GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora Chapter 17

GoodBye My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora Chapter 17

GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora Chapter 17

Kara turned her head to look at Gail and put on a wretched smile. Only then did Gail see Kara’s pale lips with a circle of blood-colored teeth marks.

“Are you alright?” Gail asked.

“I’m fine.” Kara stood up and swayed. Gail couldn’t bear it and was about to reach out her hand. Kara managed to stand still and looked at Gail with a grateful smile on her pale face, “Thank you, Gail.”

“Are… are you sure you’re okay?” Seeing that Kara couldn’t even stand still, Gail couldn’t quite believe that Kara was okay.

Kara shook her head at Gail, and said the same thing, “I’m fine.”

Who would believe it? Gail stared at the woman struggling forward, and couldn’t help asking, “You know Mr. Brown, right?”

Gail clearly saw the back of the woman in front of her stiffen for a moment, but Kara asked her instead, “Gail, where is the PR department? Am I going to work tonight?”

Now Gail was stunned, “You…”

Gail originally wanted to ask something, but she changed her mind and said, “Let’s go. I’ll take you there.”

Chapter 17

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Along the way, Gail deliberately slowed down her pace. She had practiced a pair of keen eyes in the entertainment field. Her eyes fell sharply on Kara’s legs. She hadn’t noticed it before, but now she clearly felt that Kara’s legs were abnormal.

“Kara, did your legs go numb from squatting just now?”

Kara thought about it and decided that there was no need to hide it from Gail anymore. She raised her head and glanced at Gail. Then she turned her back slowly, lifted her clothes, and said lightly, “Gail.”

With Kara’s movements, Gail’s gaze landed on Kara’s back waist which was not covered by clothes, and she gasped, “You…”

Gail’s eyes suddenly widened in horror. She covered his mouth and looked at Kara in disbelief.

Kara put down her clothes slowly, tidied up her clothes, and then looked at the horrified Gail, “Gail, I lost a kidney, and my health got worse afterward. It hurts when I walk too fast.”

“Where… where’s your kidney?”

“Donated perhaps. I don’t know.”

Even for a woman like Gail who had seen the world, her heart trembled when she was facing Kara who had said calmly that she didn’t know where her kidney had gone… How could Kara be so calm?!

“That’s a kidney. It’s a part of your body!” Gail tried her


Chapad 17

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best not to shout angrily, suppressed her voice, and said as calmly as possible. How could Kara talk about it so calmly?

Kara twitched the corner of her mouth, “I know.”

Apart from these two words, she didn’t say anything else. She just looked at Gail with firm eyes and pleaded, “Gail, please keep this matter a secret for me.”

She didn’t want others to know this.

“You…okay!” Gail took a deep breath to calm herself down. She still didn’t quite understand why she, a woman who had always been very strict, somehow felt that Kara was so similar to her.

After thinking about it, Gail asked, “Since you lack a kidney, are you still going to work in the public relations

department? To work in the public relations department, you must drink wine. Even if you can’t drink, you’ll still have to have a drink or two with some troublesome clients. Well, I’ll go talk to Mr. Brown and tell him that you can’t work in the PR department because of your situation.” For some reason, Gail just wanted to help Kara.

“Gail, don’t go.” Kara quickly grabbed Gail and looked at Gail with pleading eyes, “…Mr. Brown may know this.”

As she spoke, she opened her palm, revealing the bank card inside, and showed a miserable smile, “Gail, you have seen a lot. Do you think a woman like me can earn five million?”

The answer was obvious. Gail trembled slightly and she suddenly realized something. Mr. Brown was torturing and humiliating Kara.

GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora

GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , , Released: 03/06/2023 Native Language: English
The "GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora" Today, author Aurora reviews an exciting Billionaire novel by the wonderful and talented author Aurora and Kara.

About the Author :

Kara was sent to prison by her husband because his lover, Bonnie, died. Before being imprisoned, Kara was a well-known young lady from the Smith family in New York. She was unyielding and flamboyant. However, after being released, her appearance changed greatly, and no trace of Kara could be found on her whole body. Kara is still alive, but her heart is dead in that cold and dark prison. Several years had pa**ed by, and when the truth was revealed, Kara was finally vindicated, and Shepard realized how far he had gone wrong. He wanted to retrieve the beloved he had lost, but Kara was afraid. She couldn't afford to love this man again. Kara chose to escape, while Shepard went crazy... He searched her throughout New York, restricted her and tied her to his side once again.

Review by author Aurora:

"GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband" “I read this trying to push myself out of my “Billionaire” comfort zone, I tend to stick to genres I like, billionaire has never been one of those genres. However, I really enjoyed this book, it was exciting, there was a lot of action and drama and it wasn’t as predictable as most billionaire, romance stories. The scenes were hot, but if you’re not a ma**ive fan of smut, they’re not too heavy, so this book is perfect for you. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because I felt the story could have continued a little longer, the ending felt a little rushed. That might have just been me wanting more. I did guess the ending, but this is the case with most books (I actively try to work out how it’s going to end). Overall a great read, I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.“ Perfect for adults (16+) who enjoy:
  • A short Chapter
  • Romance with a hint of fantasy and action
  • Billionaire

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GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora

Name of the Novel: 1 GoodBye, My Coldhearted Husband By Aurora
website : 2
Genres: : 3 Billionaire, Hot Romance, Romantic, Marriage, and Billionaire, Hot Romance
Chapters: 4 From 1 to Latest
Status So Far: 5 Ongoing
Updare Time : 6 morning
Rating: 7 Overall: out of 5
Language: 8 English.

My ratings:

  • Easy to read: 5 out of 5
  • Characters: 3 out of 5
  • Story idea: 3 out of 5
  • Length: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4 out of 5

Book Synopsis :

Chapter 1 "Ms. Smith, has your husband been contacted?" Kara didn't know how many times the nurse urged her. Kara looked down at her phone, but Shepard still didn't answer her calls. "Your husband doesn't care about you too much. If it weren't for your good luck, it would have been more than just twenty stitches..." Feeling a piercing pain in her body, Kara stared at the white ceiling in a daze, recalling how it had happened. Bonnie had asked her to go shopping together. On the way back, Bonnie was driving, and she was sitting in the back. Their car hit someone and had an accident. Kara recalled the scene of the car accident with lingering fears. Kara came to her sense, and the mottled blood stains on her body made her face pale as paper. Her voice was a bit hoarse. She was embarra**ed but still restrained, "Sorry, he might be busy now. Can I pay the bill myself later?" "It's a big deal. Could it be more important than your life? Well... forget it. You're so pitiful. Give me the bank card, and I'll help you pay the bill. If you need anything, just ring the bell and call me." "Thank you." Kara smiled. It was the first time that she, the daughter of the Smith family and the wife of the Brown Group, had been described as pitiful. The nurse took her bank card and left. She was about to sit up when she heard familiar footsteps from outside the ward. Kara looked out and caught a glimpse of a tall figure. She was instantly overjoyed and called out the name that she had missed a lot, "Shepard!" That was her husband. They had been married for three years. Even though they had rarely seen each other, she was happy with it.


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