His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s ) Chapter 38

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s ) Chapter 38

Chapter 38
The outside of the auction house was packed with reporters, barred from going in to protect the privacy of the elite. They could only wait outside.
However, the ones who came here were true top collectors and investment bankers, all with profits as their primary goal. They were not the ones who needed media exposure. They were not interested in interviews, but treasures.
Except for Elspeth, Una, and Acacia.
Every year at this time, Elspeth would dress up and turn this high-end charity auction into a red-carpet event. She’d pose for the media at the entrance and only reluctantly leave under the persuasion of the staff. It was as if she was afraid people would forget that she was the star who became famous for breaking up someone’s family two decades ago. Frederic hadn’t personally attended the auction for two years, probably thinking it was beneath him.
But this year, Elspeth didn’t do that because Una begged her the night before to let her and her daughter have their moment. She and Una were sisters, and while she was reluctant, she had to respect family ties.
So this year, it was Acacia and her mom at the entrance.
“We, the Stirling Group, are here at this auction hoping to acquire excellent collections and contribute to charity,” Una said in front of the reporters with the demeanor of a top lady.
“Mrs. Stirling, how is the Stirling Group’s financial situation? We heard the Stirling Group is on the brink of bankruptcy?” a reporter asked sharply.
“Is Ives’ investigation over? Will he be sentenced?”
“We heard there’s a love problem between your daughter and the president of the Abernathy Group, is that true?”
Love problem?!
Acacia, hearing this, suddenly stepped forward, glaring at the reporter with wide eyes. “What love problem? Where did you hear that?!”
“Ms. Acacia, don’t be nervous, we’re just asking. After all, with the Stirling Group in trouble, Mr. Thaddeus, your fiancé, hasn’t stepped in to help or made a statement, so it’s not unreasonable to have such a speculation.”
“I didn’t break up with Thad! You guys better not spread rumors!”
Acacia, thinking about how Thaddeus hadn’t reached out to her during these past few days, suddenly lost control of her emotions and raised her voice.
Una quickly pulled her emotionally distraught daughter back, smiling at the camera. “My daughter and Mr. Thaddeus are very steady in their relationship, please do not overthink. As for the matter between the Stirling Group and the Abernathy Group, that’s a trade secret, and we’re not sure ourselves.”
“Mr. Thaddeus is also present at this event today. Why didn’t he come with Ms. Acacia?”
“You guys never seem to appear together. Is it to avoid suspicion?”
“Avoid suspicion? If Mr. Thaddeus comes, he will definitely be with my daughter.”
“But many of us saw that Mr. Thaddeus entered the venue half an hour ago,” a reporter suddenly interrupted.
The mother and daughter were instantly thrown off by this statement, their faces changing.
On the other side, Thaddeus had already entered the venue with Gordon.
“Thad!” Jareth hurried over, his playful yet dark eyes squinted, immediately hugging Thaddeus’ waist. “You’ve been working out well at the gym. Nice body.”
Jareth even pinched Thaddeus’ waist.
“You better behave.” Thaddeus frowned slightly, not moving but giving him a cold look.
“Stop being a prude. Why don’t you talk about the time you pinched me in bed when we were kids?” Jareth stopped touching his waist and put his hand on his shoulder. “Your future mother-in-law and fiancée are here. Aren’t you going to say hi?”
“Avoid misunderstandings.”
“Not bad, you’re not just all about love. You seem to have improved, not being Acacia’s puppy this time. You should know the Stirling Group’s reputation in the industry is not good, and anyone who deals with them will have trouble.”
“Who’s all about love?”
Thaddeus’ face suddenly turned serious. “Don’t think because this is the Jareth Group’s place that I won’t do anything to you, Jareth.”
It was well known in high society that the Parkray Auction was backed by the Jareth Group, with Jareth in full control.
“I’m just looking out for you. I really don’t want to see your reputation ruined by the useless Stirling Group.”
Jareth sneered, “My grandfather originally didn’t want the Stirling Group to come to this charity dinner, but he let them in because he was afraid you’d be upset. You should know, with the level of the Stirling family, they shouldn’t be here.”
“They may not be worthy now, but Acacia will eventually marry me. By then, I hope you can change your view of her.” Thaddeus looked solemn. “After all, the Stirling family and she are different.”
“I get it, I can’t disrespect my friend’s wife. But Thad, you might not like what I’m going to say.”
“Then don’t say it.”
“Talking about looks or personality, I still think your ex, that tough-as-nails woman, suits you better. For a stick-in-the-mud like you, you need a woman like Ms. Ilana, a fire in the wintertime, to get you all heated up,” Jareth blurted out, speaking too fast to censor himself.
Gordon clamped his hand over his mouth, struggling not to burst out laughing.
Thaddeus felt a pang of annoyance and said coldly, “There’s no future between her and me, and I definitely won’t get back together with my ex. Patching things up with an ex is such a tacky move.”
Jareth shrugged, not bothering to argue, and switched subjects instead. “See anything you like in today’s auction items?”
“Yes, the Dante Chair.” He planned to buy the Dante Chair as a birthday gift for his grandfather.
“Nice choice! I can help you secure it. If anyone competes with you, I’ll find a way to make them back down.”
“That’s okay.” Thaddeus shook his head indifferently. “It’s a charity auction. The emphasis is on ‘charity’. If this item is meant to be mine, it will naturally come to me. If I force it. it takes the fun out of the auction.”
The two men entered the venue and walked straight to the front row. The front row was reserved for true blue-bloods or elites. The handsome figures of Thaddeus and Jareth caused quite a stir as they arrived. Many high-society ladies blushed.
“Mr. Thaddeus is just so dreamy, he’s the man of my dreams!”
“I suggest you give up. Didn’t you know Mr. Thaddeus is set to marry the princess of the Stirling family?”
“What?! That Stirling family that sells shoddy home decor? Good Lord, they’re not even fit to polish my shoes. What a waste for Mr. Thaddeus!”
“Acacia and Mr. Thaddeus grew up together. He divorced his ex-wife for her. What chance do you think you have to sn atch him from Acacia?”
“Ah, I feel sorry for his ex-wife. Looking at Acacia’s pretentious act, I bet Mr. Thaddeus will get sick of her in no time!”
Thaddeus took his seat elegantly, emitting a strong aura that warned others to keep their distance. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a chair marked Cas sius just across the aisle. Thaddeus clenched his jaw, furrowing his brow.
“Thad, I really couldn’t help with this one. These front-row seats were reserved by my grandfather. I wouldn’t dare mess with that.”
Jareth, seeing through his thoughts, leaned in, and whispered, “Seating arrangements are a real test of social skills. Even your stepmother and your two dimwit sisters were relegated to the back. Can’t you see how precious these seats are? Cas sius is the eldest son of Emeric and the CEO of the K Group. We, the Jareth Group, can’t afford to underestimate him. Just bear with it.”
Outside the venue, in the lobby, two women from the Frost Group were socializing with several high-society ladies. Elspeth and Una were sisters from the Frost Group, who later married different men.
Glynnis and Acacia were chatting and flattering each other, while Marilla had vanished somewhere.
“Where’s Marilla? I didn’t see her.” Acacia asked.
“Who cares where she went. As long as she’s not causing trouble,” Glynnis said, visibly annoyed at the mention of her younger sister. She thought her timid, cowardly demeanor brought shame to the Abernathy family.
“Oh, don’t be so hard on her. Marilla is your little sister, and the youngest daughter of the Abernathy family. You should be nicer to her.” Acacia advised in a faux gentle tone.
“I wish I never had this sister. She’s an embarrassment.” Acacia’s words only stoked Glynnis’ anger further.
Acacia chuckled internally. She wanted to drive a wedge between the two sisters. If they ever teamed up against her after she married into the Abernathy family, she wouldn’t stand a chance.
Just then, a series of authoritative footsteps echoed through the hall. The Frost sisters, Acacia, Glynnis, and several other high-society ladies all turned to look. Evadne, dressed in a sophisticated black suit, stepped in with confidence. She was still wearing sky-high heels and had her lips painted with beautiful lipstick.
Her seemingly casual attire made Acacia and Glynnis, who had spent hours getting ready, feel dull in comparison. They clenched their skirts in frustration!
Following Evadne was Jason, who had also dressed up slightly, looking dashing. They intended to ignore this group of glammed-up women. However, Elspeth called out to her with a smile, “Wow, I didn’t expect to see you here, Ilana. I’m really surprised. Charity events are truly inclusive.”
Her words implied that she found it surprising that a woman of Ilana’s low status could be present at such an elegant event.
Evadne halted, one hand in her trouser pocket, and smiled at Elspeth. “In this big world, there are many things you haven’t seen. It’s not that they are surprising, but that you still have a lot to learn.”

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus’s )

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His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire? ( Evadne and Thaddeus's ) A novel with the title suggesting that the protagonist's former spouse is extremely wealthy, exploring the dynamics of their past relationship and the challenges and opportunities arising from this newfound financial disparity. Read More Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

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Evadne thought her unwavering love could melt Thaddeus's heart, but after three years, he handed her divorce papers and embraced another woman. Crushed and disillusioned, Evadne chose to divorce him and underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming the wealthy heiress of the Ashbourne dynasty. From that point forward, she soared as the ruler of a trillion-dollar empire, a masterful healer, an unmatched hacker, and even a champion fencer! Her remorseful ex-husband pleaded, "Darling, I was wrong. Let's reconcile!" Evadne's lips curled into a sly smile as she replied, "I don't need love, money, or men. What I need is a loyal servant." Read More The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children By Adela Steele

His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire ( Evadne and Thaddeus's )

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The main character of the story is Evadne. She initially believed in the power of her love to change Thaddeus's heart but ultimately transformed herself into a wealthy heiress and accomplished individual. When Thaddeus sought reconciliation, Evadne prioritized having a loyal servant over love or money. Read More The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa and Elowen   Q1: What was Evadne's initial belief about her love for Thaddeus? A1: Evadne believed her unwavering love could melt Thaddeus's heart. Q2: What happened after three years of Evadne's marriage to Thaddeus? A2: After three years, Thaddeus handed her divorce papers and embraced another woman. Q3: How did Evadne react to Thaddeus's actions? A3: Evadne chose to divorce him and underwent a remarkable transformation. Q4: What did Evadne become after her divorce from Thaddeus? A4: Evadne became the wealthy heiress of the Ashbourne dynasty. Q5: What achievements did Evadne attain after her transformation? A5: Evadne became a masterful healer, an unmatched hacker, and even a champion fencer. Q6: How did Thaddeus respond to Evadne after her transformation? A6: Thaddeus pleaded for reconciliation, expressing remorse for his actions. Q7: What did Evadne tell Thaddeus when he pleaded for reconciliation? A7: Evadne replied, "I don't need love, money, or men. What I need is a loyal servant." Q8: What did Evadne prioritize over love, money, or men after her transformation? A8: Evadne prioritized having a loyal servant over love, money, or men. Read More Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire


Evadne's journey from heartbreak to triumph showcases her remarkable resilience and transformation. She evolved from a woman whose unwavering love was unreciprocated to a powerful, self-reliant heiress and accomplished individual. Her response to Thaddeus's plea for reconciliation reflects her newfound strength and independence.. Read More Hiding Behind Her Superficiality by Kyla Olson


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