Rejected by the Beta Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha Chapter 125

Rejected by the Beta Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha Chapter 125

Chapter 125
Adalyn was loathed in the Aqua pack, not only because she was a se rvant but also because she could not be tamed. Even if she was undergoing torture, she would rather endure it than beg
The men hated her because even when she was not allowed to train, she appeared tougher than most she-wolf warriors. Adalyn’s parents were killed right in front of her by the old Alpha of the Aqua pack when her mother was accused of trying to poison the Alpha.
There was no proof but since the accusation came from the old beta of the pack, Adalyn’s mother’s words, did not hold
Her father tried to save his wife and fought with twenty warriors, losing his life in the end. Adalyn was not an omega but was reduced to the state of a serv ant right at the age of right.
Her loathe for witnessing the justice meted out to her parents sowed a seed of discord in her
Day in day out, she tried to escape but found no way to do so, especially when she had also not found her mate six months after turning righttern and realizing that her nute was not in the pack,
Due to her role as a ser vant, she had heard things that most people were not privileged to hear and that is, Adalyn, had the secret of most of the pack members in the palm of her hands.
Finding her mate brought her joy that alas, she would experience the life of a marinal she-wolf and no longer sleep in that little store room in the kitchen. She had no belongings and would pick her clothes from the dumpter, especially those thrown away by those of higher birth and wealth in the pack.
People expected her to die but she survived and when the likes of Jean who treated her like nothing crossed her path, even without meaning it, her arrow found its way for vengeance but since Jean could still not allow her to be happy, Adalyn was ready to take away their happiness, just as they took hers.
“She came because of Alpha Levi. She was hoping to be his mate and not you, Alpha Kizito.”
Jean paled and Alpha Kizito froze.
Levi was unfazed by the revelation Adalyn gave since he was not surprised. I was the same in has own pack.
He was just one man but all the unmated she-wolves wanted him and the mated ones were not happy with their mates. Supposing his mate was even dead and he did not have a second chance mate, how could he randomly choose without creating discord among the she-wolves
Thus, it would be better for him to wait for his destined mane, even if his wolf or powers would drain the life out of him.
However, Alpha Kizito could not recover from the pain of his mate’s betrayal or, the ser vant girl was just trying to create confusion in his mind.
“You don’t stop talking. Why these lies?” Alpha Kizito snarled. He was not willing to take the words of a ser vant seriously bur Jean was not drying the accusation, hoping that Levi would consider since be land not found his mate.
Adalyn looked into Alpha Kizito’s eyes, which was something she never dal before.
As a ser vant, her head had to be lowered at all times but her mate was a beta, next to the Alpha.
She was not arrogant but proud that the moon goddess rewarded her with a mate from the Snow Mountain Pack.
“Kizito, I know what I heard and if you don’t believe me, then ask her friends,” Adalyn said daringly, Kizito’s blood boiled with anger that she was so disrespectful towandy lim
“How dare you address ine by my name?”
Alpla Kizito’s palin almost came into contact with her check when he felt tremendous pain, as his hand was twisted to the back and the púin from the cracking of his bones made the people around shrink with fear.
They were even taking steps back as if they were the ones going through the pain, as Alpha Kizito’s eyes locked with the fiery ones of Levi, who spat coldly.
“She is no longer your pack member
Philip’s heart warmed because his rank would not permit him to stand up to Alpha Kizito but just like always, Levi canK through for him, and this time, for his mate.
Alpha Kizito felt his bones breaking and the pain was excruciating, tears welled up in his eyes and his wolf could not heal him immediately.
When Levi withdrew his hand. Alpha Kizito’s right hand was dangling, as if there was no bone in it, onlookers were horrified. It would ar a shame for Alpha Kizito to shed a tear in front of all these people so he took it in like an Alpha
Adalyn’s heart felt remarkable joy for the first time in her life since her parents died. Two people stood up for her today. At
Chapter 125
>first, it was the beta against his Alpha and now, it was her new Alplsa against her uld Alpha
Jean did not know where to hide her emy, as she kept glaring at Adalyn with hate. The ser vant dressed in rags was being protected by the most feared Alpha, who should be late..
However, Alpha Kuzito could not allow the matter to rest, saying to Levi, at the same time enduring the pain which had reduced.
“Alpha Levi. Adalyn just found her mate and has not yet been marked but she addressed me by my name.”
He was making a complaint but it sounded like a statement because he was afraid of what this Alpha was capable of
The news about Levi was indeed true and Alpha Kizito knew he hail to be careful before Levi declares a war against his pack Surprisingly, it was not Levi who responded, since Adalyn was hot beaded and was used to standing up for herself She already felt that she owed the Alpha tor mach for saving her from the dungeon and also from the slap.
If her mate had not appeared today, she knew that vultures would have been feeling on her carca ss by new
“That is because you are no longer my Alpha. I will train hard and come back for revenge against you for what your father and his beta did to my parents. I have not forgotten”
Alpha Kizita froze. He was young when that incident happened but it was kept within the confines of his pack.
Right now, there were people from different packs so how could he allow that seret to come out the opent
Levi’s brow raised and he asked
“What did they do to your parents?”
His intenting concerning the query was not known but people could not help being afraid siner Adalyn was now his pack member.
Alpla Kizito u
was sweating like a egnant fish, and Adalyn was happy but she was also very weak and tired.
If she revealed it and a war broke out, she might pass out before getting hier revenge.
“Alpha Levi, please, I will tell you everything but I have not eaten in three days and I’m famished.”
Everyone began shaking their heads, locking a: Aplin Kizito disappointment. Evenomrgas were well fed so how much
more a ser vant
Philip was so angered his eyes were glassy wandering the kind of life his mate had been experiencing in that pack but he swallowed everything, waiting for Levi’s command.
Alpha Kizito did not know where to turn his head from the shame and the pain from his dangling arm when Levi said.
“I had known this. I would have allowed your nuate to die,”
For the first time, everyone agreed with him but Alpha Kizito’s anger redirected to Jean. If she had noted and allowed Alpha Levi to leave, nor of this would have happened and all these packs would not have known about Adalyn’s parents.
“You should have let her die since she came here because of you.”
“Alpha Kizito, Jean was already crying harsh tears, afraid that she was going to be rejected.
Then again, she was afraid of a war breaking out soon if Alpha Levi found out all that was done to his beta’s rate in their pack, since she was one of Adalyn’s tormentors.
“Stay away from me Alpha Kizito yelled whilst walking away with his dangling arms Jean ran belplessly after him.
“Let’s go,” Leysaid to Philip and began walking to the car since this was not Alpha Kizito’s pack. No matter what, they could not begin their revenge plan here.
Levi and Philip sat in the front and Philip was at the craver’s side with Adalyn in the back. Phillip said to her,
“I want to know everything that happened to you in that pack”

Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha

Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 13/07/2023 Native Language: English
"Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha"  A Alpha romance novel or romantic novel generally refers to a type of genre fiction novel which places its primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and usually has an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. “Glorious Alpha” Gorgeous detail and compelling story! The author takes us along the heroine’s emotional journey filled with intrigue and mystery. Loved this page turner!!

Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha

"I am the Beta and soon to be Alpha of the snow mountain pack. I cannot have an Omega as my mate, Rowena. I Beta Charles Clinton, reject you, Rowena Stone, as my destined mate."Those hurtful words were the most painful Rowena heard in her life. It hurt so bad, she left her pack to live with her uncle in Canada, where she enrolled into medical school and graduated as a doctor. 8 years passed before she had the courage to visit her old pack to see her mother once again. There she also realized the reason why she was the best Doctor. A lot had changed and due to circumstances, a new Alpha had taken over the pack but it was not Charles. The moment Rowena's green eyes met those dark brown ones, she knew that her life would never be the same again. Mate? What if he found her unworthy? And what if Charles wants her back? Alpha Jaxon Clinton; he was just ruthless and cold so how different could he be? A Added.. Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha  

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Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha

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