from the Enigma organization, they immediately agreed to do a favor for the Johnson family

In order to strengthen the financial chain of the Johnson family, she had several tech giants under the Enigma organization seek cooperation with the Johnson family

The Johnson family had been good to her, she couldn’t possibly stand by and watch the Johnson family in distress

She came tonight just to tell her uncle this news, so he wouldn’t worry

Sienna walked in with an embarrassed look on her face and gave her a forced smile, Seraphina, my sister and dad got busy as soon as they got home. How about we take a nap first and talk tomorrow?” 

She didn’t know what good news Seraphina wanted to tell them, but she could clearly feel the sorrow and sadness of her father and sister

Upon hearing this, although Claudia didn’t quite understand, she vaguely felt that something was amiss

I was a bit tired too, you go rest, we can talk about anything tomorrow.” 

Claudia gave a gentle smile and started walking towards her room 

from the spiral staircase

This room was located on the second floor, it was said to have been Arianna’s room before. After she came to Vencumfield, Arianna 

willingly gave up her own room for her to live in, without any complaints

This family had treated her with their whole hearts, she always wanted to give something back

She walked up to Arianna’s room door, heard Arianna’s heartbreaking cries from inside, and her steps halted

Such repression and sorrow, like enduring all the grievances, suddenly broke through the dam and poured out

When a person is in a state of disarray, they least want others to see. After some thought, she ultimately did not knock on the door


Inside the room, after Arianna had finished crying, there was silence. She took a bottle of medicine from the drawer, her eyes vacant, her face a picture of desolation

Having her marry a fool, she would rather have died

Axton had already helped the company, and within two days, Axton would demand an explanation from his father

After all, he had already helped the family business, it was impossible for him to go back on his word. As for her, if she were to die, no one would blame her

She slowly unscrewed the cap, saw half a bottle of pills, and her hand began to tremble

In her mind, the scene of the handsome man in the garden calling her sister emerged

She closed her eyes, just as she was about to swallow, a knock sounded from outside the door

Arianna, were you there? It was Seraphina, I had something to tell you.” 

Arianna’s hand, holding the pill, paused. She quickly stuffed the item. into the blanket, wiped her tears fiercely, and walked to the door in her slippers

The door opened, and Claudia’s radiant face was full of anxiety, Arianna, are you alright?” 

Arianna shook her head, Seraphina, is there something you need? I’m not in a good mood today, can we talk about it tomorrow?” 

She knew that none of this was Seraphina’s fault, but her emotions were off at the moment, and she was afraid she might vent her negative feelings on her cousin

Claudia stared at her steadily, Can’t wait until tomorrow.” 

She had just received a message from Pedro, saying that Dalton and Arianna had gone to the Fleming family today. Axton had made an outrageous request he could help the Johnson family, but Arianna had to marry his foolish grandson

The socalled foolish grandsonwas Magnus’s halfbrother from the same father, who was always treated as invisible because of his foolishness

Claudia never imagined that Dalton would actually consider using Arianna’s marriage as a bargaining chip to save the company

Dalton loved his eldest daughter Arianna the most and had high hopes / for her. He would never have agreed to Axton’s demands if he hadn’t been driven to desperation

She finally understood why Arianna was sad and upset. Anyone would be unhappy if they were married to a fool

Seeing Claudia’s determination to stay in her room, Arianna’s face turned slightly pale. In the end, she seemed to be drained of all her strength, slumping weakly on the edge of the bed, she said listlessly, Then you speak.” 

Father said that this deal absolutely could not be known by Seraphina, otherwise she would definitely feel guilty and upset

The secret was so oppressive that it was unbearable. When she was about to pass out from suffocation, Claudia’s words were like a floating log, saving her

I used the power of the organization to help the company, Arianna, you don’t have to marry Zyon anymore.” 

The atmosphere froze, and there was a deafening silence

Arianna couldn’t believe what she had heard, abruptly standing up and grabbing her hand, asking, Is what you said true?” 

The organizationYou’re really involved with that organization?Arianna’s eyes widened, the tears at the bottom of her eyes hadn’t faded away, and suddenly surged up again, Seraphina, you’re not joking with me, are you? How could you be involved with this organization?” 

Even if there was, an organization that solved the company’s problems so quickly, how much authority must Seraphina have had

Arianna stood numbly, suddenly feeling as if she was floating on a cloud

She was full of anticipation, yet she dared not believe

Seeing her like this, Claudia felt a slight pang in her heart

When she just came in, Arianna looked as pale as death, her lifeless demeanor seemed like she was about to give up the ghost any second 

It was clearly her problem, but Arianna was willing to take all the 


From childhood to adulthood, apart from her grandmother and people 

like Pedro, she had never received the care of her relatives. She thought she would be alone for the rest of her life, but she never expected to have such pure family love

Arianna, the crisis at the company wasn’t resolved by the Fleming family, it was me. I’m a highranking member of the organization, and I’m not afraid to make a joke of myself. The Johnson family’s affairs are just a word away for me.Her tone was firm, like a seastabilizing needle, anchored in Arianna’s heart

Arianna stared blankly at this cousin, who was outwardly bright and inwardly resilient

Highranking, she was actually highranking in that organization

The sadness faded away, immediately followed by a burst of ecstasy

Thank you.Arianna couldn’t help but hug her tightly, tears falling uncontrollably

Claudia hugged her back, feeling warmth in her heart

Great, she protected the relatives who were good to her

The lights were brightly lit in the Johnson Group’s office

Dalton’s office was filled with the company’s top executives

Dalton, we have to thank Axton this time.” 

Yes, since you’ve already agreed to marry off your daughter, you should keep your promise.” 


The people present were speaking one after another, all urging Dalton to make a decision

The company had almost gone bankrupt overnight, and now, having been barely saved by Axton, they didn’t want to return to those days of living in fear

Dalton didn’t speak, sitting there alone, smoking one cigarette after another

The weather was cold and he was lightly dressed, his nose and face had already turned red from the cold

Suddenly, the ringing of the telephone broke the noise in the house

Dalton picked up his phone and saw that it was Arianna who had called

Thinking of his eldest daughter who was about to be soldby him, Dalton’s eyes turned red again

He was really useless

At an old age, he had to rely on selling his daughter to save the 


The phone kept ringing, as if the caller would continue to call if he didn’t answer

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral

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See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral


People Also Question And Main Character

The main character in the provided text is Claudia Lloyd. The story revolves around her and her experiences, including her marriage to Edmond Lamont, her relationship with her grandmother Eleanor Lloyd, and her suspicions regarding the role of Rosalie Clayton in her grandmother's death. Claudia is the central figure in the narrative. Read More Novel The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Novel Q1: Why did Claudia want to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Edmond? A1: Claudia wanted to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Edmond because they had never celebrated their previous anniversaries, and she hoped to mark this occasion. Q2: Who was the other woman that Edmond was seen with on their third wedding anniversary? A2: The other woman was Rosalie Clayton, who was Edmond's first love. Q3: What happened to Claudia's grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd? A3: Claudia's grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd, was in critical condition and eventually died due to acute cerebral congestion, which the doctor suggested was likely caused by strong emotions. Q4: What role did Rosalie Clayton play in Eleanor Lloyd's condition? A4: Rosalie Clayton had visited Eleanor Lloyd before her death and had a conversation with her. Claudia suspected that Rosalie's visit might have had something to do with her grandmother's emotional distress leading to her illness. Q5: How did Claudia react when she confronted Rosalie at the funeral home? A5: Claudia confronted Rosalie at the funeral home and accused her of causing her grandmother's death. She believed that Rosalie's visit was not a coincidence and that she had a role in it. Q6: What did Rosalie claim she was doing during her visit to Eleanor Lloyd? A6: Rosalie claimed that she had asked her foreign friend, a famous oncologist, to make a video call with Eleanor to learn more about her disease. She insisted that she was trying to help. Q7: How did Edmond react when Claudia accused Rosalie of causing her grandmother's death? A7: Edmond defended Rosalie and said it was his idea for her to visit Eleanor. He didn't believe Rosalie was responsible for Eleanor's death. Q8: Why did Claudia believe the surveillance video was damaged conveniently? A8: Claudia suspected that the surveillance video, which might have provided evidence of what happened during Rosalie's visit, was intentionally damaged because it broke down right around the time of her grandmother's death, making it appear suspicious. Q9: What did Claudia plan to do about the situation with Rosalie? A9: Claudia vowed to make Rosalie pay for her grandmother's death and was determined to uncover the truth, even though the police had refused to investigate further due to lack of evidence. Q10: How did Edmond react to Claudia's determination to uncover the truth about her grandmother's death? A10: Edmond was unhappy with Claudia's determination and found her accusation against Rosalie to be rude. He seemed to side with Rosalie in the situation. Q11: Why did Claudia feel alone in the world after her grandmother's death? A11: Claudia felt alone in the world after her grandmother's death because Eleanor was the only family she had, and with her pa**ing, she lost her closest and most cherished connection. Q12: How did Claudia react when she found out about her grandmother's death? A12: Claudia was overwhelmed with grief when she learned about her grandmother's death. She couldn't even cry out loud and felt suffocated by the loss. Read More Novel The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thala**a and Elowen


In this story, we are introduced to Claudia Lloyd as the main character. Claudia's life takes a dramatic turn when her husband, Edmond Lamont, is seen with another woman, Rosalie Clayton, on their third wedding anniversary. Shortly after this, Claudia's beloved grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd, falls critically ill and ultimately pa**es away. Claudia becomes suspicious of Rosalie's involvement in her grandmother's death, leading to a confrontation at the funeral home. Despite Claudia's determination to uncover the truth, Edmond sides with Rosalie, causing tension between them. Claudia is left feeling isolated in the world after her grandmother's death and is determined to seek justice for her. Claudia's journey and pursuit of the truth form the central focus of this story, making her the main character. Read More Novel God, the Real Miss Hated Everyone Equally Series Novel


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