See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 264

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 264

Chapter 264 The Wrath of Horace’s Mother
This was an accident, I didn’t expect my mom to react so strongly.
Horace locked the car door, a rare severity appearing on his usually gentle face.
No one in his family knew the ultimate purpose of his engagement with Claudia. He was unwilling to speak, and couldn’t speak, after all, he had agreed to this voluntarily.
“Mom, let’s try a different restaurant.” Without another word, Horace stepped on the gas.
Who would have known that upon hearing these words, the woman in the back seat gritted her teeth and simply crashed directly into the car window.
With a “bang”, the car fell into silence.
Eventually, Horace’s mother got out of the car, covering her reddened forehead.
Horace followed behind her, his face grim.
“Thank goodness I knew how to open your backseat door, otherwise our whole family’s face would have been lost by you today!” Horace’s
mother raised her lips in triumph, her face full of anger as she thought about the situation where Seraphina and a strange man had just entered the restaurant.
She gripped her phone tightly, glaring fiercely at Horace, “If you still want to marry her, then you shouldn’t stop me. Rest a**ured, I’m not the kind of unreasonable mother. If there’s a misunderstanding between you two, then clear it up. If it’s not a misunderstanding, we have other ways. But if you stop me, she will never be able to enter our house in this lifetime!”
Upon hearing this, Horace’s lips moved slightly, but he ultimately swallowed his words of objection.
He hadn’t seen very clearly just now, but there was indeed a strange man following Claudia. Although they were not close to each other, judging from the man’s mask, it was most likely Magnus.
Last time, he had carefully investigated. Although he couldn’t find out the relationship between Magnus and Edmond, he could guess it.
Magnus, was Edmond.
“I thought she would give up when Edmond died, but I didn’t expect her to be such a flirtatious woman, carrying another man’s child and messing around with so many men,” Horace’s mother said with great dissatisfaction. “She’s just second-hand goods, yet so ostentatious. Indeed, there’s a difference between raising someone at home and outside.”
“Mom…” Horace frowned, interrupting her, “Since you think she’s not good enough, then I’ll marry Elva.”
Horace’s mother suddenly lost her speech.
Elva, the one with a disability?
“I… I was just saying.” Compared to the person with a broken leg, Seraphina was obviously superior, especially since Elva had been abandoned by the Friedan family, she was even worse off than an ordinary person.
“Forget it, I can’t handle your matters anymore, let it be!” Horace’s mother took a deep breath and strode towards the dining room.
Regardless of whether Seraphina could ultimately become her daughter-in-law, this matter had to be stirred up today. Otherwise, wouldn’t Horace be cuc kolded every day once she entered the door?
After she entered, Horace followed closely behind.
In a small private room at the corner of the restaurant, waiters had brought in many dishes one after another. Seeing these dishes on the table, Claudia was slightly taken aback.
These dishes, they were all her favorites. To be precise, they were her favorites when she was with the Lamont family.
She was pregnant now, and her tastes had changed a bit, but seeing
these sp icy diced chicken, she still couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.
She looked up at Edmond, her eyebrows slightly raised.
It was time to eat, he wouldn’t still be wearing a mask, would he?
“Mr. Fleming, shall we eat together?” She pointed at the food, looking at his mask with great interest.
A glimmer of light flickered in the depths of Edmond’s eyes as he quickly glanced at the table, “You eat, I’m not hungry.”
Claudia smirked, he really had no intention of taking off his mask.
Given that, she spoke her mind then.
“Actually, even if Mr. Fleming didn’t wear a mask, I knew what your face looked like under the mask.”
Edmond’s eyes darkened, “What do you mean?”
Still pretending?
Claudia laughed mockingly, “Stop pretending, Ed…”
“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The box door was knocked loudly, quickly interrupting her words.
The private rooms of this restaurant were semi-open, with partitions made of bamboo. From inside the room, one could see the outside
Claudia looked up and through the gap in the railing, she immediately saw Horace’s mother, Selena.
“Seraphina, open the door!”
Selena was banging on the door hard.
Claudia walked over and opened the door, and the person outside rushed in quickly.
Horace’s mother glared at Edmond, then suddenly gave a cold laugh, “Very well! Excellent!”
She looked at Claudia, her words suppressing anger, “Ms. Friedan, can you tell me what you are doing now? You are about to marry into our Ferguson family, how can you date other men?!”
Claudia frowned, knowing she had misunderstood.
“Mrs. Ferguson, I didn’t have a date with him, we just happened to bump into each other.”
“No date, and you can’t even keep yourself clean? Do you know how much effort our Horace has put in, how much humiliation he has
endured to marry you? He resisted his entire family for you, and what about you? Not only are you carrying someone else’s child, but you were also entangled with other men before the engagement!” Horace’s mother sneered at Edmond, “Don’t think I can’t recognize you just because you’re wearing a mask. No matter who you are, you’d better stay away from Seraphina, or you’ll bring trouble upon yourself!”
Claudia’s brow furrowed, she didn’t know how to explain that her relationship with Horace was purely professional.
She thought things were going smoothly with Horace, but she didn’t expect it to be so complicated.
She only thought of herself, but didn’t consider Horace’s difficulties.
It was her who caused the delay.
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Ferguson. I’ve let Horace down. The wedding hasn’t been set yet, it’s still possible to break off the engagement. When I go back later, I’ll talk to my family about calling off my marriage with Horace.”
Unexpectedly, she was so decisive that it left Horace’s mother stunned.
She had never considered breaking off the engagement, she just wanted to warn Seraphina. She didn’t expect Seraphina to give up so decisively.
“The engagement doesn’t need to be called off,” Horace interrupted their conversation, “My mother has been a bit neurotic lately, she
corrected herself, “I was too impulsive, I’m sorry.”
She quickly walked up to Claudia, apologizing with a smile, “Seraphina, I was too impulsive just now, I didn’t realize you were discussing something. Horace was right, my me ntal state hasn’t been good lately, and I made a mistake. He tried to stop me but I didn’t listen. Please don’t call off the engagement, I really do like you, I was just too impulsive earlier… Can you forgive me?”
Claudia glanced at her indifferently, then looked at the slightly anxious Horace, biting her lower lip slightly.
Edmond stood to one side, his gaze clear, yet seemingly determined to watch this spectacle.
If the marriage was dissolved, he would be pleased. No matter how good Horace was, with such a mother-in-law, Claudia would have a hard time raising the child in the future.
If he had been somewhat hesitant before, now, he had already dispelled all thoughts of backing down.
Rather than entrusting her to an uncertain family, it was better to keep her by his side, protecting her with his own wings.
He walked up to Claudia, h ooked his arm around her waist, his voice husky and laced with ambiguity, “Since Seraphina has decided to cancel the engagement, there’s no need to force it.”
Under Claudia’s surprised gaze, Edmond smiled with a slight lift of his
eyebrows and eyes.
“You didn’t misunderstand, our relationship was indeed not ordinary.”

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CEO During the three years of her secret marriage to Edmond Lamont, Claudia Lloyd had always been obedient. Even when she heard news of his affair, she never complained. When Edmond's first love returned to the country, however, Claudia demanded a divorce. "Did you fall in love with someone else?" he questioned coldly. With a nonchalant smile, she replied, "Yeah. You wouldn't cherish me, but someone will." Later, she was found to be the missing lady of the affluent Friedan family, totally out of Edmond's league. Read More Novel An Understated Dominance Chinese Novel  

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral


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The main character in the provided text is Claudia Lloyd. The story revolves around her and her experiences, including her marriage to Edmond Lamont, her relationship with her grandmother Eleanor Lloyd, and her suspicions regarding the role of Rosalie Clayton in her grandmother's death. Claudia is the central figure in the narrative. Read More Novel The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Novel Q1: Why did Claudia want to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Edmond? A1: Claudia wanted to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Edmond because they had never celebrated their previous anniversaries, and she hoped to mark this occasion. Q2: Who was the other woman that Edmond was seen with on their third wedding anniversary? A2: The other woman was Rosalie Clayton, who was Edmond's first love. Q3: What happened to Claudia's grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd? A3: Claudia's grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd, was in critical condition and eventually died due to acute cerebral congestion, which the doctor suggested was likely caused by strong emotions. Q4: What role did Rosalie Clayton play in Eleanor Lloyd's condition? A4: Rosalie Clayton had visited Eleanor Lloyd before her death and had a conversation with her. Claudia suspected that Rosalie's visit might have had something to do with her grandmother's emotional distress leading to her illness. Q5: How did Claudia react when she confronted Rosalie at the funeral home? A5: Claudia confronted Rosalie at the funeral home and accused her of causing her grandmother's death. She believed that Rosalie's visit was not a coincidence and that she had a role in it. Q6: What did Rosalie claim she was doing during her visit to Eleanor Lloyd? A6: Rosalie claimed that she had asked her foreign friend, a famous oncologist, to make a video call with Eleanor to learn more about her disease. She insisted that she was trying to help. Q7: How did Edmond react when Claudia accused Rosalie of causing her grandmother's death? A7: Edmond defended Rosalie and said it was his idea for her to visit Eleanor. He didn't believe Rosalie was responsible for Eleanor's death. Q8: Why did Claudia believe the surveillance video was damaged conveniently? A8: Claudia suspected that the surveillance video, which might have provided evidence of what happened during Rosalie's visit, was intentionally damaged because it broke down right around the time of her grandmother's death, making it appear suspicious. Q9: What did Claudia plan to do about the situation with Rosalie? A9: Claudia vowed to make Rosalie pay for her grandmother's death and was determined to uncover the truth, even though the police had refused to investigate further due to lack of evidence. Q10: How did Edmond react to Claudia's determination to uncover the truth about her grandmother's death? A10: Edmond was unhappy with Claudia's determination and found her accusation against Rosalie to be rude. He seemed to side with Rosalie in the situation. Q11: Why did Claudia feel alone in the world after her grandmother's death? A11: Claudia felt alone in the world after her grandmother's death because Eleanor was the only family she had, and with her pa**ing, she lost her closest and most cherished connection. Q12: How did Claudia react when she found out about her grandmother's death? A12: Claudia was overwhelmed with grief when she learned about her grandmother's death. She couldn't even cry out loud and felt suffocated by the loss. Read More Novel The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thala**a and Elowen


In this story, we are introduced to Claudia Lloyd as the main character. Claudia's life takes a dramatic turn when her husband, Edmond Lamont, is seen with another woman, Rosalie Clayton, on their third wedding anniversary. Shortly after this, Claudia's beloved grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd, falls critically ill and ultimately pa**es away. Claudia becomes suspicious of Rosalie's involvement in her grandmother's death, leading to a confrontation at the funeral home. Despite Claudia's determination to uncover the truth, Edmond sides with Rosalie, causing tension between them. Claudia is left feeling isolated in the world after her grandmother's death and is determined to seek justice for her. Claudia's journey and pursuit of the truth form the central focus of this story, making her the main character. Read More Novel God, the Real Miss Hated Everyone Equally Series Novel


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