From A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor ( Yves Jimmy) Chapter 173

From A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor ( Yves Jimmy) Chapter 173

Chapter 173 

When Leonard and Taylor walked to the first floor, they saw the entire hall was chaotic and noisy

Many employees of the Boundless Group were gathered there

What is the specific situation?” 

Taylor asked the staff who stopped Leonard before

Apparently, she didn’t know much about the specific situation

Taylor had a high status in the Boundless Group. The female staff immediately showed some respect and said, He is a vicious guy. As soon as he came in, he said he wanted to see Mr. Davis

I told him that Mr. Davis was not here, but he didn’t believe that and wanted to force his way in, so he clashed with several security guards of our company and started fighting

That guy was powerful. He kicked our security guards to the wall. In less than two minutes, all the dozen security guards were knocked to the ground

Seeing the situation was not right, I immediately called Vincent. Vincent called all the experts left in the Dragon, Tiger, and Leopard Department, but they were still no match for him

Now, the people in the three departments are about to be beaten to the ground. Mr. Davis is not here, and the three managers of the Dragon, Tiger, and Leopard Department have also left. What should we do?” 

Taylor couldn’t help but frown

Leonard stood calmly beside her. He probably understood what happened

He thought, That man wants to see Michael, which means he knows about Michael’s power. He may have an awesome background since he dares to fight directly in Boundless Group.” 

At that time, the sound of beat and kick was heard from the front

A figure flew directly out of the crowd and rolled to Leonard’s feet

The hall where they were fighting was over 65 feet away from here. Kicking a person so far showed how powerful that man 


Let’s go over and have a look.” 

Leonard immediately stepped forward and walked towards the crowd

Taylor had no choice but to follow

Seeing Taylor, many people took the initiative to get out of the way

A tall man with a shaven head was standing in the crowd. He looked like a savage

He was a muscular man with plump pectoral muscles and a thick neck

To judge a person’s strength, there was no need to look at how strong his muscles were but look at his neck

The socalled power and energy were closely linked. A thick neck meant that such a person was born with great power. Upon closer observation, it could be found that all the statues of ancient warriors had thick necks

At that moment, that man kicked a bodyguard of the Boundless Group aside and shouted, It is said that Michael has many masters, but it turns out that they are all rubbish and do not live up to their reputation. It seems Michael himself is not very good either, which disappoints me.” 

Leonard stood in the crowd and looked at him

Seeing Taylor, Kevin, who came down to handle that matter, came over and said to Taylor, Taylor, this person is too strong. The people left in our company are no match for him. It seems that we can only call Mr. Davis and ask the Dragon, Tiger, and Leopard Department managers to come back.” 


Taylor hesitated

She thought, Mr. Davis is out on business. If we call him now, it will only appear that his subordinates are incompetent.No need to call. Leave it to me.” 

Leonard suddenly spoke

Michael was doing something for him. Of course, Leonard would not stand idly by when there was trouble in his company. It’s inappropriate. You are Mr. Davisguest. If you are injured, I can’t explain it to Mr. Davis.” 






Chapter 173 

Taylor said hurriedly

She didn’t expect that Leonard wanted to come forward

She thought, That man with a shaven head has knocked down so many masters left behind in the Boundless Group. What use can Leonard do if he steps forward?” 

Kevin, next to Leonard, couldn’t help but say, Mr. Santos, please stop causing trouble. Didn’t you see that this villain made a hole in the floor tiles with his kick? You are a distinguished guest. We cannot bear the responsibility if you are beaten to death.” 

Kevin spoke strangely, which made Leonard frown slightly, but he was too lazy to argue with such a small potato

Leonard walked directly to the center of the field

Mr. Santos, don’t be impulsive” 

Taylor wanted to stop him

But Leonard didn’t seem to hear it

Kevin curled his lips and said, Taylor, he is determined to die. How can we stop him? He is from a wealthy family, who has learned some showy but not practical martial arts, and some bullshit taekwondo and karate, so he thinks he is so powerful.This” 

Taylor’s eyes were full of worry

But Leonard didn’t listen to her, so there was nothing she could do

At that moment, everyone in the Boundless Group was knocked down by that bald man. The remaining people did not dare to rush forward and kept a few feet away from the bald man

As soon as Leonard appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of people around him

Everyone looked at that young man who suddenly appeared in surprise

Why are you looking for Michael?” 

Leonard came to the bald man and asked calmly

That bald man saw Leonard’s calm look, and his eyes showed a bit of surprise

No one else dared to step forward, but Leonard dared to stand up

He just looked at Leonard up and down, showing a bit of contempt

But he still said, I heard that Michael was the king of Blueville, and he was very skilled in martial arts, and his men were awesome, so I wanted to compete with him

But now it seems that there is no need. Michael dared not show his face, and his men were even more vulnerable. The Boundless Group was just in name.” 

That man said proudly

Hearing that, many people in the Boundless Group looked angry

Boundless Group was the most significant force in Blueville. Suppose anyone dared to say that at ordinary times, they would have been beaten beyond recognition. But today, the experts were not here, so that man was arrogant

Michael is not here. I will fight with you.” 

Leonard said

Leonard thought that man should have reached the Superior Level of Power Realm who should be born with extraordinary force

He was probably much more powerful than the ordinary people at the Superior Level of Power Realm

Even if a master of Strength Realm might not be able to get good results after fighting with him

Power Realm and Strength Realm were just a classification of understanding for martial arts, but it did not mean that Strength Realm was necessarily better than Power Realm

For example, a woman proficient in fighting might not be able to defeat a strong sixfoot man who had never practiced fighting

According to Leonard’s observation, the strength of that man’s fist was probably over 2,000 pounds

One punch could break a tree as thick as a person

If an ordinary master of Strength Realm received a punch, his bones would be broken instantly, and no matter how many skills he had, he would not be able to use them



Chapter 173 

Some ancient warriors were born with supernatural powers. No matter what martial arts masters they encountered, they could smash them into a meat pie with one fist

The person in front of Leonard was quite interesting

However, that man obviously had some welldeveloped limbs and a moronic head. He might be bewitched by someone to 

trouble Michael

After Leonard finished speaking, there was an uproar around him 

They all saw that bald man’s power just now, but Leonard said he wanted to fight him

The bald man couldn’t help but suspect that he had heard wrong and confirmed, Are you going to fight me?” 

Yes.Leonard nodded

Unexpectedly, the bald man shook his head. I won’t fight you. My grandpa doesn’t allow me to fight with ordinary people.” Who said I am an ordinary person?” 

Leonard was amused by that man and was too lazy to talk nonsense with him. He stepped forward and raised his hand to hit the bald man

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From A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor ( Yves Jimmy)

From A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor ( Yves Jimmy)

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From A Prisoner To A Big Short’s Inheritor ( Yves Jimmy)

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  1. Plot and Storyline: Who is Leonard Santos, and why was he imprisoned in Number Four Prison?
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  2. Characters: What is the significance of Number Four Prison in the story?
    • Number Four Prison is a high-security prison where the story's events unfold. It houses criminals who have committed serious offenses.
  3.   How has Leonard Santos changed since his release from prison?
    • Leonard Santos has undergone a significant transformation since his release. He is no longer the person he used to be and now possesses invaluable a**ets.
  4. What kind of a**ets does Leonard Santos have that make him impressive to others?
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  5. What does the phrase "he teaches the villains a lesson" mean?
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  6. In what way does Leonard Santos plan to change the world?
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    • Leonard Santos's character arc seems to revolve around personal growth and making a positive difference. The story may contain moral lessons about change and redemption.
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