Reborn Reawakened Rekindled Chapter 275

Reborn Reawakened Rekindled Chapter 275

Chapter 275

Kitty probably didn’t know about the recent drama between me and Neil. The minute she saw me, she rushed over with a big smile and grabbed my hand. Trene! When I found out you were the one my dad is meeting tonight, I came over here!”

“Take a seat Mr. Damel, you too, please smiled at Kitty and gave her father a nod

Since Kitty and I were pretty tight, the atmosphere between me and Daniel Wilson was pretty chill. As the waiter was serving food, Kitty suddenly whipped out her phone and announced, “I’m inviting Neil over!”

Daniel’s face fell. He obviously knew about the thing between me and Neil, and he wasnt too happy that his precious daughter was crushing on him.

Kitty was always one to march to her own beat, not really giving a damn what her family thought. She wouldn’t care much about her father’s disapproval.

“Irene, is that okay? I’ve been stuck with my dad recently and haven’t heard from Neil.” Kitty looked at me with hopeful eyes.

I took a sip of my coffee and said with a light smile, “Sure thing.”

Kitty dialed Neil’s number, and soon a deep but indifferent voice came through. “What’s up?”

Tm having dinner with Irene, wanna join us?” Kitty asked straight up

There was a brief silence on Neils end before he spoke again, “Cant. I’ve got a meeting tonight.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. It would’ve been super awkward if he showed up, especially with Kitty here.

“You’re such a buzzkill How about I find you after your meeting for some late-night snacks? Kitty offered again.

Neil rejected her straight away, “Can’t, I’m really busy”

And with that, he hung up

Kitty let out a deep sigh, and Daniel, with a dark look on his face, clearly wasn’t too thrilled about his daughter chasing a guy and getting rejected.

“Dad, what’s with that look?” Kitty sensed her dad’s displeasure and quickly made her stance clear, “You can’t stop me from going after Neil. And you can’t say he’s not good enough for me either

Daniel was clearly not happy and simply shifted his gaze towards me.

I had no idea how to respond to his look, so I just looked away.

Daniel came to Rosemont for two reasons. One was to check out a joint venture project, and the other was to attend Russel and Chloe’s engagement party.

I was surprised that the Dawson family and Evershine Enterprises were connected.


My phone pinged. I glanced at it and saw a message from Neil “When are you coming back from dinner?”

I decided to ignore it, switched my phone to silent, and continued my dinner and chat with Daniel and Kitty. The whole thing went pretty well.

After dinner, Daniel and Kitty said their goodbyes, and I had Bailey drive me back to Sterling Estates.

‘Ms. Finch, are you and Mr. Whitmore back together? Bailey asked as he drove.

“Huh?” I was taken aback by his question. After a moment of thought, I answered, “No.”

Bailey asked again, “Then why are you..?”

“You’re wondering why I chose to stay at Sterling Estates?” I laughed heartily, “There’s a reason. You’ll understand eventually”

it must’ve taken a lot of courage for Bailey to ask that question. After my brief explanation, he didn’t ask anything else.

Back at Sterling Estates, there was no sign of Neil. A servant came up and took my bag, whispering to me. “Mr. Whitmore is upstairs. He doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.”

1 see” I changed my shoes and grabbed a drink, not bothering to check Neil’s mood.

After I finished my drink, I instructed the servant, “I want some seafood porridge. Can you make some?”

The servant nodded and left. I turned to head upstairs for a bath, only to see Neil standing on the stairs, looking gloomy.

I was puzzled What

was with the look? Did I do something to upset him?

“You didn’t reply to my message and didn’t take my calls, is this how you communicate with me?” Neil’s eyes were cold, and he gave off a gloomy vibe.

I was having-dinner with Mr. Daniel, You knew that, didn’t you?” I headed upstairs, answering him calmly

As I walked closer, Neil’s gaze followed me. When I was about to pass him, he reached out and stopped me, ‘Russel sent you an invitation, didn’t he?”

He really did know everything

“Yeah, he’s getting engaged to Chloe. He invited me to the party lon’t this proof that he’s over us?” I thought my logic was pretty clear.

He let out a cold chuckle, “Or did he just want an excuse to see you? Normally, he wouldn’t invite you.”

He warned me, “If you dare attend hus engagement party, you’ll regret il”

“Ned, I may have been the one to propose this deal, but you can’t confine me, can you?” I looked at Neil

“Unth Russel and Chloe are married, you can’t see him. There’s no room for negotiation” Neil was adamant.

I thought this was ridiculous and flatly refused his demand, “1 only agreed to get back together and have a baby with you. I never said I’d give myself

Chapter 275

completely to you!”

I walked upstairs after finishing what I had to say, with Neil right behind me. The moment I entered the bedroom, he shut the door.

“When you proposed this deal to me, you should have been prepared to go along with me? Neil grabbed my hand tightly, “Not playing along while thinking about other men!”

I had no idea what he was talking about. Was I thinking about other men?

Right now, I only had two wishes. One was to find out who killed Oscar, and the other was to clear my father’s name.

Neil pulled out his phone and showed me a photo. It was the one I took of the ring and sent to Russel.

Russel had forwarded the photo to Neil with a message attached. “I could’ve married her. But you’re not worthy of her at all.”

I was totally blown away. I didn’t know Russel shot out such a direct, provocative message, but what Neil showed me next? Man! I didn’t see that coming. “Thud!”

A box hit the ground, and a diamond ring rolled out of it. It was the one Russel gave me, which I had kept as a memento and tucked away in my bedroom


“How did you get this?” I was a bit taken aback and bent down to pick up the diamond ring

Neil stomped on the ring before I could reach it. He was looking down at me; his eyes were filled with rage, and his whole aura became dangerous and icy.

Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled

Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 21/08/2023 Native Language: English
Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled" is one of the most famous romance authors in the world. She has written Romance novel, including paranormal and romantic suspense series like “Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled” Identity of Romance”.” He has won numerous awards, including the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award.

Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled

In a previous life, I was merely a supporting character, highlighting Neil's deep love for another woman. Tragically, my story unfolded with devastating consequences, leaving my family in ruins and my life shattered. Upon my rebirth, I chose to adopt a carefree attitude, ignoring the situation and waiting for Neil to ask for a divorce. But something peculiar happened. The man who used to disappear for weeks suddenly started showing up every few days. "Do you think there will come a time when you'll want me to disappear?" I queried. "Do not indulge in fantasies." he retorted, "We'll continue to torment each other until the end." I sighed, as a reincarnated soul, confident that his destined soulmate would soon cross his path. Finally, he encountered her, and I believed freedom was within my grasp. Yet, he quietly... Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled  

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  • Title: Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled
  • Author: Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled
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  • Language: English
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