His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s ) Chapter 200

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s ) Chapter 200

Chapter 200 

When Evadne found out from Alvin that Ada had left the fashion show early, she hurried to the underground parking lot with Jason

By then, Ada was already looking tired, sitting in her nanny car

Just as the car door was about to close, a pair of pristine hands grabbed the door and pushed it open with force

Miss Ada, I get it, you’re pissed off after seeing the trending topic. Hell, I’m pissed too, because the photos were leaked by someone else. We at K Orld Hotel had no idea!” 

Evadne, who had rushed over, was out of breath with sweat pouring down her forehead

Ada was smiling at Evadne. With her rich acting experience, she had a good control over her expressions and emotions

She didn’t lose her temper, but simply said, Ms. Evadne, we have a contract, so I know you guys might really be in the dark. I believe you’re a person of principles, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten Mr. Alvin’s approval.” 

After Ada said this, Jason’s eyes lit up. He thought there might be a chance to salvage the situation

However, Ada’s next words were like a bucket of cold water thrown over him and Evadne… 

But you can’t deny, K Orld Hotel has serious problems with confidentiality, and as the general manager, you can’t shirk your responsibilities

This time it was the wedding setup that got leaked, next time it could be client information. K Orld Hotel’s management has undeniable oversight issues, which led to today’s incident. Am I right, Ms. Evadne?” 

Ugh, this woman was so difficult to deal with. Her attitude changed just like that

Jason was flushed. He really wanted to defend Evadne

He could take any harsh words, even a beating, but he couldn’t stand others questioning Evadne. He couldn’t bear to see the girl he’d always cared for being wronged

Evadne raised her hand to stop Jason, took a deep breath, and admitted her mistake with grace.. 

I’m sorry, Miss Ada, this incident is indeed due to our management issues. We let someone with ill intentions in and that person leaked the wedding setup. As the hotel manager, I am responsible.” 

Ms. Evadne.” Jason’s eyes were red and he clenched his fists in anger

Ms. Evadne, the fact that you admitted your mistake is already better than many managers. But no matter the reason, you guys violated the contract, so I can only act according to the contract and end the cooperation with K Orld Hotel. Otherwise, there would be no point in us signing a contract, right?” 

With a slight smile, Ada signaled her agent to close the door

Miss Ada, please wait a moment!” 

Evadne took the box from Jason and handed to Ada, her tone firm yet polite, You chose to terminate our cooperation, and I understand your decision. Even though we can’t work together now, our friendship still exists. I’ve prepared the dessert you wanted last time. I came here today to give it to you, please accept it.” 

Ada looked at the box for a few seconds but didn’t take it. She just said, Ms. Evadne, I really appreciate your kindness. If we have a chance to work. together again, I’ll accept it.” 

Evadne bit her lip hard, watching as the nanny car drove away

You by W W

Ada rejecting your gift is a public humiliation to you! This is too much!Jason said angrily, but he was powerless against her

After all, it was their fault

I can understand why she did this. I don’t consider it a humiliation. After all, our cooperation is over, and she has no reason to accept my gift. She’s getting married soon and with this happening now, she must be troubled. After all, she still needs to find another hotel.Evadne took a deep breath and calmed her emotions, Even if Ada no longer works with us, I can’t just let this slide. What we need to do now is to find the traitor who betrayed me, who betrayed us.” 

“You’re talking about a traitor?Jason asked in surprise, You suspect the problem lies with our own people? Isn’t it Glynnis who’s messing things up 

behind the scenes?” 

Even if Glynnis is causing trouble, without someone inside colluding with her, she wouldn’t succeed. So, we first need to ensure internal stability.Evadne’s eyes sparkled with determination, It seems someone is plotting against me. I’ll show them I’m not to be messed with!” 

Despite the failed cooperation, Evadne didn’t lose heart

Losing Ada as a big client wasn’t the most important thing. The most important thing was to find the traitor in the hotel immediately. Otherwise, it would cause endless trouble

Ms. Evadne, this dessert?Jason said, feeling a bit down

Evadne’s long eyelashes fluttered slightly. She threw the box in her hand into the trash can, and then walked away without looking back

A gift is what’s accepted. What’s rejected is trash. I never take back the gifts I give out. Let’s go.” 

After they left, a tall figure slowly emerged from the shadows

Thaddeus watched Evadne’s retreating figure, a glint in his eyes

Mn Thaddeus, it seems Ms. Evadne will be busy in the coming days. Catching a traitor is the hardest thing!Gordon sighed behind him

Without a word, Thaddeus walked over to the trash can, bent down, and picked up the box Evadne had thrown in



Mr. Thaddeus! Don’t pick it up. It’s too dirty!Gordon watched him, feeling very uncomfortable

It’s okay, I’ve done this when I was a kid too,Thaddeus said casually

He thought back to the time when he saw Evadne making desserts in the kitchen, a warmth spreading in his heart

Let’s go.” 

After returning to K Orld Hotel, Evadne called all the senior executives and members of the wedding planning team into the conference room for an emergency meeting

Everyone had heard about Ada terminating the cooperation and were very angry, feeling that all their efforts had gone to waste, some even started crying

Seeing this, Evadne felt very distressed

She wasn’t scared of a failed collaboration, nor did she care about any injustice she was put through. What she feared most, was letting down her teammates who’d been busting their humps alongside her

No worries, guys, the situation ain’t as bad as it seems, and there’s a solution to it. Let’s keep plowing ahead and not sweat the small stuff

Evadne’s eyes crinkled up as she laughed, Don’t fret about your paychecks, vacations, and time off. this, seriously.” 

siness as usual, folks. No need to shed tears over 

But everyone was solid as a rock. They all insisted on canceling their vacations and throwing themselves

After the meeting, everyone cleared out

Jason peeked outside to make sure no one was around, and then closed the meeting room door

work to make up for the loss

Ms. Evadne, why didn’t you spill the beans about the traitor in our midst during the meeting?Jason asked, frowning in confusion. If you had put some heat on them, I could have observed their reactions and maybe sniffed out the rat.” 

You’re oversimplifying things,Evadne replied, resting her hand casually on the armchair and swiveling around. Do you think the traitor wouldn’t be prepared? He certainly knew I’d call a meeting about this. But not mentioning it and playing it cool keeps him guessing and on edge.” 

Jason chuckled helplessly. The lady sure was sharp

It’s water under the bridge. The traitor has already succeeded. There’s no point in pressuring him now.” 

Suddenly Evadne’s expression hardened. What we need to do is make him drop his guard and make him think he’s safe. Then we strike

Miss, I’ll check the surveillance footage later, see if any suspicious characters were hanging around the wedding venue. I’ll also look into the account that leaked the photo to see who spilled the beans.” 

A dangerous glint appeared in Evadne’s eyes, Good, get on it.” 

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

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His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus's ) A novel with the title suggesting that the protagonist's former spouse is extremely wealthy, exploring the dynamics of their past relationship and the challenges and opportunities arising from this newfound financial disparity. Read More Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

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Evadne thought her unwavering love could melt Thaddeus's heart, but after three years, he handed her divorce papers and embraced another woman. Crushed and disillusioned, Evadne chose to divorce him and underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming the wealthy heiress of the Ashbourne dynasty. From that point forward, she soared as the ruler of a trillion-dollar empire, a masterful healer, an unmatched hacker, and even a champion fencer! Her remorseful ex-husband pleaded, "Darling, I was wrong. Let's reconcile!" Evadne's lips curled into a sly smile as she replied, "I don't need love, money, or men. What I need is a loyal servant." Read More The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire ( Evadne and Thaddeus's )

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The main character of the story is Evadne. She initially believed in the power of her love to change Thaddeus's heart but ultimately transformed herself into a wealthy heiress and accomplished individual. When Thaddeus sought reconciliation, Evadne prioritized having a loyal servant over love or money. Read More The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thala**a and Elowen   Q1: What was Evadne's initial belief about her love for Thaddeus? A1: Evadne believed her unwavering love could melt Thaddeus's heart. Q2: What happened after three years of Evadne's marriage to Thaddeus? A2: After three years, Thaddeus handed her divorce papers and embraced another woman. Q3: How did Evadne react to Thaddeus's actions? A3: Evadne chose to divorce him and underwent a remarkable transformation. Q4: What did Evadne become after her divorce from Thaddeus? A4: Evadne became the wealthy heiress of the Ashbourne dynasty. Q5: What achievements did Evadne attain after her transformation? A5: Evadne became a masterful healer, an unmatched hacker, and even a champion fencer. Q6: How did Thaddeus respond to Evadne after her transformation? A6: Thaddeus pleaded for reconciliation, expressing remorse for his actions. Q7: What did Evadne tell Thaddeus when he pleaded for reconciliation? A7: Evadne replied, "I don't need love, money, or men. What I need is a loyal servant." Q8: What did Evadne prioritize over love, money, or men after her transformation? A8: Evadne prioritized having a loyal servant over love, money, or men. Read More Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire


Evadne's journey from heartbreak to triumph showcases her remarkable resilience and transformation. She evolved from a woman whose unwavering love was unreciprocated to a powerful, self-reliant heiress and accomplished individual. Her response to Thaddeus's plea for reconciliation reflects her newfound strength and independence.. Read More Hiding Behind Her Superficiality by Kyla Olson


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