Married in Nmae only : Shall We Part Ways Today? By Brianna Chapter 118

Married in Nmae only : Shall We Part Ways Today? By Brianna Chapter 118

Chapter 118 

Didn’t expect you to have such a good memory.Hugh’s handsome face inched closer, his familiar yet crisp masculine scent approaching, However, don’t you know that there are some things that men don’t casually mention?” 

His hand gently pinched her chin

This ambiguous action made Mira’s eyes widen, her whole body tensing up, Whywhy?” 

Becausewould awaken a man’s needs.” 

As soon as the words fell, Hugh precisely kissed her full, crystalclear lips

Initially, half of him harbored a desire to retaliate against her for her nonsensical talk tonight, while the other half was genuinely stirred by her, provoking his innermost thoughts

He was a normal man, but for some unknown reason, his inner fire had suddenly flared up recently

Regardless of whether they would divorce in the future, she was his wife at the moment, and his kisses were merely him exercising his rightful husbandly privileges

Mira pushed him a bit flustered

Hugh forcefully grabbed her arm and pushed it onto the back seat, a smile in his eyes, which were filled with darkness. My dear wife, you are still too young. Tonight, your husband will teach you a lesson, letting you know what kind of consequences you need to bear after 

casually using a man.” 

Mira’s little face turned red with both anger and annoyance

She had called him husbandbefore, but it was the first time he called himself wife

It’s just that this man was too shameless

Kissing her lips hurt so much

Mira, angry and seeking revenge, bit back

Hugh’s tongue recoiled slightly, not feeling much pain, but it was as if his body had been provoked by her. He kissed her fiercely, almost to the point of breathlessness, until his lips hurt and he had to beg for 


Hugh…………, I……was


The girl’s catlike panting echoed in his ears. Hugh’s lips slightly parted from hers, a husky laugh escaping, It seems you really think I enjoy hearing you call me Brother Hugh in your bed. So, should I also satisfy you by confessing that I secretly enjoy kissing you?” 

Mira’s heart skipped a beat, Nouh.” 

The response to her was a solid kiss

Mira truly felt that she had really angered Hugh tonight, who seemed determined to teach her a lesson

Until there was a knock knocksound on the car window from outside

Hugh had just left her lips when he opened the window. The butler was standing outside with a large foam box, Young Master, these are 

40 Vouchers 

two live Ausland lobsters that Brenden asked Mrs. Leopold to bring back. There’s some ice inside to keep them fresh, and there’s also a piece of snowflake meat underneath.” 

Mira felt her lips burning and swollen, too embarrassed to lift her head, she could only mumble with her head down, Could you please put it in the back seat for me?” 

After the butler placed the items in the back seat, he quickly turned around and left

Hugh rolled up the car window, only then did Mira lift her head. Seeing Hugh leaning in again, she hurriedly said, I know I was wrong, I promise I will never bring up that night again.” 

Hugh looked at her nervous appearance and couldn’t help but find it amusing. Weren’t you quite impressive at the Leopold family just now? You even tried to steal my niece’s boyfriend and set traps for her. Well done. Usually, she’s the one who annoys others. Even 

earthworms don’t have as many hearts as you do.” 

There was no other way, she and I were just natural enemies,Mira curled her lip, Besides, she was the one who insulted me first.” 

You weren’t so bad yourself, shamelessly taking away two Ausland lobsters and a steak.” 

Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna

Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna

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Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna", a UK author, is someone who writes books and stories in a simple and understandable way. They use their creativity and words to entertain, inform, or inspire readers. Brianna writings may cover various topics and genres, making them accessible to a wide range of readers in the United Kingdom and beyond. Read More When Love Turns into Hatred by Y.Flash

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After a tragic car accident, Hugh Leopold, a prominent business tycoon, was left in a critical condition with no hope of recovery according to doctors. In a desperate attempt to bring some semblance of hope, Mira Boyle agreed to marry him on behalf of her sister, as the Leopold family believed it could possibly turn things around. Mira had calculated that once Hugh pa**ed away, she would be free to live a joyful life as a widow. However, much to her surprise, Hugh miraculously woke up on Added to bookshelf.. Read More Interesting story../ Read More His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

Married in Name only Shall We Part Ways Today By Brianna


People Also Question And Main Character

Question 1: Why did Mira Boyle agree to marry Hugh Leopold on behalf of her sister? Answer 1: Mira Boyle agreed to marry Hugh Leopold on behalf of her sister in a desperate attempt to bring hope to Hugh’s critical condition after a car accident. The Leopold family believed that the marriage might improve Hugh’s chances of recovery. Question 2: What did Mira Boyle expect to happen after Hugh’s pa**ing?
Answer 2: Mira Boyle expected that after Hugh’s pa**ing, she would be free to live a joyful life as a widow. She likely anticipated inheriting his wealth and living comfortably. Question 3: What was the setting for the event where Mira was holding a wedding with a chicken? Answer 3: The event where Mira was holding a wedding with a chicken took place at the Leopold’s villa. The villa was adorned with lights and decorations for the occasion. Question 4: Why did they include a chicken in the wedding ceremony? Answer 4: They included a chicken in the wedding ceremony because the groom, Hugh, had been in a car accident, and doctors had declared there was nothing more they could do for him. Hugh’s family, particularly his mother Taryn Grantham, was unwilling to give up hope and organized the unusual wedding ceremony as a symbol of hope and perhaps a miracle. Question 5: Who was Adrien Esther, and why was he invited to the event? Answer 5: Adrien Esther was described as a prestigious man in Harbor City. He was invited to the event, presumably, because he might have some expertise, influence, or resources that could potentially help Hugh Leopold’s condition or provide support to the family. Question 6: Why were there few guests at the event? Answer 6: There were few guests at the event because it was a rather unconventional and private ceremony, likely organized with the primary intention of boosting Hugh’s spirits and the family’s hope for his recovery. Immediate family members of the Leopold family were present, but it wasn’t a large gathering.
Question 7: What happened to Hugh Leopold after the wedding with the chicken? Answer 7: The text doesn’t provide information about what happened to Hugh Leopold immediately after the wedding with the chicken. It leaves the story open-ended, so it’s unclear whether there was any impact on his condition or how the situation developed further.


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