Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo ) Chapter 1208

Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo ) Chapter 1208

Chapter 1208

Ida looked at him sternly. “This is grown-up stuff. Butt out! I’m going for a shower. I’ll drop you off at home after that. If we’re late, your brother might get mad and whack you!” Byran immediately sprang up in protest. “How could you say that about me, Ida? You just involved me in grown-up stuff, and now I’m suddenly a kid again?”

Ida was a tad annoyed by his question. She glared at him coldly. “If you keep this up, I’m not hanging out with you tomorrow.”

After hearing this threat, Byran quickly softened his tone. “Tell me, who are you picking up tomorrow? A guy or a girl? I know you have to mingle with guys because of work, but I hate it when you meet other men! If you’re going. I’m going too!”

Ida answered him helplessly. “It’s a girl! I’m picking up Ellinor tomorrow, not someone else.”

After hearing this, Byran immediately perked up. “Ellinor? You finally found her?”


“Then I want to go too! I want to meet Ellinor with you guys; I haven’t seen her in ages!”

Ida gently played with Byran’s chin. “How are you going? Don’t you have school tomorrow?”

“I can take a leave!”

Ida laughed. “Think it through then. If your brother finds out you’re skipping school, it might be harder for you to meet me next time.”

Byran seemed to take this seriously, and he thought for a moment. “It should be fine! If I tell my brother I’m going to see Ellinor, he’ll definitely agree. He’s been looking for her


Ida’s expression turned serious. “No, you can’t tell your brother about this for now.”

“Why? My brother has been looking for her. He’d be thrilled if we found her.”

“Unless Ellinor gives her consent, you can’t reveal this. Otherwise, you’re betraying me.”

“Alright, I won’t tell my brother! I won’t betray you!”

“Get up: I’m going to shower.”

Byran continued to pester her like a child. “Ida, aren’t you tired?”

Ida immediately became alert. “Are you serious? Cut the crap; I need to get up early tomorrow!”

Byran, like a sulking puppy, clung to Ida and whined. “Alright, I won’t mess around today. There’s always next time.”

Ida gave him a wry smile. “You youngsters sure have energy! Let go; I need to shower.”

Only then did Byran obediently let go.

The next morning, Chase and Ida arrived at Bartlett’s detached house in the suburbs.

Ellinor hadn’t slept much and had her bags packed. She was just waiting in the living room.

After seeing strangers, the house staff became wary. They prepared to call Bartlett and report the situation.

However, before they could dial, Bartlett walked in.

He looked somewhat surprised at Chase and Ida, who were helping Ellinor with her luggage, and at Ellinor, who was ready to leave. “Ellinor, are you leaving? Where to?”

Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )

Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )

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Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )

The Kiss that Sparked it All (Ellinor and Theo) – Ellinor was desperate to escape her trashy blind date, so she impulsively kissed a handsome stranger. To her surprise, the man proposed to her on the spot! Ellinor scoffed, “You want to marry me after just one kiss? What if I kissed you again?” The man, Theo, smirked and challenged her, “Try it and see what happens.” Ellinor seized the opportunity and demanded that he close his eyes. But instead of kissing him, she ran away. Little did she know that Theo was not easily deterred. Soon, he found her and began to shower her with affection day and night. Ellinor tried to flee from his grasp, but he chased her relentlessly. It seemed that she couldn’t escape from his love, no matter how hard she tried.  

Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )

Read Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )

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About the Novel

  • Title: Read The Kiss That Sparked it All ( Ellinor and Theo )
  • Author: ( Ellinor and Theo )
  • Publisher: Noveltk
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English

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