His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s ) Chapter 195

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s ) Chapter 195

Chapter 195
Ada’s wedding was just two weeks away
Lately. Evadne had been running around like a headless chicken. She was not only adjusting the wedding planning according to Ada’s wishes, but also personally supervising the site decoration and reviewing important documents like materials, funds, and personnel. On her busiest day, she only managed to catch three hours of sleep.
But she was loving every minute of it. The busier she got, the more energized she felt, especially when there was a potential profit at the end of the tunnel.
a documents.
After a moming team meeting, Evadne was in her office, munching on a sandwich while reviewing
Jason walked in, shaking his head at the sight of her multitasking. “Ms. Evadne, you shouldn’t work and eat at the same time. It’s murder on your stomach.” “No choice, I’ve got an event to attend this aftemoon, Evadne replied, her eyes still glued to the documents.
“So you’re booked solid today? I thought you might have some downtime this afternoon.” Jason was concerned.
“Let’s talk about downtime after Ada’s wedding. I’ve got too much on my plate to chill out now.”
Evadne took a sip of her coffee, then asked, “Any news from Glynnis and Elspeth?”
Tve been keeping tabs on them, nothing so far.”
Jason thought for a moment, then asked, “Do you think they’ve given up because our preparations are in full swing and they see no opportunity?”
Evadne remembered Thaddeus’s words that day and scoffed, “Stay alert. Glynnis worked her as s off to get this opportunity from Thaddeus, she won’t give up that easily.”
Just then, there was a knock on the door.
An executive secretary walked in with a fancy white gift box.
“Ms. Evadne, here are the pastries you asked me to get from the kitchen, all packed as per your instructions.”
“Thanks, just put it on the table.”
After the secretary left, Jason opened the gift box to find exquisite rose apple pies. The sight of the pies brought a smile to his face as he remembered how Evadne meticulously prepared them.
Jason, we need to get going soon. Go get ready.”
In the afternoon, Thaddeus returned to his office after a meeting.
“Mr. Thaddeus, there’s a jewelry exhibition this afternoon. We received an invitation a week ago. Ada will be there, shouldn’t we go too?”
Before Gordon could finish, Thaddeus flatly refused, “No.”
“Are you sure?” Gordon blinked, “Our reputation took a hit when Ada chose K Orld Hotel over us. If we don’t show up at this critical moment, it might stir up all sorts of speculation. The press has started to make stuff up, saying that we’re not going out of jealousy because K Orld Hotel stole Ada from us, that we’re narrow-minded.”
“Glynnis will go. She’s in charge of the Ada project now.”
Thaddeus was still indifferent, sarcastically saying, “Birds of a feather flock together Glynnis always jumps at the chance to attend such events.”
“But I just received news that Mrs. Abernathy has arrived at the venue.”
Thaddeus’s eyes flickered.
“Get my clothes and prepare the car.”
Gordon chuckled to himself, only in front of Mrs. Abernathy did Mr. Thaddeus show his true feelings.
This year’s top luxury jewelry brand, Aurora Adornments, held their grand show at the Elmsworth International Convention Centre.
Many important figures from the domestic fashion industry and A-list celebrities all dressed up to attend. The glitz and glamour was no less than a star-studded awards ceremony.
Among them, international superstar Ada’s stunning appearance was undoubtedly the most eye-catching. After all, Ada was not only the international superstar of the show, but also the brand ambas sador of Aurora Adornments.
Glynnis and Edith, as the daughters of two major Elmsworth families, easily got invitations that other minor celebrities would kill for.
The two of them walked one after the other onto the red carpet, posing for the media as if their feet were glued to the carpet, which annoyed the reporters.
If it weren’t for the host repeatedly “warmly inviting” them, they might have stayed on the red carpet forever.
“I can’t stand it, do they not have a carpet at home? They’re sticking to it and won’t leave, it’s so embarra**ing!”
“And that’s not the worst part. They even arrived later than Ada! They think they’re so important, how arrogant!”
“I didn’t take a single picture. I don’t want worthless people taking up my camera’s memory!”
Glynnis is the daughter of the Abernathy family, and I heard Edith is Jareth’s sister. These two women may not be famous, but they’re loaded. I bet they bought their entrance order!”
Glynnis and Edith thought they were the center of attention on the stage and happily entered the inner field.
But when they got inside, they found that all the media reporters were interviewing big stars like Ada or the brand designers, and they were left out in the cold! “Da mn! Are these reporters blind?”
Glynnis was so mad at being ignored that she stomped her foot, “How dare they ignore us? They can’t tell who’s more important. If they offend me, I’ll make sure they can’t find a job in Elmsworth!”
“If you had fame, ability, and influence, they’d be swarming around you like sharks smelling blood”
Edith was also imitated, but she could only vent by mocking Glynnis
“Yes, I’m not part of this circle. After all, my mom doesn’t want me mingling with the media. She says people of our status shouldn’t a**ociate too much with the lower cla**. It lowers our value”
Even though Glynnis had to collaborate with Edith, she wasn’t the type to be pushed around.
So, she put on an innocent face, but her words dripped with sarcasm. “Edith, you’re the belle of Elmsworth and a student of a top-tier pianist, yet nobody’s coming to interview you. That’s just mind-boggling. I’m pis sed off on your behalf as your sister! Should I call some reporters over for you, you know, to boost your popularity a bit?”
“Hmph, no need! I prefer keeping a low profile, not being swarmed by the press!” Edith huffed angrily.
The two girls glared at each other, then tumed their backs and ignored each other.
Just then, they heard footsteps from behind.
“Look! It’s the Ashbourne girl!”
“Wow! I didn’t see her on the red carpet just now. Can’t believe she’s already inside. What a surprise entrance!”
“The Ashboume girl knows how to stay under the radar. They’re doing a great job managing the hotel, won over Ada, and they’re gorgeous and capable. Unlike some young ladies who only know how to splash the cash and be red carpet celebrities, but otherwise, they’re good for nothing!”
Although the reporters didn’t name names, Glynnis and Edith could feel their cheeks burning, as if they’d been slapped in the face.
The reporters all rushed towards Evadne.
Two of them ran so fast that they bumped into Glynnis and Edith as they pa**ed by, nearly knocking them over.
“Hey! Are you blind or something?” Glynnis barely managed to keep her balance and shouted angrily.
Watching the reporters flock around Evadne, Edith was trembling all over, her face as red as a beetroot!
“Ms. Evadne! You’ve successfully won the bid against the Abernathy group and secured the rights to host Ada’s wedding. How do you feel? A reporter shouted out.
“Firstly, I’m honored to work with Ms. Ada and I appreciate her trust in K World Hotel. Secondly, I want to clarify that although we were competing for the same opportunity, our win doesn’t mean that the Abernathy Group is a failure. Abernathy Hotel has a longer history in Elmsworth and has always been a benchmark in the industry. I hope everyone won’t prejudice against Abernathy Hotel because of this, nor believe this will affect the relationship between our two groups in the future
Evadne knew she’d won this round, but she also knew when to be humble and not to be too smug. She wouldn’t take this chance to put down the Abernathy Group.
It would just make her look bad.
“Ms. Evadne is so charming! I’m totally captivated by her!”
“Yes, even though she’s the winner, she’s not arrogant. Her personality is so likeable! I used to think she was a bit unscrupulous, but now my opinion of her has completely changed!”
Praises for Evadne filled the air.
Edith was so angry her eyes were bloodshot, her fists trembling.
Suddenly, she noticed Evadne was wearing a pair of gold rose earrings with ruby inlays and a matching ruby necklace around her slender neck.
It was the most precious type of ruby!
Glynnis gaped at the large ruby around Evadne’s neck, swallowing hard, green with envy.
Edith was naturally envious, too, but her sharp mind noticed a detail.
Her eyes turned icy as she began to plot.

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

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His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus's ) A novel with the title suggesting that the protagonist's former spouse is extremely wealthy, exploring the dynamics of their past relationship and the challenges and opportunities arising from this newfound financial disparity. Read More Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

Read Online His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus's


Evadne thought her unwavering love could melt Thaddeus's heart, but after three years, he handed her divorce papers and embraced another woman. Crushed and disillusioned, Evadne chose to divorce him and underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming the wealthy heiress of the Ashbourne dynasty. From that point forward, she soared as the ruler of a trillion-dollar empire, a masterful healer, an unmatched hacker, and even a champion fencer! Her remorseful ex-husband pleaded, "Darling, I was wrong. Let's reconcile!" Evadne's lips curled into a sly smile as she replied, "I don't need love, money, or men. What I need is a loyal servant." Read More The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire ( Evadne and Thaddeus's )

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The main character of the story is Evadne. She initially believed in the power of her love to change Thaddeus's heart but ultimately transformed herself into a wealthy heiress and accomplished individual. When Thaddeus sought reconciliation, Evadne prioritized having a loyal servant over love or money. Read More The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thala**a and Elowen   Q1: What was Evadne's initial belief about her love for Thaddeus? A1: Evadne believed her unwavering love could melt Thaddeus's heart. Q2: What happened after three years of Evadne's marriage to Thaddeus? A2: After three years, Thaddeus handed her divorce papers and embraced another woman. Q3: How did Evadne react to Thaddeus's actions? A3: Evadne chose to divorce him and underwent a remarkable transformation. Q4: What did Evadne become after her divorce from Thaddeus? A4: Evadne became the wealthy heiress of the Ashbourne dynasty. Q5: What achievements did Evadne attain after her transformation? A5: Evadne became a masterful healer, an unmatched hacker, and even a champion fencer. Q6: How did Thaddeus respond to Evadne after her transformation? A6: Thaddeus pleaded for reconciliation, expressing remorse for his actions. Q7: What did Evadne tell Thaddeus when he pleaded for reconciliation? A7: Evadne replied, "I don't need love, money, or men. What I need is a loyal servant." Q8: What did Evadne prioritize over love, money, or men after her transformation? A8: Evadne prioritized having a loyal servant over love, money, or men. Read More Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire


Evadne's journey from heartbreak to triumph showcases her remarkable resilience and transformation. She evolved from a woman whose unwavering love was unreciprocated to a powerful, self-reliant heiress and accomplished individual. Her response to Thaddeus's plea for reconciliation reflects her newfound strength and independence.. Read More Hiding Behind Her Superficiality by Kyla Olson


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