Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You Chapter 123

Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You Chapter 123

Chapter 123 



The gravity of the situation was unmistakable from the profound seriousness etched across Ravel’s countenance. I carefully observed his actions as he terminated his ongoing call with Raymond, gently slipping his phone into his pocket. Curiosity piqued, I couldn’t help but ask, Rav, what’s weighing on your mind right now?” 

Without a word, he approached me, his firm grip on my hand indicating the urgency of the impending conversation. Slowly, he led me toward the cozy confines of our living room. As he guided me to a seat, he spoke softly but with a obvious sense of gravity, Please, take a seat. What I’m about to discuss is of utmost importance.” 

My brows furrowed deeply, and a knot of worry tightened in the pit of my stomach as a torrent of distressing scenarios inundated my thoughts. The anxious unease welled up within me, and I fervently clung to the hope that whatever Ravel was about to reveal wouldn’t unleash an unbearable burden. With a tremor in my voice, I pressed him for answers, Ravel, something’s amiss, isn’t it? Please, tell me, is Daisy okay?” 

Sensing the anguish that was consuming me, Ravel came to a sudden halt and tenderly turned me to face him. Gently, he cupped my cheek, his touch a balm to my spiraling panic. I need you to keep your composure,he implored, his voice soothing. Daisy is safe, and nothing will happen to her. I’ve been in contact with the detective, and as of now, there are no new developments regarding her case. This, however, isn’t about her.” 

Summoning all my strength, I took a deep, steadying breath, attempting to regain control over my emotions. Alright,” I acquiesced, my impatience still palpable beneath the surface, I’ll try to stay calm. So, what’s going on? What is it that you need to share with me?My tone wavered between curiosity and frustration, and I couldn’t help but add, Ravel, if you don’t tell me now, I fear I might lose my sanity.” 

I want to reveal the true reason behind our divorce,Ravel disclosed, but I need you to be patient until we’re in the privacy of our bedroom.” 

Ravel’s revelation had left me both intrigued and perplexed. As we stood on the precipice of our bedroom, I couldn’t help but let my curiosity spill out. Why is it so imperative to discuss the reason behind our divorce right now?The uncertainty that had initially gripped me was giving way to a mounting sense of bewilderment. I had braced myself for grim news, only to find the conversation taking an unexpected turn into our past. Ravel, are you genuinely serious about this?My words bore a hint of disappointment, a mix of emotions swirling within me

Ravel, undeterred by my skepticism, let out a heavy sigh and shook his head, his expression pensive. Without uttering a word, he gently tugged me further into the bedroom, keeping me in suspense. The silence in the room was deafening, and my questions loomed unspoken, kept at bay until the sanctuary of our bedroom

Once the door securely clicked shut, I could contain my inquiries no longer. The anticipation was palpable in the air as I quizzically demanded answers, What’s happening, Ravel? Why bring up our past now?The floodgates of my curiosity burst open as I awaited his explanation

He strolled over to the bed, sat down, and patted the space beside him with a small smile. You are the most impatient woman I’ve ever seen Hazel and I find you cute regardless.” 

Rolling my eyes at his sentiments, I walked over to the bed and sat down. Now isn’t the time to try patronizing me, but for real though, what’s going on?” 

First, I want to apologize for not telling you about this earlier.” He apologized before stating What exactly the problem was, and if I must say it wasn’t a good sign. If Ravel apologizes at the beginning of his statement, that means he fucked up big time. I know I should have said something and I didn’t and for that I really apo_” 

He is rambling. Get to the point Rav.I interjected, I don’t know what you’re going to say at this point, but I don’t think anything can beat the current situation we are in right now, so go for it.” 

You know Mr. Harrison was murdered right?He asked out of the blue, catching me off guard by the sudden question

I know he was killed Rav.I saw it in the news back then, but I didn’t care a bit to read deeper into it. Why exactly are we discussing him?” 

He pulled out his phone and scrolled through it before dropping it on my thighs. Right before my eyes, I watched a video of me threatening Harrison the day he tried to sexually molest me. Surprised, I lifted my head and blinked at Ravel. Why do 

have this video?How did he even get it


Someone sent that video to me Hazel, a few days to our anniversary,He rasped. The more he revealed, the more my eyes widened with shock. You do realize that the same way you threatened Harrison was the same way he was killed.He swiped to the next image, an image of me holding a butter knife that same day. You were seen with that knife Hazel, the same knife that was ruled as the murder weapon, and which mysteriously went missing.” 

Shocked beyond comparison, I blinked rapidly at him. I didn’t kill Harrison,I blurted out quickly, I have nothing to do with his death.He can’t possibly blame me for this

I know you didn’t do it Hazel, but the authorities won’t think the same.He mused, Sebastian and I have every reason to believe that the person who sent this video to me is not only obsessed with you but also had a hand in the kidnapping of Daisy

Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

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Three long hours had pa**ed, and Ravel was nowhere to be found. I had made countless attempts to reach him, not out of anger or frustration over our abandoned plans for the evening, but rather out of genuine concern for his well-being. It was completely out of character for Ravel to be incommunicado, especially when it came to letting me know if he would be running late or returning home in the wee hours of the night. Billionaire’s Ex-wife Craving You

People Also Question And Main Character

The main character in the chapters you provided is Hazel. Hazel is the central figure around whom the story revolves. She is the character through whose perspective the narrative unfolds, and her thoughts, emotions, and actions are key to the progression of the story. Read More novel The Return of the War Legate By Celestial Clouds Hazel is portrayed as a woman deeply in love with her husband, Ravel, and her initial concern and anxiety over his absence demonstrate her central role in the story. Her journey includes the shock of discovering Ravel's affair, her decision to grant him a divorce, and her determination to move  
Question 1: Why was Hazel so concerned about Ravel's absence? Answer: Hazel was concerned about Ravel's absence because he had been missing for three hours, which was completely out of character for him. She was genuinely worried about his well-being and had made numerous attempts to contact him. Question 2: What advice did Jane offer to Hazel when she was pacing anxiously? Answer: Jane advised Hazel to stop pacing around in her long gown, as she was worried Hazel might injure herself if she continued to pace. Question 3: How did Ravel react when he returned home and saw Hazel standing in the living room? Answer: Ravel seemed taken aback when he saw Hazel standing in the living room, looking distressed. He did not immediately offer an explanation for his absence. Question 4: Where did Ravel suggest they have a conversation about their relationship? Answer: Ravel suggested having a conversation about their relationship either in the living room or in their bedroom. Question 5: What shocking revelation did Ravel make to Hazel in their bedroom? Answer: Ravel revealed to Hazel that he had been saying things she wanted to hear but no longer felt the same way about their relationship. He mentioned that he wanted a divorce. Question 6: How did Hazel react when Ravel asked her to sign divorce papers? Answer: Hazel was shocked and hurt when Ravel asked her to sign divorce papers. She couldn't understand how they had gone from celebrating their anniversary to discussing divorce. Question 7: What reason did Ravel give for wanting a divorce? Answer: Ravel stated that he found Hazel sexually unattractive and had fallen out of love with her a long time ago. He accused her of being lost in her own delusions and not noticing the problems in their marriage. Question 8: How did Ravel react when Hazel pleaded with him not to go through with the divorce? Answer: Ravel reacted with anger and shouted at Hazel to sign the divorce papers. He warned that if it went to court, she would leave the marriage with nothing. Read Novel Pestered By My Young by Bella Bruno


As Ravel stormed out of the room, the heavy silence hung in the air, filled with the shattered dreams of a marriage that had disintegrated into nothingness. Hazel, her heart in tatters, remained in their bedroom, tears streaming down her cheeks. She felt the weight of Ravel's words pressing down on her, the cruel reality of their loveless marriage settling in. For days, Hazel deliberated over the divorce papers, torn between clinging to a past that was no more and embracing an uncertain future. Finally, with a heavy heart, she signed the papers, accepting the end of their once-loving relationship. The divorce was finalized, and Hazel began the painful process of rebuilding her life. It was a challenging journey filled with loneliness and heartache, but she knew it was the only way to free herself from the shackles of a love that had withered away. In time, Hazel found her own path, discovering strength she never knew she had. She pursued her pa**ions, rekindled old friendships, and slowly pieced together a new life. While the scars of her failed marriage remained, they no longer defined her. As for Ravel, he moved on with his life, carrying the weight of his choices. The memory of Hazel, the woman he had once loved, haunted him from time to time, a reminder of the love that had slipped through his fingers. In the end, Hazel and Ravel went their separate ways, forever changed by their tumultuous love story. Their marriage may have crumbled, but both of them found their own paths to happiness, learning that sometimes, letting go is the only way to truly set oneself free.


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