His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s ) Chapter 199

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s ) Chapter 199

Chapter 199 

Thaddeus just stood there, taking Evadne’s sharp words like a punch to the gut, unable to fight back

Because she was right. He did all those things, didn’t he

Evadne, I have nothing to do with Edith. I’ve never considered her my sister!Thaddeus was so worked up he was red in the ears, his voice turning 


He wasn’t one to explain himself, but he was on edge this time

“Why are you telling me this? What’s it got to do with me?” 

Evadne was done putting up with him, her gaze full of disgust, Whatever’s going on between you two has nothing to do with me. I don’t wanna hear your explanations. Move, I’ve got a fashion show to catch.” 

You don’t care? Then why bring it up? You did at the police station, and you’re doing it now!” 

Thaddeus hated this misunderstanding, his eyes turning red, shoulders shaking, If you care about who I’m with, that means you still care about me! You’re not as indifferent or laidback as you claim to be!” 

I’m not caring. I’m repulsed. I’m repulsed by you, Thaddeus.” 

Evadne looked at him firmly, pried his fingers off her arrn and pulled free, If I’d known there were other women around you, I’d never have fallen for you. Now, I’m glad I left you early. But I still feel sick, because I once loved a man who’s fickle and can’t own up to his actions!” 

Thaddeus started panting heavier, the pain of being misunderstood choking him

So this was what it felt like to be wronged, like his heart was being torn apart

Evadne was slightly taken aback by the pain in Thaddeuseyes

But she didn’t linger. She turned and left resolutely

She thought, Evadne, let the past be the past. No matter how unbearable, how passionate, and how profound that is, there’s no turning back.” 

Just then, Evadne’s phone rang, it was Jason

Jason, what’s up?she tried to calm down

Ms. Evadne, we’ve got trouble! Check out Twitter, now!Jason was frantic, his voice going all highpitched

Evadne felt a sinking feeling, a sense of foreboding creeping in

She quickly picked up her phone and checked the trending topics on Twitter

Instantly, her face turned pale, and she cursed under her breath

Damn it!” 

The top trend was the leak of Ada Ang’s wedding design

The wedding scene photos painstakingly planned by her and her team were posted all over the internet

All of it completely exposed

Thaddeus, who was still brooding, heard Evadne curse. He was taken aback at first, and then he smirked

She had become more lively since leaving him. She was full of vitality, warmth, and way more adorable than the cautious woman who used to stick by his side

He took steps towards her

But at that moment, she took off towards the other end of the hallway in her high heels, leaving him far behind

Thaddeus instantly sensed something was off. He watched Evadne’s retreating figure, took out his phone and dialed Gordon

Mr. Thaddeus.” 

Is there a problem at K Orld Hotel?the man asked sharply

Yes, Mr. Thaddeus, I was just about to report this to you!” 

Gordon sounded anxious, The wedding photos that K Orld Hotel set up for Ada were leaked on Twitter! It’s being shared massively and it’s the top trend!” 

Thaddeus furrowed his brows, Who’s behind this?” 

It’s a selfmedia with a large following. They didn’t take the regular route!” 

This guy dares to expose anything. He has no scruples at all!Thaddeus’s eyes darkened

Mr. Thaddeus, will this leak affect Mrs. Abernathy?Gordon asked nervously

Definitely. Or else why would she, who’s always as steady as a rock, just bolt like a rabbit?” 

Thaddeus was still looking in the direction Evadne left, his heart was pounding for her, If I’m not mistaken, Ada and Evadne must have included a clause in their contract, no early leaks of any wedding details, or it’s a breach of contract.” 

Breach of contract?! That serious!” 

Now that the wedding scene is leaked, it’s confirmed that K Orld Hotel breached the contract. Next, even if K Orld Hotel doesn’t have to compensate Ada financially, I think Ada will choose another host for her wedding. But, it definitely won’t be K Orld Hotel.” Thaddeus said grimly



It meant that all of Evadne’s efforts were wasted

And the prestigious K Orld Hotel was completely out of the picture

Oh my. Mrs. Abernathy is such a smart and wise woman. She’s always careful. How could she fall for this!” 

Thaddeuseyes were sharp, and his fist clenched in anger

Normally, he’d be happy about K Orld Hotel’s misfortune, as they were competitors

But he couldn’t find it in him to laugh at this moment

Gordon, investigate that selfmedia ASAP. Find the person responsible, and get to the bottom of this leak!” 

The leak of Ada’s wedding scene quickly stirred up a storm

Everyone at the fashion show heard about it, but the clueless spectators didn’t realize the gravity of the situation. They even praised Ada’s wedding in front of her, saying how grand and magnificent it was, like a dream wedding

However, Ada’s face was getting grimmer by the minute

Man, she didn’t even stick around for the whole show and didn’t even say hi to Alvin, just upped and left the venue, dodging everyone’s gaze

But all this was caught by Edith and Glynnis, sitting opposite the catwalk

That Caroline’s fast on her feet, Edith said, her eyes exuding an ominous air that contrasted with her angelic face

Seeing Ada storm off, she knew that she had accomplished what she set out to do

Just because Evadne was the daughter of the richest man in Skyrim, even if she had ten thousand pieces of Alea’s jewelry, what good would that do? Edith thought, In the end, you’ve been played by me, and you’ve failed utterly!” 

You gotta admit, that Caroline’s really sharp.” 

Glynnis couldn’t help but admire, She got snaps of the wedding in no time. Is she really a reporter? She’s more like a’spy!” 

For now, don’t reach out to Caroline. Don’t give anyone a handle on us.” 

The determination in Edith’s eyes sparkled. She said with pride, Hey, Glynnis, I’ve taken care of that nuisance Evadne for you. Whether you can win Ada’s heart now is all on you.” 

Oh, chill, with K Orld Hotel breaching the contract, Ada will definitely choose us, the Abernathy Group.” 

Glynnis puffed up her chest, saying smugly, Apart from us, the Abernathy Group, and K, who else in Elmsworth has got the chops to compete? If not us, who else can she choose, huh?” 

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

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His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus's ) A novel with the title suggesting that the protagonist's former spouse is extremely wealthy, exploring the dynamics of their past relationship and the challenges and opportunities arising from this newfound financial disparity. Read More Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

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Evadne thought her unwavering love could melt Thaddeus's heart, but after three years, he handed her divorce papers and embraced another woman. Crushed and disillusioned, Evadne chose to divorce him and underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming the wealthy heiress of the Ashbourne dynasty. From that point forward, she soared as the ruler of a trillion-dollar empire, a masterful healer, an unmatched hacker, and even a champion fencer! Her remorseful ex-husband pleaded, "Darling, I was wrong. Let's reconcile!" Evadne's lips curled into a sly smile as she replied, "I don't need love, money, or men. What I need is a loyal servant." Read More The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire ( Evadne and Thaddeus's )

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The main character of the story is Evadne. She initially believed in the power of her love to change Thaddeus's heart but ultimately transformed herself into a wealthy heiress and accomplished individual. When Thaddeus sought reconciliation, Evadne prioritized having a loyal servant over love or money. Read More The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thala**a and Elowen   Q1: What was Evadne's initial belief about her love for Thaddeus? A1: Evadne believed her unwavering love could melt Thaddeus's heart. Q2: What happened after three years of Evadne's marriage to Thaddeus? A2: After three years, Thaddeus handed her divorce papers and embraced another woman. Q3: How did Evadne react to Thaddeus's actions? A3: Evadne chose to divorce him and underwent a remarkable transformation. Q4: What did Evadne become after her divorce from Thaddeus? A4: Evadne became the wealthy heiress of the Ashbourne dynasty. Q5: What achievements did Evadne attain after her transformation? A5: Evadne became a masterful healer, an unmatched hacker, and even a champion fencer. Q6: How did Thaddeus respond to Evadne after her transformation? A6: Thaddeus pleaded for reconciliation, expressing remorse for his actions. Q7: What did Evadne tell Thaddeus when he pleaded for reconciliation? A7: Evadne replied, "I don't need love, money, or men. What I need is a loyal servant." Q8: What did Evadne prioritize over love, money, or men after her transformation? A8: Evadne prioritized having a loyal servant over love, money, or men. Read More Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire


Evadne's journey from heartbreak to triumph showcases her remarkable resilience and transformation. She evolved from a woman whose unwavering love was unreciprocated to a powerful, self-reliant heiress and accomplished individual. Her response to Thaddeus's plea for reconciliation reflects her newfound strength and independence.. Read More Hiding Behind Her Superficiality by Kyla Olson


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