Marrying The Undercover Magnate (Calliope Novel) Chapter 56

Marrying The Undercover Magnate (Calliope Novel) Chapter 56

Chapter 56 She Would Most Likely Be Blamed Again


Yulia’s hands and feet instantly turned cold, and she panickily withdrew her hand before asking. “What? How could I be pregnant?”

What’s going on? She never knew that her friend had medical skills.

“How long has it been?” Alison saw that she was lying and probed even further. Since she wasn’t sure if Yulia was truly pregnant after feeling her pulse, Alison decided to trick her into confessing.

Seeing Alison’s expression, Yulia knew she couldn’t hide it anymore. “It’s been over two months,” she answered while looking down.

“If that’s the case, why are you still having…” Alison felt that Yulia’s husband was unreliable. “You can’t have sex during the first three months of pregnancy.”

“We didn’t have sex.” Yulia was a little embarra**ed as her ears turned red. “I agitated him and chased him away before he could enter my room.”

Alison felt that something was amiss. Even if it was a marriage of convenience and the man loved another woman, he shouldn’t take Yulia and her unborn child lightly. If Yulia had to chase him away by agitating him, how did this person usually treat her?

just remembered that my manager wants me to finish my meal and go back early.” Yulia knew that if she stayed any longer, she would reveal even more. She didn’t want Alison to worry too much about her since that person wasn’t someone Alison could afford to provoke. He was from an affluent family. Even if Alison. had 210 million, she wouldn’t be able to handle him. Yulia didn’t want Alison to get involved in this abyss, nor did she want Alison’s life to be disrupted.

“Yulia!” Alison called out to her.

Yulia pretended to be oblivious while picking up the bag beside her quickly. Then, she put on her hat and sungla**es before saying, “I’m leaving now. Let me know when you’ve settled down in another city. I’ll go and visit you when I’m free. Goodbye!” She left swiftly, not giving Alison a chance to ask her anything.

Alison stayed in the private room for a while, still worried about her. She then took out her phone and sent Yulia a message that read, ‘Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything, alright?’

She could’ve easily found out who Yulia’s husband was, but since Yulia didn’t want her to know or interfere, she decided not to look into it. After all, everyone had their secrets, so she did not want to breach Yulia’s privacy.

When Yulia read the woman’s message in the car, her eyes lit up with happiness. She was glad to have a friend like Alison.

Alison soon left the private room, unaware that something big had happened online. The words ‘Julia the Mistress’ was trending online.

Even though it was an unfamiliar name, many people clicked on it out of curiosity, eager to find out who this person was. The trending topic showed a few blurry pictures of two figures, but even though they were blurry, one could tell that both of them had excellent demeanors. People who knew them recognized the man as Brayden at first glance. The caption read, ‘Model Julia Shaw has a secret meeting with a married tycoon.”

“Who is Julia? Why haven’t I heard of her before?’

She Would Most Likely Be Blamed Again

‘What kind of ridiculous gossip is this?”

‘How does gossip like this even make it to the hot search list?


“They posted a picture and made up the rest of the story. Can’t these marketing accounts stop tarnishing this girl’s reputation?”

‘Did this model offend someone? Is that why her scandal is going viral?’

Julia has been in the industry for six years. Although she’s always been mediocre, she’s never offended anyone. I don’t know who’s vicious enough to smear her.

‘Does anyone else think the man in the picture looks rather familiar?”

‘I agree.’

‘I have a feeling the man pictured here is the CEO of Cornell Corporation. Can I even say this?”

‘You’re right! He’s Brayden Cornell, the CEO of Cornell Corporation. I look at his pictures every day before I go to sleep, so I can still recognize him even if they blur his face out!’

‘Is Mr. Cornell married?’

I’m not quite sure. It seems to be the case, but he doesn’t look like he’s married, though.”

‘I’ve figured it out! Someone in their circle must’ve seen this model getting too close to Mr. Cornell and was afraid she would be famous after that, so they set her up before it could happen.

‘As always, false news spreads faster than truth.”

The comment section was bustling. With all the information available online, netizens no longer blindly, believed whatever the marketing accounts claimed. They wouldn’t mindlessly attack someone without evidence and solid proof. Little did they know that this matter was true: Julia had meddled with Brayden and Alison’s relationship, and Brayden did ask for a divorce because of her.

Meanwhile, Alison arrived home and was about unlock her door with her fingerprint when she noticed the door had been opened before. She became wary at once and prepared herself to fight the intruder. after entering the house. When the electronic lock rang, Alison opened the door.

Contrary to her expectations, the living room was spotless as sunshine poured in. She took a few steps and saw Brayden sitting on the couch with a gloomy face while Conner looked somewhat distressed.

“What are you doing in my house?” she asked coldly.

Upon seeing her, Conner quickly stood up and tidied up himself. That moment, he looked different from usual, for his signature smile was absent from his face. “Miss Lambert,” he greeted her with mixed feelings.

Alison placed what she was holding onto the cabinet and walked over moodily while staring at Brayden. Evidently, she was expecting an explanation from him.

“Where did you go today?” Brayden’s grave expression gave off a heavy sense of oppression.

“That’s none of your business,” Alison replied before sitting on the single couch.

For once, Brayden didn’t get angry and continued to ask, “Who did you meet up with?”

She Would Most Likely Be Blamed Again.

“Before that, shouldn’t you explain how you got into my house?” Alison asked directly.


She didn’t mention that trespa**ing into someone’s residence was illegal, for she knew that as long as she and Brayden were still married, he had the right to enter her residence. Hearing that, Brayden didn’t say anything.

However, Conner answered on his behalf. “Boss called a locksmith company, and after proving that you guys were married, the locksmith company helped to unlock the door.” In truth, no locksmith companies were involved, for Brayden had opened the door himself!

Conner had no idea how Brayden knew the pa**word to Alison’s apartment. Even so, Alison knew that Conner was lying. If a locksmith company had opened the lock, there would’ve been traces of it, but there weren’t any when she checked.

She only registered her fingerprints and hadn’t told anyone the pa**word. Although she had given the pa**word to a housekeeping company before, that pa**word was temporary and would expire after a certain period.

“I’ve warned you. If you dare to cause any more trouble, I won’t go easy on you,” Brayden said coldly and glowered at her. “It seems like you didn’t take my warning seriously.”

Hearing that made Alison speechless, and she didn’t know what he was referring to.

“After this, record a video and post it online to clear Julia’s name. Make sure to clarify that it was all due to your jealousy,” Brayden uttered while feeling that she was too good at pretending. “If you don’t post it, I will make sure you understand the consequences.”

Alison didn’t understand a single word, but since he mentioned Julia, it was highly likely that she was being blamed for something again.

Marrying The Undercover Magnate (Calliope Novel)

Marrying The Undercover Magnate (Calliope Novel)

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , , Released: 2023 Native Language: English
The “Marrying The Undercover Magnate (Calliope Novel)” Today, author Noveltk (author of Unprecedented Times) reviews a captivating romantic period drama. Marrying The Undercover Magnate is one of the most famous romance authors in the world. She has written Billionaire novel, including paranormal and romantic suspense series like “Alison’s Identity of Romance”.” She has won numerous awards, including the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award.

Book Synopsis:

Read Marrying The Undercover Magnate - Calliope married a hooligan in her sister's place, and their life was poor and miserable. However, she never expected her husband would turn into a powerful and mysterious tycoon overnight. Calliope couldn't bring herself to believe the incredible turn of events. She hurried back to their small rented room and threw herself into her husband's arms. "They said you're Mr. Howlett. Is that true?" He stroked her hair. "That man just happens to share my appearance." She uttered aggrievedly, "That person was so mean, insisting I was his wife. Go and beat him up, Hubby!" The next day, Dominic showed up in front of everyone with a bruised face and a nonchalant smile. "Mr. Silv, what happened?" Dominic smirked. "My darling told me to beat myself up, so I had to be ruthless.

Novel Marrying The Undercover Magnate

Chapter 1 Wedding Night

“It's getting late. Let's go to bed.” The man's deep voice pulled Calliope Gingrich out of her reverie. She raised her eyes to meet his dark gaze, which seemed to be overflowing with a multitude of feelings that she could not comprehend. Calliope gripped the hem of her dress as her heart started to race in anticipation. After entering the room, she carefully lowered herself onto the edge of the bed and stayed there, her body rigid. As time ticked by, she made no movement to take off her wedding dress, instead choosing to keep it on. It wasn't until the man stepped out of the shower that it finally dawned on her that they would be spending their wedding night together. Calliope was at a loss when it came to interacting with her new husband. After all, she had been thrust into the role of his wife, taking the place of someone else. As the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy family, she had to marry a poor man in place of her sister, Penelope Gingrich, in order to fulfill the marriage arrangement that had been made by the previous generation. In exchange for her acquiescence, she was promised a considerable sum as her dowry. With the money, she could cover both her mother's medical expenses and her younger brother's school fees. This was the only feasible way for their family to make ends meet. Calliope took a deep breath and made her way to the bathroom timidly. “I-I'll go take a shower.” The man's gaze turned dark at her words.

Review by Marrying The Undercover Magnate:

4.5 out of 5

This story gets a 4.5 out of 5.
This book was fantastic! I really enjoy fantasy stories… greek mythology, Billionaire, Romance vampires, I love it all… and this book had it all and then some.  Anything fantasy or mythological, was in this book.  I really enjoyed how Cornell was able to bring them all together in a way that was seamless and natural (or at least as natural as made-up things can be).  What I mean is that when I learned these mythological characters were all in it I thought it was a recipe for disaster, but actually it works brilliantly. The storyline was incredibly interesting and well thought out.  I imagine this story required an awful lot of planning and research.  As I was reading it I thought to myself that this must have taken some time to put together.  When a lot of planning and research is involved there are usually plot-holes (contradictions/missing information), but not in this case, I saw no errors in the complex plot.
The characters were fantastic.  They were relatable and the overall story itself was an incredibly interesting read.  The ONLY reason I am not giving this story a full 5 out of 5 is because of the ‘ease of reading’ factor.  I am an avid reader, I love reading, but even I found this story a little difficult to keep up with. It required my full attention and if I left it more than a day between reading chapters, I was lost. I had to go back in the book and re-read parts just to ‘get my bearings’.  This coupled with the volume of characters made the story a little difficult to read, BUT it was well worth reading. If you are a Billionaire, lover, you HAVE TO read this book! I guarantee, you will love it. Perfect for adults (16+ due to the content) who enjoy:
  • Billionaire
  • Mythology: Greek mythology and mythological characters (Billionaire, Love, Romance, vampires)
  • Learning from reading
  • Getting lost in a complex storyline.

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Marrying The Undercover Magnate
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Genres: : 3 Billionaire, Hot Romance, Romantic, Marriage, and Billionaire, Hot Romance
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 Marrying The Undercover Magnate Chapter 1

My ratings:

  • Easy to read: 3 out of 5
  • Characters: 5 out of 5
  • Story idea: 5 out of 5
  • Length: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5 out of 5

About the Author:

After two years of marriage, Noveltk abruptly filed for divorce, claiming that his true love had returned. Throughout their marriage, he had been willing to comply with any conditions set by his legal wife. No matter what Alison Lambert did, she realized that she couldn’t stop him and that if she wanted to find happiness, she had to let him go. Join Brayden and Alison as they embark on a journey of navigating divorce, perseverance, and a**umed identities, all while confronting the trut6h.


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