See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 38

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Check on Him
It wasn’t Waldron who answered the phone.
She quickly asked, “What happened to him?”
“He’s been in a car accident. Notify the rest of his family.”
There was a “boom” in Claudia’s mind. Her entire body froze in place. She did not even notice that the person had hung up.
How did Waldron get into a car accident?
He always drove so well.
Claudia froze for a few seconds and immediately ran in the direction the two girls had just come from.
Edmond pulled her back and asked in a low voice, “Where are you going?”
Claudia was cold, her tone weak and anxious. “Waldron’s been in a car accident, and I’m going to check on him.”
Watching Claudia stumble off on her feet, Edmond stared at her back, his eyes cold.
Rodney in the car stuck his head out and sighed.
“Mrs. Lamont was so concerned about Mr. Waldron. She may have really cheated.”
“Shut up.” Edmond glanced coldly at him and walked quickly toward
the front as well.
Rosalie saw Claudia and Edmond from a distance. Her eyes light up. She walked over quickly.
“Have you finished your formalities?” Unable to contain her inner joy, she spoke briskly.
Claudia simply ignored her and ran at a fast pace.
Not getting an answer, Rosalie followed relentlessly.
“Edmond, your divorce paperwork…
“It’s not done yet.” There was some impatience in Edmond’s voice, too.
Rosalie froze and smiled wryly, “So where are you guys going now? Isn’t the courthouse right next door?
As long as Edmond and Claudia don’t go through with the divorce, she would always have to be treated like a mistress.
Claudia was already worried about Waldron, and now she felt Rosalie’s words buzzing like a fly.
She stood still, glanced coldly at Edmond, and said, “Can you control your woman? What a racket.”
Edmond didn’t say anything and gave Rosalie a faint look. Rosalie’s face flushed. “I was just being kind enough to warn you so you wouldn’t go the wrong way.”
Claudia knew Rosalie’s thoughts and said coldly, “I don’t need you to remind me.”
It was only a matter of time before she and Edmond got divorced, but Rosalie was just too obviously anxious.
Hearing Claudia speak harshly, Rosalie moved closer to Edmond in
aggravation. However, Edmond walked quickly as well, as if he didn’t see her face, and he walked forward with Claudia.
Rosalie didn’t know what was going on up ahead and was too afraid to ask, so she could only follow behind.
Waiting to walk to a crowded area, Rosalie stood on her feet.
Claudia rushed into the crowd just in time to see Waldron, covered in blood, being carried into an ambulance.
“Waldron!” rushed Claudia in a muf fled voice.
The nurse stopped her immediately. “May I ask if you are the patient’s family?”
Claudia nodded without thinking.
“Then get in the car. The family will need to do the paperwork.”
After Claudia got in the car, Edmond followed her.
Rosalie froze at the sight of the broken limousine.
That person actually stopped Waldron in such an extreme way, so she was suddenly chilled with fear.
She scrambled to open her phone and saw a text message: “Done.”
After reading it, she hastily deleted the message.
Watching as Edmond got into the ambulance as well, Rosalie played it cool and intended to go up as well, being pushed away by Claudia.
Claudia’s eyes were cold to the bone. “You and Waldron aren’t family, so there’s no need for you to go with us.”
The nurse closed the door in a hurry.
Watching the car whi zzing away, Rosalie was angry and panicked.
Edmond wasn’t related to Waldron either, so how did he get in the ambulance?
What did Claudia mean by this? Did Claudia know that she was Waldron’s biological sister?.
Inside the ambulance, Cla udia held her breath as she watched the nurse administer first aid to Waldron. His face was blo ody, and her eyes were filled with tears.
Spending time with Waldron these days had made Claudia think of Waldron as a friend and family member for a long time. The feelings of guilt grew stronger at the thought that he had been in a car accident on his way to pick her up.
Edmond saw her sad face and thought of the night her grandmother died and how she was the same way like she was abandoned by the world.
“The car was badly damaged, and it was a big truck that hit him. The driver fled.” Edmond hesitated, telling her the first thing he’d learned from his investigation, trying to distract her.
Hearing the driver flee, Claudia looked up at him.
“Don’t worry. The police are already after him.”
Claudia nodded, thinking of Edmond accompanying herself to the car and wanting to ask why he had followed her up, but ultimately didn’t.
He had also known Waldron for years, and it was normal for him to want to be there to help.
Edmond’s handsome face was cold, his dark eyes narrowed and fell on her like they were trying to burn her.
In the Friedan’s manor, Thomas was still reeling from finding his daughter.
Ervin and Derrick were sitting in the living room, their eyes darting toward the door every now and then,
“Why isn’t Waldron here yet? Didn’t he say he was going to surprise us?” Derrick picked up a book and read it in boredom.
“Soon.” Ervin grinned and narrowed his eyes, and was in an excited mood.
Waldron rarely called them together so formally, and since Waldron said it was a surprise, it was a big deal.
Just then, Thomas’ cell phone rang.
Several eyes focused on his cell phone.
Thomas glanced at the caller ID. It was the director of Wellfort Central Hospital, an old friend of his.
He picked up the phone with a grin, “Why are you free to call me today?”
“Thomas, come to the hospital. Your son was hit by a car.”
Thomas stood up so violently that his cell phone snapped to the floor.
The director’s voice was amplified for all in the room to hear.
“It’s not looking good, and you’d better be prepared.”
Thomas blacked out, his eyes closed, and he fell backward.
At the hospital, Claudia stood outside the resuscitation room and broke down into a crouch.
All the way there, she couldn’t look Waldron in the face.
She was guilty.
“It’s all me…” If she hadn’t asked Waldron to come over, there might not have been a car accident.
“There’s nothing to do with you.” Edmond lowered his eyes and crouched down, watching her shoulders shake vulnerably, and felt the urge to take her into his arms.
Eventually curbing the emotion, he said in a low, husky voice, “There’s something weird about this crash. The surveillance shows that the car followed him the whole way, so it could be an intentional killing.”
If it was an intentional killing, it had nothing to do with her.
Edmond pursed his lips, and his heart tightened as he watched her
Just then, a few people came running over in a hurry.
It was Ervin and Derrick.
Derrick’s face was horribly grim as he took a step towards Claudia.
“Didn’t Waldron go to get you? Why is he lying in there, and you’re not doing anything at all?”
Claudia didn’t say anything, and her body shuddered.
Derrick reached out and yanked her to her feet. “Why? You tell me! He said he was going to bring you to show us a surprise! Is this the
surprise you wanted to show us?”
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CEO During the three years of her secret marriage to Edmond Lamont, Claudia Lloyd had always been obedient. Even when she heard news of his affair, she never complained. When Edmond's first love returned to the country, however, Claudia demanded a divorce. "Did you fall in love with someone else?" he questioned coldly. With a nonchalant smile, she replied, "Yeah. You wouldn't cherish me, but someone will." Later, she was found to be the missing lady of the affluent Friedan family, totally out of Edmond's league. Read More Novel An Understated Dominance Chinese Novel  

See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral


People Also Question And Main Character

The main character in the provided text is Claudia Lloyd. The story revolves around her and her experiences, including her marriage to Edmond Lamont, her relationship with her grandmother Eleanor Lloyd, and her suspicions regarding the role of Rosalie Clayton in her grandmother's death. Claudia is the central figure in the narrative. Read More Novel The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Novel Q1: Why did Claudia want to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Edmond? A1: Claudia wanted to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Edmond because they had never celebrated their previous anniversaries, and she hoped to mark this occasion. Q2: Who was the other woman that Edmond was seen with on their third wedding anniversary? A2: The other woman was Rosalie Clayton, who was Edmond's first love. Q3: What happened to Claudia's grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd? A3: Claudia's grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd, was in critical condition and eventually died due to acute cerebral congestion, which the doctor suggested was likely caused by strong emotions. Q4: What role did Rosalie Clayton play in Eleanor Lloyd's condition? A4: Rosalie Clayton had visited Eleanor Lloyd before her death and had a conversation with her. Claudia suspected that Rosalie's visit might have had something to do with her grandmother's emotional distress leading to her illness. Q5: How did Claudia react when she confronted Rosalie at the funeral home? A5: Claudia confronted Rosalie at the funeral home and accused her of causing her grandmother's death. She believed that Rosalie's visit was not a coincidence and that she had a role in it. Q6: What did Rosalie claim she was doing during her visit to Eleanor Lloyd? A6: Rosalie claimed that she had asked her foreign friend, a famous oncologist, to make a video call with Eleanor to learn more about her disease. She insisted that she was trying to help. Q7: How did Edmond react when Claudia accused Rosalie of causing her grandmother's death? A7: Edmond defended Rosalie and said it was his idea for her to visit Eleanor. He didn't believe Rosalie was responsible for Eleanor's death. Q8: Why did Claudia believe the surveillance video was damaged conveniently? A8: Claudia suspected that the surveillance video, which might have provided evidence of what happened during Rosalie's visit, was intentionally damaged because it broke down right around the time of her grandmother's death, making it appear suspicious. Q9: What did Claudia plan to do about the situation with Rosalie? A9: Claudia vowed to make Rosalie pay for her grandmother's death and was determined to uncover the truth, even though the police had refused to investigate further due to lack of evidence. Q10: How did Edmond react to Claudia's determination to uncover the truth about her grandmother's death? A10: Edmond was unhappy with Claudia's determination and found her accusation against Rosalie to be rude. He seemed to side with Rosalie in the situation. Q11: Why did Claudia feel alone in the world after her grandmother's death? A11: Claudia felt alone in the world after her grandmother's death because Eleanor was the only family she had, and with her passing, she lost her closest and most cherished connection. Q12: How did Claudia react when she found out about her grandmother's death? A12: Claudia was overwhelmed with grief when she learned about her grandmother's death. She couldn't even cry out loud and felt suffocated by the loss. Read More Novel The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa and Elowen


In this story, we are introduced to Claudia Lloyd as the main character. Claudia's life takes a dramatic turn when her husband, Edmond Lamont, is seen with another woman, Rosalie Clayton, on their third wedding anniversary. Shortly after this, Claudia's beloved grandmother, Eleanor Lloyd, falls critically ill and ultimately passes away. Claudia becomes suspicious of Rosalie's involvement in her grandmother's death, leading to a confrontation at the funeral home. Despite Claudia's determination to uncover the truth, Edmond sides with Rosalie, causing tension between them. Claudia is left feeling isolated in the world after her grandmother's death and is determined to seek justice for her. Claudia's journey and pursuit of the truth form the central focus of this story, making her the main character. Read More Novel God, the Real Miss Hated Everyone Equally Series Novel


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