Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo ) Chapter 1210

Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo ) Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210

Belinda mulled it over for a sec, then with a nod, she said, “Alright. Thanks, Ellinor.”

She still had her Crescent Society staff ID, so she could stroll right into the company without a problem. You see, she never formally quit or anything like that. She just decided to stop showing up.

The reason she didn’t hang around the company building waiting for her boyfriend, Jacob, was


because she didn’t want to bump into Chase upstairs and create an awkward

But now that she had run into Ellinor, who had been MIA for half a year, she decided to throw caution to the wind.

So Belinda hopped onto the elevator with Ellinor.

Belinda had all eyes on Ellinor, totally oblivious to the fact that she was standing right next to Chase in the elevator. It wasn’t until she caught a whiff of his signature cologne that she realized she was standing way too close to him.

But if she moved now, it would look way too obvious.

Besides, they wouldn’t be in the elevator for long.

“Ellinor, where have you been these past six months?” Belinda asked as curiosity got the better of her.

Ellinor played it cool and didn’t answer.

Belinda was puzzled. “Why? Are you really not with my uncle anymore?”

Ellinor responded. “Your uncle and I were just business partners. Now that the partnership’s over, we’ve got no ties.”

Belinda didn’t quite get it. “But you’re pregnant now. The baby is definitely my uncle’s…”

The elevator doors opened, and without waiting for Belinda to finish or answering her question, Ellinor made a beeline out of there.

Ida followed right behind her.

Belinda frowned, her mind spinning.


Why was Ellinor acting so strange? She had vanished for half a year without a trace, and now she was back but acting all weird.

“If you don’t get it, don’t overthink it, and don’t meddle in your uncle’s love life.”

Belinda heard Chase’s voice behind her, which was way too close for comfort.

Her heart started racing, and she bolted out of the elevator, ignoring Chase.

Chase stood there, hands in his pockets, looking cool as a cucumber.




The girl had brushed him off, but he just shrugged it off, chuckled, and stepped out of the elevator.







When he stepped out, he saw Belinda chatting away with a male coworker.

Her pretty little face was all lit up with laughter, which was kinda hard to take.



Jacob noticed Chase staring at him and stood up, feeling a bit rattled. “Mr. Larios, can I help you with anything? ”



Chase strolled over with a smile on his face. “If there was something I needed you for, I’d have your manager let you know.”

Jacob fell silent.

Belinda listened to Chase’s banter with her boyfriend, rolling her eyes in annoyance as if to say she were standing up for her man.

Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )

Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )

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Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )

The Kiss that Sparked it All (Ellinor and Theo) – Ellinor was desperate to escape her trashy blind date, so she impulsively kissed a handsome stranger. To her surprise, the man proposed to her on the spot! Ellinor scoffed, “You want to marry me after just one kiss? What if I kissed you again?” The man, Theo, smirked and challenged her, “Try it and see what happens.” Ellinor seized the opportunity and demanded that he close his eyes. But instead of kissing him, she ran away. Little did she know that Theo was not easily deterred. Soon, he found her and began to shower her with affection day and night. Ellinor tried to flee from his grasp, but he chased her relentlessly. It seemed that she couldn’t escape from his love, no matter how hard she tried.  

Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )

Read Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )

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