See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 269

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 269

Chapter 269 A Melodramatic Life 

Axton was in the restaurant, drinking tea and reading the news, when 

the butler walked in. Standing by the door, he whispered, Mr. 

Johnson and his daughter have arrived.” 

Axton’s hand paused as he was pouring the tea: Which daughter?” 

The elder.” 

The eldest daughter, that was Arianna

Back then, he also took a liking to this girl, thinking that her personality was good and she would be suitable to be his granddaughterinlaw

Thinking of his foolish grandson, he sighed deeply

This grandson was born to his son and daughterinlaw, and by rights, was the legitimate eldest grandson of the Fleming family. However, not long after his birth, a fall caused him to become mentally impaired. In order to protect the reputation of the Fleming family, he hid this grandson very strictly. Even if outsiders knew about it, they dared not discuss it much. Instead, it was widely spread under the name of Magnus being the illegitimate child of the Fleming family

At that time, Magnus was only willing to stay with the Lamont family and had no intention of returning. So, he came up with the idea of 

finding a wife for this foolish grandson

The Johnson family was quite satisfied with Arianna, but 

unfortunately, Dalton was a stubborn old man who refused to agree no matter what

Thinking of the recent predicament the Johnson family had fallen into, Axton understood intuitively, Let them in.” 

Dalton walked in with Arianna, whose eyes were red

Axton waved at Dalton, Dalton, it’s been a long time.” 

After speaking, he glanced at Arianna out of the corner of his eye. She was appropriately dressed, poised, and her appearance was both dignified and friendly

Axton,Dalton sat down, his tone sincere, There’s something I need your help with” 

No sooner had he finished speaking than Axton took over the conversation, Does it have anything to do with Kingston?” 

Although he was old, he had always been paying attention to business news. Since there was no younger generation to take over at home, he had developed a worrying character. Whenever there was any movement in business and politics, he would know at the first moment

He had long been aware of Kingston’s collaboration with other 

companies to edge out the Johnson Group

If Kingston got serious, the Johnson family would only stand a chance if they teamed up with the Friedan family. But Thomas was lying in the hospital, his life hanging in the balance. It was said that the two had a falling out recently, which made it even easier for Kingston to squeeze out the Johnson Group

The Johnson Group was essentially fighting alone, and they, the Fleming family, were the only ones who could contend with the Ferguson family

Since you came to me, and I’ve been good friends with your father for many years, I will definitely help you, butHe laughed and glanced at Arianna, I had a wish that has never been fulfilled. You know, my grandson Zyon has never been marriedI also know, with Zyon’s illness, he probably won’t change in this lifetime. But I’m a traditional person, Magnus plans to never marry, so I can only put my hopes on Zyon.” 

At this point, Dalton understood as well. He glanced at his daughter, whose eyes were red from crying, and felt a sour sensation in his nose

He knew that as soon as he spoke, Axton would definitely bring up this matter

But he had cared for his daughter for so many years, was she really going to be sacrificed here

At that very moment, Dalton was caught between a rock and a hard 

place, his heart torn with agony

Arianna didn’t speak, her hands clenched into fists, her face turned away trembling

Nobody wanted to marry that fool, Zyon Fleming. Who in their right mind would want to spend the rest of their life with someone like that

Seeing the suppressed emotions on Arianna’s face, Axton understood. He turned to the maid in the distance and said, Take Ms. Johnson for a walk in the garden.” 

The maid came over, and Arianna stood up

When leaving, Arianna gave Dalton a deep look, then turned around and left as if she was going to meet her death

Axton spoke earnestly, Dalton, business is like a battlefield. Once a company goes bankrupt, it’s hard to bounce back.” 

I’ll handle the matter with Kingston for you, but you could also consider what I just said.” 

Upon hearing this, a heavy stone seemed to press on Dalton’s heart, making it hard for him to breathe

What era was it, and they still had to rely on selling their daughters for profit

But now, with the situation being urgent, the company’s continued operation or bankruptcy was hanging by a thread

Dalton suddenly remembered Arianna saying that Claudia was a member of the Enigma organization. If Seraphina really was a part of this organization, she could definitely help the Johnson family. With this thought, he abruptly shook his head, clearing the confusion in his mind. He must have been out of his mind to start believing such 


Was he really going to save his company by selling his daughter


Arianna followed the maid to the back garden of the Fleming family, suddenly hearing a suppressed sobbing sound

Arianna’s heart clenched tightly, sending a chill down her spine

There was no one else in the garden, the sound seemed to come from somewhere else

Arianna followed the sound and saw a big man squatting in the bushes, crying very sadly

Arianna took a tissue out of her bag and passed it over

Zyon lifted his head, his beautiful, innocent eyes brimming with tears. He took the tissue, rubbing his eyes, Thank you, Lady Pretty.” 

Lady Pretty… 

Even though he was clearly an adult, the words he spoke were like those of a child

Arianna immediately confirmed that th 

of the Fleming family, Zyon

was the foolish young master 

Unsure if it was intentional or coincidental, the maid had actually brought her here, to meet Zyon

Although the man in front of her was as handsome and exquisite as a character from a painting, she suddenly felt deflated and couldn’t carry on a conversation

She lifted her foot to walk away, a glint flashed in Zyon’s eyes. He shouted at her retreating figure, Lady Pretty, my grandfather said you are my wife, is it true?” 

Arianna’s steps faltered as she moved forward, nearly losing her balance, and then she fled in panic

On the way back, Arianna sat in the back seat, not saying a word

Dalton was also in a bad mood, constantly opening the car window to smoke, one cigarette after another

When they got home, it was already dark. As soon as Dalton and 

Arianna stepped through the door, Sienna rushed out excitedly, Dad, sister, the company crisis has been resolved!” 

Upon hearing this, Dalton’s face faltered. He quickly took out his phone and immediately saw the message his assistant had sent him: Mr. Johnson, those companies said they won’t terminate the contracts and will continue to cooperate with us next year. Also, several large companies have suddenly approached us wanting to cooperate, our financial chain is stabilized.” 

Upon seeing this news, Dalton’s heart didn’t settle down as he had expected. He hadn’t anticipated Axton’s methods to be so swift and decisive, resolving everything in just a few hours

As expected of the Fleming family, their strength was terrifyingly profound

Arianna also looked ashen, the Fleming family had helped them, the next step was that she had to marry Zyon

Thinking of that handsome man, Arianna’s heart ached as if it had been cut by a knife

Fate was playing tricks on her. Such a perfect man turned out to be a fool, and her life was incredibly melodramatic, as she was to marry him

Dad, sis, what’s wrong with you? Why do you look so down?Arianna, unaware of the reason, smiled at them and said, Seraphina has been waiting at home for you, she said she has some good news to 

tell us.” 

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral

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See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral


People Also Question And Main Character

The main character in the provided text is Claudia Lloyd. The story revolves around her and her experiences, including her marriage to Edmond Lamont, her relationship with her grandmother Eleanor Lloyd, and her suspicions regarding the role of Rosalie Clayton in her grandmother's death. Claudia is the central figure in the narrative. Read More Novel The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Novel Q1: Why did Claudia want to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Edmond? A1: Claudia wanted to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Edmond because they had never celebrated their previous anniversaries, and she hoped to mark this occasion. Q2: Who was the other woman that Edmond was seen with on their third wedding anniversary? A2: The other woman was Rosalie Clayton, who was Edmond's first love. Q3: What happened to Claudia's grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd? A3: Claudia's grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd, was in critical condition and eventually died due to acute cerebral congestion, which the doctor suggested was likely caused by strong emotions. Q4: What role did Rosalie Clayton play in Eleanor Lloyd's condition? A4: Rosalie Clayton had visited Eleanor Lloyd before her death and had a conversation with her. Claudia suspected that Rosalie's visit might have had something to do with her grandmother's emotional distress leading to her illness. Q5: How did Claudia react when she confronted Rosalie at the funeral home? A5: Claudia confronted Rosalie at the funeral home and accused her of causing her grandmother's death. She believed that Rosalie's visit was not a coincidence and that she had a role in it. Q6: What did Rosalie claim she was doing during her visit to Eleanor Lloyd? A6: Rosalie claimed that she had asked her foreign friend, a famous oncologist, to make a video call with Eleanor to learn more about her disease. She insisted that she was trying to help. Q7: How did Edmond react when Claudia accused Rosalie of causing her grandmother's death? A7: Edmond defended Rosalie and said it was his idea for her to visit Eleanor. He didn't believe Rosalie was responsible for Eleanor's death. Q8: Why did Claudia believe the surveillance video was damaged conveniently? A8: Claudia suspected that the surveillance video, which might have provided evidence of what happened during Rosalie's visit, was intentionally damaged because it broke down right around the time of her grandmother's death, making it appear suspicious. Q9: What did Claudia plan to do about the situation with Rosalie? A9: Claudia vowed to make Rosalie pay for her grandmother's death and was determined to uncover the truth, even though the police had refused to investigate further due to lack of evidence. Q10: How did Edmond react to Claudia's determination to uncover the truth about her grandmother's death? A10: Edmond was unhappy with Claudia's determination and found her accusation against Rosalie to be rude. He seemed to side with Rosalie in the situation. Q11: Why did Claudia feel alone in the world after her grandmother's death? A11: Claudia felt alone in the world after her grandmother's death because Eleanor was the only family she had, and with her pa**ing, she lost her closest and most cherished connection. Q12: How did Claudia react when she found out about her grandmother's death? A12: Claudia was overwhelmed with grief when she learned about her grandmother's death. She couldn't even cry out loud and felt suffocated by the loss. Read More Novel The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thala**a and Elowen


In this story, we are introduced to Claudia Lloyd as the main character. Claudia's life takes a dramatic turn when her husband, Edmond Lamont, is seen with another woman, Rosalie Clayton, on their third wedding anniversary. Shortly after this, Claudia's beloved grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd, falls critically ill and ultimately pa**es away. Claudia becomes suspicious of Rosalie's involvement in her grandmother's death, leading to a confrontation at the funeral home. Despite Claudia's determination to uncover the truth, Edmond sides with Rosalie, causing tension between them. Claudia is left feeling isolated in the world after her grandmother's death and is determined to seek justice for her. Claudia's journey and pursuit of the truth form the central focus of this story, making her the main character. Read More Novel God, the Real Miss Hated Everyone Equally Series Novel


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