GoodBye My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora Chapter 81

GoodBye My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora Chapter 81

Chapter 81 

The slender fingers touched the scar. 

The forehead touch from the fingertips is uneven. 

When she first touched the scar, Shepard’s fingertips seemed to be burned. 

“A body with such missing parts, Shepard, honestly, how can you do it?” Benjamin half-seriously half-jokingly before hanging up the phone. 

On the phone side, the man acted as if he wasn’t listening to Benjamin’s words. His thumb was caressing the rough scar. Suddenly, he made a strange move, covering the scar with his entire palm. 

Looking at his hand seriously, he didn’t know what he was studying. 

with Benjamin has been connected. Benjamin heard that there was no movement on the phone. The other end of the call was really quiet. It was so quiet that the owner of the phone forgot to hang up the call. 

However, Benjamin did not take the initiative to cut off the call. He picked up a cigarette from the bedside, lit it with a “click”, and savored the taste of nicotine carefully. At this time, the man on the other end of the phone suddenly said inexplicably,” Longer than my palm.” 

“What?” Benjamin was stunned for a moment, but after 


three seconds, he realized, “Oh, you mean the scar on her waist?” After all, he was a friend for many years, so he could guess the meaning of Shepard’s words. 

“Longer than your palm?” Benjamin took a deep drag on the cigarette, and after exhaling a circle of white mist, 

“It can only be said that the doctor who operated on her at the beginning was very poor, so poor… 

Well, let’s put it this way, when I was studying medicine, the incision was not that long when I performed the surgical practice of removing the kidney on the specimen fished out of formalin for the first time in the experimental cla**. ” 

“What does this mean?” 

“This shows that it is very possible… No, it is certain. The doctor who operated on her may not even have a license to practice medicine.” 

A group of people without a license to practice medicine. 

“Take a picture of her scar,” Benjamin said again. 

Shepard hesitated, but Benjamin said, “I look at her wounds and scars, at least I can see things that you can’t see, but are real, but are hidden. Want to know?” 

Benjamin exhaled a white mist, “If you want to know, just take a picture.” 

To be honest, he doesn’t think he can convince Shepard, Shepard is aloof and cold, at least he grows up, he himself has never seen why Shepard is too soft on things, except for 



Bonnie, he has never seen Shepard really care about anyone. 

Oh… Actually, even if it’s Bonnie, Benjamin doesn’t think so, that’s why he cares. At most, it can be regarded as enclosing Bonnie in his own circle. 

But Benjamin didn’t think it was Shepard’s fault, it was hard for them to really care about a woman. And it is already a kind of recognition to enclose a woman in one’s own circle. As for Bonnie’s child, he didn’t know what was going on, and even Shepard couldn’t remember clearly, it was all drunk and sexual. 

“Wait.” Benjamin didn’t intend to, and Shepard really took a photo and sent it to him, so he just mentioned it in pa**ing, but when he was about to laugh “haha” and put the subject away, the other end of the phone People, these two words popped out suddenly. 

Benjamin’s hand fell out of fright and burned the other arm lying flat on his thigh. The sudden heat caused Benjamin to gasp in pain. 

F***, burn to death! “Wait, what did you say?” 

As soon as the words were asked, an unread SMS notification sound suddenly sounded on the phone, “Um…” No way, Shepard didn’t really take a picture and send it over, did he? 

Hastily stretched out his hand and opened it… It was really a photo of a scar, really “just” a photo of a scar – a hideous scar, no other place could be seen in the photo! 

Looking at the photo, Benjamin suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart-how did he feel that Shepard didn’t 


want him to see the extra inch of Kara’s bare skin? 

18 388 Wouchers 

This feeling became more certain after he studied the high- resolution photo of the scar for a while. 

“Did you read it? Did you see it clearly?” Suddenly, on the phone, Shepard asked unhappily. Benjamin coughed twice, and quickly said, “I finished it, I saw it clearly.” 

“What do you see?” 

“I saw that the person who performed the operation on her must be someone without a business license. She sewed it up three times, and the stitches were crooked. They didn’t even hire a doctor with a medical license to save money. I strongly doubt that these people operate on people.” Will anesthesia be used when 

Shepard’s mandible is protruding, Benjamin’s words can’t help but make such a dark picture appear in his mind, a struggling woman, being pressed on the operating table… The heart suddenly contracted violently! 

“Who the hell…”

GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora

GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , , Released: 03/06/2023 Native Language: English
The "GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora" Today, author Aurora reviews an exciting Billionaire novel by the wonderful and talented author Aurora and Kara.

About the Author :

Kara was sent to prison by her husband because his lover, Bonnie, died. Before being imprisoned, Kara was a well-known young lady from the Smith family in New York. She was unyielding and flamboyant. However, after being released, her appearance changed greatly, and no trace of Kara could be found on her whole body. Kara is still alive, but her heart is dead in that cold and dark prison. Several years had pa**ed by, and when the truth was revealed, Kara was finally vindicated, and Shepard realized how far he had gone wrong. He wanted to retrieve the beloved he had lost, but Kara was afraid. She couldn't afford to love this man again. Kara chose to escape, while Shepard went crazy... He searched her throughout New York, restricted her and tied her to his side once again.

Review by author Aurora:

"GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband" “I read this trying to push myself out of my “Billionaire” comfort zone, I tend to stick to genres I like, billionaire has never been one of those genres. However, I really enjoyed this book, it was exciting, there was a lot of action and drama and it wasn’t as predictable as most billionaire, romance stories. The scenes were hot, but if you’re not a ma**ive fan of smut, they’re not too heavy, so this book is perfect for you. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because I felt the story could have continued a little longer, the ending felt a little rushed. That might have just been me wanting more. I did guess the ending, but this is the case with most books (I actively try to work out how it’s going to end). Overall a great read, I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.“ Perfect for adults (16+) who enjoy:
  • A short Chapter
  • Romance with a hint of fantasy and action
  • Billionaire

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GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora

Name of the Novel: 1 GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora
website : 2
Genres: : 3 Billionaire, Hot Romance, Romantic, Marriage, and Billionaire, Hot Romance
Chapters: 4 From 1 to Latest
Status So Far: 5 Ongoing
Updare Time : 6 morning
Rating: 7 Overall: out of 5
Language: 8 English.

My ratings:

  • Easy to read: 5 out of 5
  • Characters: 3 out of 5
  • Story idea: 3 out of 5
  • Length: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4 out of 5

Book Synopsis :

Chapter 1 "Ms. Smith, has your husband been contacted?" Kara didn't know how many times the nurse urged her. Kara looked down at her phone, but Shepard still didn't answer her calls. "Your husband doesn't care about you too much. If it weren't for your good luck, it would have been more than just twenty stitches..." Feeling a piercing pain in her body, Kara stared at the white ceiling in a daze, recalling how it had happened. Bonnie had asked her to go shopping together. On the way back, Bonnie was driving, and she was sitting in the back. Their car hit someone and had an accident. Kara recalled the scene of the car accident with lingering fears. Kara came to her sense, and the mottled blood stains on her body made her face pale as paper. Her voice was a bit hoarse. She was embarra**ed but still restrained, "Sorry, he might be busy now. Can I pay the bill myself later?" "It's a big deal. Could it be more important than your life? Well... forget it. You're so pitiful. Give me the bank card, and I'll help you pay the bill. If you need anything, just ring the bell and call me." "Thank you." Kara smiled. It was the first time that she, the daughter of the Smith family and the wife of the Brown Group, had been described as pitiful. The nurse took her bank card and left. She was about to sit up when she heard familiar footsteps from outside the ward. Kara looked out and caught a glimpse of a tall figure. She was instantly overjoyed and called out the name that she had missed a lot, "Shepard!" That was her husband. They had been married for three years. Even though they had rarely seen each other, she was happy with it.


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