Married in Nmae only : Shall We Part Ways Today? By Brianna Chapter 119

Married in Nmae only : Shall We Part Ways Today? By Brianna Chapter 119

Chapter 119 

Mira lifted her eyelids, glanced at him, Can’t bear to part with it, can you? Then I won’t take it, it’s yours.” 

No need for that.Hugh’s mouth curved into a smile, This thing is quite tricky. You take it, you deal with it tomorrow, I’m going to eat.” 

Mira burst into laughter, I really thank you, I’ve never seen a man as shameless as you. Have you no shame left?” 

Didn’t I learn from you?Hugh wasn’t angry either, he raised his eyebrows lightly, Maybe I’ve been with you for too long and caught your bad habits.” 

Mira no longer wanted to continue the conversation with such a shameless person

Because as someone who had been there, she knew very well that once a person threw their face on the ground, no one could outtalk them


The luxury car was driving through the city streets at night

When the hands of the clock reached nine, the car stopped under the apartment building

Mira bent down to unbuckle the seat belt, but for some reason, perhaps the car was too advanced, she fiddled with it for a long time and still couldn’t get it undone

A wave of embarrassment washed over her, she felt a bit annoyed. She pulled hard, only to find that the safety belt buckle on the window had been yanked out

Mira was stunned

Oh no, she didn’t break the car, did she

I heard that the repair for even a slight paint scratch on these cars, which cost millions each, starts at tens of thousands

Had she known, she would rather have died than sit in the passenger seat

ThatI’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break it,Mira became nervous, I really didn’t know it was so fragile.” 

Hugh stared at her intently for a second, couldn’t help but chuckle softly, Silly, this thing pops out on its own.” 

Mira felt like smashing the glass on the spot

If I had stayed any longer, I reckon I could have dug a hole right there with my toes

Ironically, this damn seat belt still couldn’t be unbuckled

Hugh bent over, in the confined air, his slender fingers grabbed her hand, placed it on a button, and with a gentle press, it turned on, Dummy, it’s here, remember it next time.” 

After speaking, he looked up at her

The two were extremely close to each other. As the seat belt was unbuckled, the car’s overhead light also turned on

A faint sweet scent wafted from her, the girl’s cheeks under the light 

140 (Vouchers 

blushed a captivating rosy hue. Paired with her slightly swollen lips from his previous kiss, and her small hands that were slightly smooth between his fingers, Hugh was momentarily lost in thought

Mira didn’t feel much better either

Hugh’s handsome face was too close to hers, his breath brushing against her face

She pulled her hand away, reached for the doorknob, intending to escape through the door, but ended up unable to open it after trying for quite a while

Unlocked.Hugh looked at her as if it was a joke

Mira, blushing with anger, pushed him away forcefully, I’m never getting in your car again.” 

Hey, it’s clearly because you’re inexperienced, yet you blame my car,Hugh said, unlocking his car

Mira pushed the door open and took off, Hugh called out to her from the car, Don’t you want your lobster anymore?” 

Mira, who had walked a few meters away, stopped and gritted her teeth, reluctantly returning to open the back car door. She wanted to pick up the lobster and steak from the back seat, but they were surprisingly heavy

Hugh got out of the car, rolled up his sleeves and helped her pick up the plastic box on top. There’s a lot of ice inside, it’s normal for a girl like you to not be able to lift it. I’ll help you carry it up.” 

Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna

Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna

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Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna", a UK author, is someone who writes books and stories in a simple and understandable way. They use their creativity and words to entertain, inform, or inspire readers. Brianna writings may cover various topics and genres, making them accessible to a wide range of readers in the United Kingdom and beyond. Read More When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash

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After a tragic car accident, Hugh Leopold, a prominent business tycoon, was left in a critical condition with no hope of recovery according to doctors. In a desperate attempt to bring some semblance of hope, Mira Boyle agreed to marry him on behalf of her sister, as the Leopold family believed it could possibly turn things around. Mira had calculated that once Hugh pa**ed away, she would be free to live a joyful life as a widow. However, much to her surprise, Hugh miraculously woke up on Added to bookshelf.. Read More Interesting story../ Read More His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna


People Also Question And Main Character

Question 1: Why did Mira Boyle agree to marry Hugh Leopold on behalf of her sister? Answer 1: Mira Boyle agreed to marry Hugh Leopold on behalf of her sister in a desperate attempt to bring hope to Hugh’s critical condition after a car accident. The Leopold family believed that the marriage might improve Hugh’s chances of recovery. Question 2: What did Mira Boyle expect to happen after Hugh’s pa**ing?
Answer 2: Mira Boyle expected that after Hugh’s pa**ing, she would be free to live a joyful life as a widow. She likely anticipated inheriting his wealth and living comfortably. Question 3: What was the setting for the event where Mira was holding a wedding with a chicken? Answer 3: The event where Mira was holding a wedding with a chicken took place at the Leopold’s villa. The villa was adorned with lights and decorations for the occasion. Question 4: Why did they include a chicken in the wedding ceremony? Answer 4: They included a chicken in the wedding ceremony because the groom, Hugh, had been in a car accident, and doctors had declared there was nothing more they could do for him. Hugh’s family, particularly his mother Taryn Grantham, was unwilling to give up hope and organized the unusual wedding ceremony as a symbol of hope and perhaps a miracle. Question 5: Who was Adrien Esther, and why was he invited to the event? Answer 5: Adrien Esther was described as a prestigious man in Harbor City. He was invited to the event, presumably, because he might have some expertise, influence, or resources that could potentially help Hugh Leopold’s condition or provide support to the family. Question 6: Why were there few guests at the event? Answer 6: There were few guests at the event because it was a rather unconventional and private ceremony, likely organized with the primary intention of boosting Hugh’s spirits and the family’s hope for his recovery. Immediate family members of the Leopold family were present, but it wasn’t a large gathering.
Question 7: What happened to Hugh Leopold after the wedding with the chicken? Answer 7: The text doesn’t provide information about what happened to Hugh Leopold immediately after the wedding with the chicken. It leaves the story open-ended, so it’s unclear whether there was any impact on his condition or how the situation developed further.


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