Married in Nmae only : Shall We Part Ways Today? By Brianna Chapter 120

Married in Nmae only : Shall We Part Ways Today? By Brianna Chapter 120

Chapter 120 

Mira thought to herself, perhaps she should just not take these two large lobsters. However, the words went through her throat once, but in the end, she still couldn’t bear to do it

Hugh walked quickly with two foam boxes in his arms, Mira followed him into the elevator and pressed the floor button

As the elevator ascended, Hugh cautioned, This lobster is quite large. Be careful when you’re preparing it, don’t let the claws pinch your hand.” 

Mira thought of the few large lobsters she had eaten that night and 


In fact, she had never cooked such a large lobster before and planned to look up the method on her phone that night

Also, the Wagyu steak that the butler gave you is more suitable for grilling and panfrying.” 

Mira paused, it seemed like there wasn’t a grill at home, it looked like she would have to buy one

After arriving at the apartment, Mira unlocked it with her fingerprint

Hugh placed the items on the shoe cabinet by the door, casting a glance inside

This was an apartment under his own name, but he had so many properties that it was impossible for him to manage them all. Lucas had handed them over to a team below. He had only seen the interior design renderings

Now, this apartment could hardly resemble the rendering, probably because Mira had heavily decorated it

Cushions were spread on the sofa, many books were placed on the coffee table, and potted plants were also placed on the balcony. At the entrance, a pot of plastic flowers was placed in the foyer. There were too many small things inside, Hugh couldn’t take it all in

What surprised him the most was the kitchen at the entrance, where there were pots and pans, a soy milk machine, and a juicer. All these items looked fairly new at first glance, but they all seemed to have been used

Hugh was stunned, Have you been cooking at home every day recently?” 

Otherwise?Mira was baffled

Nowadays, young girls don’t really like to cook for themselves. When they’re hungry, they usually just order takeout,Hugh thought of Luna, who was about the same age as Mira. She had never touched a pot or pan in her life, and it was already quite good that she knew how to light a stove

Not to mention Luna, it was the same with Jacey

Eating takeout occasionally is fine, but it’s not hygienic if you eat it too often,Mira said, pouring him a cup of warm water from the water dispenser, Thank you, come over and eat what I cook tomorrow.” 

Hugh grunted in acknowledgment, picking up his water and turning to leave. He glanced at Mira, her bare face illuminated under the warm light of the room. Behind her was a tastefully decorated yet not overly luxurious, spacious apartment

But inexplicably, Hugh saw a hint of fireworks in this girl in her early 


On the way back, he was wondering what kind of person Mira really 


Thinking of Mira, who could cook for herself, and then thinking of his niece who wouldn’t even pick up a fallen soy sauce bottle at home, Hugh made a call to Lucas: Buy a car worth around 100,000 for Luna overnight, she is not allowed to use the luxury cars at home until she finishes college.” 


He didn’t even dare to imagine whether Luna would kill him if he sent the car over


The next day

It was the official opening day of Svallion University

There were also courses in the first half of senior year, just not as many as before. By the second semester, it was time to go out for internships

Mira bought a handheld pancake at the school gate, eating while sending a Line message to Paige: Sis, come over for dinner tonight. I’ve got two Ausland lobsters from the Leopold family. Do you have time to come over?” 

Paige: Then I’ll come over later.” 

Mira: My brotherinlaw won’t say anything, right? You can also bring him along.” 

Paige: No need, he hasn’t really talked to me these past few days, and he had dinner with his daughter in the school cafeteria.” 

Mira was speechless and felt heartache for her sister for a while

Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna

Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna

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Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna", a UK author, is someone who writes books and stories in a simple and understandable way. They use their creativity and words to entertain, inform, or inspire readers. Brianna writings may cover various topics and genres, making them accessible to a wide range of readers in the United Kingdom and beyond. Read More When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash

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After a tragic car accident, Hugh Leopold, a prominent business tycoon, was left in a critical condition with no hope of recovery according to doctors. In a desperate attempt to bring some semblance of hope, Mira Boyle agreed to marry him on behalf of her sister, as the Leopold family believed it could possibly turn things around. Mira had calculated that once Hugh pa**ed away, she would be free to live a joyful life as a widow. However, much to her surprise, Hugh miraculously woke up on Added to bookshelf.. Read More Interesting story../ Read More His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna


People Also Question And Main Character

Question 1: Why did Mira Boyle agree to marry Hugh Leopold on behalf of her sister? Answer 1: Mira Boyle agreed to marry Hugh Leopold on behalf of her sister in a desperate attempt to bring hope to Hugh’s critical condition after a car accident. The Leopold family believed that the marriage might improve Hugh’s chances of recovery. Question 2: What did Mira Boyle expect to happen after Hugh’s pa**ing?
Answer 2: Mira Boyle expected that after Hugh’s pa**ing, she would be free to live a joyful life as a widow. She likely anticipated inheriting his wealth and living comfortably. Question 3: What was the setting for the event where Mira was holding a wedding with a chicken? Answer 3: The event where Mira was holding a wedding with a chicken took place at the Leopold’s villa. The villa was adorned with lights and decorations for the occasion. Question 4: Why did they include a chicken in the wedding ceremony? Answer 4: They included a chicken in the wedding ceremony because the groom, Hugh, had been in a car accident, and doctors had declared there was nothing more they could do for him. Hugh’s family, particularly his mother Taryn Grantham, was unwilling to give up hope and organized the unusual wedding ceremony as a symbol of hope and perhaps a miracle. Question 5: Who was Adrien Esther, and why was he invited to the event? Answer 5: Adrien Esther was described as a prestigious man in Harbor City. He was invited to the event, presumably, because he might have some expertise, influence, or resources that could potentially help Hugh Leopold’s condition or provide support to the family. Question 6: Why were there few guests at the event? Answer 6: There were few guests at the event because it was a rather unconventional and private ceremony, likely organized with the primary intention of boosting Hugh’s spirits and the family’s hope for his recovery. Immediate family members of the Leopold family were present, but it wasn’t a large gathering.
Question 7: What happened to Hugh Leopold after the wedding with the chicken? Answer 7: The text doesn’t provide information about what happened to Hugh Leopold immediately after the wedding with the chicken. It leaves the story open-ended, so it’s unclear whether there was any impact on his condition or how the situation developed further.


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