Rejected by the Beta Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha Chapter 124

Rejected by the Beta Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha Chapter 124

Chapter 124
The warriors were afraid and instantly mind linked their Alpha since the beta was of a higher rank than them.
The pack hospital was close to where the party was being held so Alpha Kizito arrived immediately and seeing Adalyn, hist anger boiled as he commanded the warriors,
“Take her to the dungeon. I will deal with her when I return to the pack.”
Because it was an Alpha’s command, Philip could not directly refuse, quickly shoving Adalyn behind Levi.
Adalyn was scared but when Levi spoke, she immediately relaxed. She was lucky that he had let out his wolf out for a run, for which reason Caeser did not invade his mind, giving him clarity and authority.
Levi spoke calmly but his voice was deep and domineering, his aura cowered everybody around.
“She is my beta’s mate so she belongs to us now.”
Hearing Levi’s voice, the warriors stopped in their tracks since they knew the story about his wolf.
If his monster of a wolf took control of him, they might die before Levi would come to his senses.
Alpha Kizito approached Levi with a dark gaze, keeping his distance from him. His voice embedded with humility, since he was not ready to die.
“Alpha Levi, Adalyn is a ser vant in our pack. She sneaked out of the pack, which is her first offense and secondly, she shot a poisoned arrow at my mate.”
Adalyn paled, as Levi glared at her. She herself had no idea that the arrow was poisoned and slowly understood the reason. why Jean, Alpha Kizito’s nute, was near death when the arrow only pierced her arm.
“My mate is not healing and right now, she is in intensive care. There is no hope for her so please, Adalyn has to pay.” Alpha Kizito said seriously, blinking back his tears to not embarrass himself before his warriors.
Everyone waited in anticipation of what Levi would do but what he said, was unexpected to everyone present.
“If I heal your mate, will you release her from your wrath and punishment?”
Levi was calm about it because Adalyn’s offense indeed required great punishment. Banishment if Alpha Kizito was merciful but in the worst case, death was the only way.
“You can heal my mate?” Alpha Kizito was flabbergasted, and his expectation grew.
Jaxon never allowed Levi to use his powers in public for fear of him becoming a target so most people never knew that side of him.
They only knew of his mother, who was the famous gifted doctor with special healing powers.
“You have not answered my question,” Levi said sternly but the she-wolves were still drooling over his breath-taking
Alpha Kizito took his chances and said politely.
“You already said that she was your beta’s mate so I have nothing else to do with her if my mate is fine.”
Levi was comfortable with that. If he had said otherwise, then Levi would have known what to do but as for now, the terms were great.
“Bring your mate, Levi instructed, not wanting to enter the hospital and begin healing everybody since his heart of compassion was still active around those who needed it.
Alpha Kizito frowned a little and said,
is in intefisive care. She would die if the tubes are removed.”
“She is in
“Do you want her healed or not? I don’t like hospitals so bring her,” Levi’s voice raised a little, Alpha Kizito shivered, wondering what kind of training the old Alpha Jaxon put his son through to make him like this.
Even his voice was enough to make cause mountains to shake. Their interaction attracted the people dancing and drinking. most of them were gathered around, as Alpha Kizito carried las mate in his arms with a doctor following closely from behind.
The doctor was concerned as to why the Alpha came for his mate when she had not recovered and was still unconscious but stopped in his tracks the moment, he saw Lavi.
He recognized Levi because they had taken serious medical cases to the Snow Mountain Pack before, where Levi’s mother healed all those casualties.
“Drop her on the floor,” Levi instructed, Alpha Kizito was reluctant since this was his mate. How could he drop her on the floor like that!
“What?” He was not ready to obey and Levi was getting annoyed since Caesar already let out a low growl so Philip’took over.
“My Alpha has lost his patience. Please do as he says.”
Alpha Kizito informed one of the warriors to remove the linen on the hospital bed, which he brought and spread on the floor before he laid his mate gently on it
Levi hunkered before the she-wolf, who looked so pale, he knew there was no life in her. He was sure that their reason for coming here was not because of him but rather Philip.
If not, this she-wolf would not have made it and Philip’s mate would have been killed. Levi touched her hand, which was extremely cold.
“Perform CPK.” he instructed the doctor, who followed Alpha Kizito. As the doctor got to business, Levi realized that the mouth-to-mouth part was not done.
“What are you waiting for? Mouth to mouth,” he instructed. Most people who heard that Alpha Levi only spoke few words were surprised to hear him speaking so much today and began to feel it was because of the golden voice he carried, that he refrained from speaking so much.
The doctor was about to start
“Don’t even dare.”
mouth to mouth when Alpha Kizito pushed him away,
As soon as Alpha Kizino’s lips touched that of his mate, Levi’s eye color changed into a deeper shade of blue, as his pupil looked as if it was spinning.
Onlookers were shocked but most of them were rather afraid, as blue rays emined from it, hirring Kizito’s mouth to that of his mate, as his mate coughed three times, spitting out something black.
Jean, you are awake.” Alpha Kizito said excitedly and helped her from the floor but Jean’s eyes were glued on Levi, as Levi instructed.
“Give her food and a lot of liquid The girl would have died if they had delayed for even live minutes and Levi couldn’t have been able to do anything about it.
Since it was a party, one of the waiters brough: Jean food, drinks, and water on a tray. She picked the water and drank it but did not rouch the food, as she kept looking at Levi dazedly, he said to Philip.
“We have to go.”
Philip nodded his head and Adalyn smiled when Philip held her wrist and was pulling her along. Alpha Theodore had been watching from and distance, wondering what makes Levi so different,
He was not only the strongest Alpha but also had a special healing gif.
“She has to be punished,” Jean said behind Adalyn, her voice taking dominance over the music and gaining everyone including Levi’s attention so Levi stopped and said,
“I already healed you”
“But where are you taking her?” Jean asked, as jealousy laced her tone. How could the se rvant girl be following someone like Alpha Levi to his pack?
“She is my mate, Philip retorted and Jean frowned, knowing that Philip was the beta of the Snow Mountain Pack
Unlike most beta’s Philip was different because of the level of trust Levi had in him. He even related to Levi on casual level, unlike most Alphas she knew including her mate.
The Snow Mountain Pack was her dream pack, for which reason she came for this party, even after finding out that Alpha Kizito was her mate.
She led him into the woods to reject him but could not do so before the arrow shot through her legs, rendering her
“Since when” She asked, both Levi and Philip were annoyed.
“How does it concern you? You have your mate. Alpha Theodore, we are taking our leave now, Philip said in anoyance, as Alpha Theodore smiled and said,
“Tim glad you found your mate. Congratulations!”
“Thank you, Philip responded, following Levi to the car with his fingers firmly wrapped around Adalyn’s wrist.
Jean could will not understand what was going on and run after thein, Alpha Kizito followed and called befund her,
“Jean, what is wrong with you?”
Jean was suddenly uneasy and could not state the reason. She has been unconscious for a while, not knowing whether Alpha Le already found his mate.
Shaking her head, she responded, “nothing”
Chapter 124
However, Adalyn could not let her off the h ook due to how she treated her in the pack, smiled and said,
“She came because of Alpha Levi. She was hoping to be his mate and not you, Alpha Kizito.”
Jean paled and Alpha Kizito froze.

Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha

Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 13/07/2023 Native Language: English
"Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha"  A Alpha romance novel or romantic novel generally refers to a type of genre fiction novel which places its primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and usually has an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. “Glorious Alpha” Gorgeous detail and compelling story! The author takes us along the heroine’s emotional journey filled with intrigue and mystery. Loved this page turner!!

Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha

"I am the Beta and soon to be Alpha of the snow mountain pack. I cannot have an Omega as my mate, Rowena. I Beta Charles Clinton, reject you, Rowena Stone, as my destined mate."Those hurtful words were the most painful Rowena heard in her life. It hurt so bad, she left her pack to live with her uncle in Canada, where she enrolled into medical school and graduated as a doctor. 8 years passed before she had the courage to visit her old pack to see her mother once again. There she also realized the reason why she was the best Doctor. A lot had changed and due to circumstances, a new Alpha had taken over the pack but it was not Charles. The moment Rowena's green eyes met those dark brown ones, she knew that her life would never be the same again. Mate? What if he found her unworthy? And what if Charles wants her back? Alpha Jaxon Clinton; he was just ruthless and cold so how different could he be? A Added.. Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha  

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Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha

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    The best order to read )Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha By Glorious Alpha impressive bibliography is listed above, although readers hoping to start somewhere else can do so without any problem. As long as you read each series in its set order, you should be fine!

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    There are twenty-two books in the series, as well as a few related novellas.

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    The Ice Planet Barbarians series is intended for mature audiences, as it deals with difficult subjects such as abduction, sx trafficking, murder, rape, and death.

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