Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You Chapter 68

Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You Chapter 68

Chapter 68
Ravel did more than I expected. Not only did he arrange for the private jet but also ensured luxurious accommodations tailored perfectly to my preferences. The suite he selected for me exuded elegance and sophistication. Amidst the process of gathering my belongings, an unexpected interruption came in the form of the doorbell’s melodious chime.
Intrigued yet puzzled by the late-hour caller, I momentarily halted my packing to approach the door. With a touch of reluctance, I engaged the intercom, my anticipation waning rapidly as my eyes met an unwanted figure on the other side. The mere sight of my uninvited guest caused my mood to plummet.
The soft voice that followed held a mix of entreaty and familiarity, as Anne’s gentle words reached my ears through the intercom. “Elenor, open the door. I’m well aware you’re inside.”
Perplexed by her sudden appearance, I begrudgingly permitted Anne’s entry, retreating to my bedroom to continue packing. A few minutes later, she joined me, her presence an unwelcome intrusion. “Why are you in my house, Anne?” I questioned, my attempt at evasion evident in my tone. Hadn’t I gone to great lengths to avoid her?
Her gaze briefly flicked to my half-packed suitcase before returning to meet my eyes. In an almost monotonous tone, she pointed out, “Today is Friday.” Her words hung in the air for a moment, pregnant with unspoken implications.
I turned to her, my confusion etched across my features as I blinked slowly. “And?” I replied, a hint of skepticism coloring my voice.
“Family dinner,” she elucidated, her explanation falling flat. “You missed the Friday family dinner. I want to know why, especially when you’re here in the city.”
Was she truly serious? Frustration surged within me, a red dress slipping from my grasp to land angrily on the bed. Folding my arms across my chest, I leveled a glare at her. “Family dinner?” I scoffed, a bitter edge to my chuckle. “Let’s not pretend it’s a ‘family dinner’ when Ravel abandoned that tradition ages ago!”
“Ravel’s absence shouldn’t dictate your choices,” Anne challenged, her words laced with a hint of defiance.
A bitter laugh escaped me, laden with resentment. “Ravel’s absence should have been a wake-up call for me,” I retorted, the words dripping with bitterness. “You label it as a ‘family dinner,’ yet Ravel hasn’t graced that occasion with his presence with his wife since that incident. You even forbade Raymond from attending, as if erasing his existence was the solution.”
“Raymond isn’t family!” Her voice snapped, sharp and uncompromising.
My frustration surged to the surface, my desperation echoing in my cry. “He grew up with us!” I exclaimed, my agitation nearing its breaking point. “I love him, and you’re fully aware of that! He could have been family if you hadn’t forced him to promise to stay away from me, using his father’s life as leverage!”
“Elenor!” Anne’s voice rang out, a mix of exasperation and reproach, yet it couldn’t drown out the turmoil that had been festering for far too long.
“I remained oblivious to what transpired back then,” I admitted in a hushed voice, my emotions laid bare. “I couldn’t comprehend why he suddenly distanced himself from me, until I accidentally overheard you reminding him of that promise just last week.”
She took a tentative step towards me, a glimmer of vulnerability in her expression. But my gaze remained fixed and intense, a glaring testament to my lingering resentment. “For all your actions, Anne-your attempts to manipulate me into a contractual marriage, your near destruction of Ravel’s marriage-1 never harbored as much animosity towards you as I did last week. Never before have I questioned the cosmic irony that made you my mother.”
Her fingers fiddled nervously with the pea rl necklace adorning her neck, a visible sign of her unease. “Elenor, I did what I believed was in your best interest,” she pleaded, her voice tinged with desperation. “Raymond isn’t the suitable match for you. He has nothing substantial to offer.”
My fists clenched at my sides, a surge of anger coursing through me. “You made decisions based on your insatiable greed for more wealth,” I seethed, my voice trembling with intensity. Stepping towards her, I pinned her with an accusatory glare. “You’re completely oblivious when it comes to recognizing genuine character, Anne. Your judgment of people rests solely on the depth of their pockets!”
Her voice raised, a bellow of frustration breaking free. “Raymond is your brother’s security!” she shouted back, her eyes blazing with conviction.
“That’s his professional responsibility, Anne!” My voice cracked as I cried out, frustration and passion intermingled. “Just like Ravel oversees a jewelry empire and I manage a cosmetics line. It’s his job! At the end of the day, we’re all contributing the same thing-money!”
Her open palm connected with my cheek in a stinging slap, the impact resonating through me. Pain flared across my skin, both physical and emotional. “Don’t you dare belittle your brother’s contributions by comparing them to Raymond’s! It’s an insult to him!” She hissed vehemently, her words heavy with reprimand.
Tears welled up as I gingerly rubbed my stinging cheek, allowing the salty trails to trace their way down. “If you weren’t my mother, that slap would have been returned,” I admitted, my voice quivering. A mixture of shock and uncertainty flashed in her widened eyes. “Do you feel no disgust for yourself, Anne?”
Her tone turned stern, a warning etched in her words. “Don’t address me with such disrespect. Remember, I am still your mother.”
“A mother who was absent on the day her son became engaged to the woman he adores,” I countered, my voice gaining strength. “You were intentionally not included in the invitation, and it was a close call even for the wedding.” I wiped my tears away with a fierce swipe, my gaze unwaveringly fixed on her. “And just so you’re aware, Ravel deeply regrets having you at that wedding.”
“Shut your mouth this instant!” she snapped, her patience dwindling.
“No! It’s your mouth that should be shut!” I shot back, a culmination of frustration and resentment fueling my words. “I’m exhausted from trying to find any redeeming qualities in you, Anne.” Inhaling a deep breath, I marched towards the door and swung it open. “Leave my house.”
Her gaze narrowed in disbelief. “Are you seriously asking me to leave your house?”
Unmoved by the mixture of rage and frustration etched across her features, I met her gaze without flinching. “If you don’t exit of your own volition, I won’t hesitate to instruct security to escort you out.”
A surge of anger tightened her lips, a visible sign of her displeasure. “I’m going to allow you some time to come to your senses, and then we’ll engage in a civilized conversation.” With those words, she turned and exited the room.
“Anne!” I called after her, halting her departure. She paused, her head tilting slightly as she afforded me her attention. “Don’t bother expecting me at the so-called Friday family dinners any longer. I won’t be gracing them with my presence.” With a finality that echoed in my words, I slammed the door shut in her face.
The following morning, I embarked on my journey to Seattle. Upon my arrival, I chose not to make an immediate visit to Hazel’s office. Instead, I dedicated my time to some shopping and acquiring a thoughtful gift for her, all while indulging in
my list. some sun exposure to tan my skin. By late afternoon, I had efficiently checked off these tasks from
With hunger pangs gnawing at me and an undeniable yearning for ice cream, I prioritized an early dinner before seeking out the sweet treat. My plan was straightforward: satisfy my appetite and then savor a delightful ice cream dessert before eventually making my way to Hazel’s. If circumstances didn’t allow for our meeting today, there was always the option of doing so tomorrow-after all, tomorrow held the pivotal task of convincing her to journey to New York.
Having executed my dinner plans as intended, I leisurely ambled over to an ice cream parlor that had been enthusiastically recommended by one of the restaurant’s staff members. The commendation certainly held true, considering the lengthy line that greeted me upon arrival. It seemed this establishment’s popularity was well-deserved, a fact that became evident as I joined the queue of eager patrons.
Chapter 68
wait in the ice cream line became more prolonged, I took a seat that was conveniently provided. Amidst my patience, my attention was captured by a little girl, also queuing for ice cream. Strangely, her appearance struck a chord within me, reminiscent of what I imagined Ravel’s future daughter might look like. The resemblance between her and Ravel was uncanny, a remarkable likeness that drew my focus.
The girl’s gaze darted around, her eyes seemingly searching for someone. In a burst of excitement, she waved and exclaimed, “Mummy!” Her declaration piqued my curiosity, and I followed her line of sight, which led me to none other
than Hazel.
Despite her attempt at concealment with a face mask, I recognized Hazel with case. Shock reverberated through me, causing me to blink rapidly as I watched her lift the child into her arms, placing a loving kiss on the girl’s check before returning to her phone call. “I stepped out to get ice cream for Daisy,” she explained, her voice carrying the affection of a doting parent. “I should be heading home shortly.”
The name “Daisy” triggered a memory, linking it to the moment Hazel had inquired if Daisy was okay. It was becoming evident that this Daisy was indeed Ravel’s daughter. But the question that gnawed at me was how such a significant. revelation had been kept hidden from the media, from Ravel himself, and particularly from me. While I understood Hazel’s anger towards Ravel, my support for her had never wavered.
Summoning my resolve, I rose from my seat and took deliberate steps towards her. “Hazel?” I called out, the name hanging in the air like a question mark. She spun around at the sound of my voice, her eyes widening in astonishment.
Recognition dawned in her gaze as she spoke my name in return. “Elenor?”

Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

Billionaire’s Ex-wife : Craving You

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Three long hours had passed, and Ravel was nowhere to be found. I had made countless attempts to reach him, not out of anger or frustration over our abandoned plans for the evening, but rather out of genuine concern for his well-being. It was completely out of character for Ravel to be incommunicado, especially when it came to letting me know if he would be running late or returning home in the wee hours of the night. Billionaire’s Ex-wife Craving You

People Also Question And Main Character

The main character in the chapters you provided is Hazel. Hazel is the central figure around whom the story revolves. She is the character through whose perspective the narrative unfolds, and her thoughts, emotions, and actions are key to the progression of the story. Read More novel The Return of the War Legate By Celestial Clouds Hazel is portrayed as a woman deeply in love with her husband, Ravel, and her initial concern and anxiety over his absence demonstrate her central role in the story. Her journey includes the shock of discovering Ravel's affair, her decision to grant him a divorce, and her determination to move  
Question 1: Why was Hazel so concerned about Ravel's absence? Answer: Hazel was concerned about Ravel's absence because he had been missing for three hours, which was completely out of character for him. She was genuinely worried about his well-being and had made numerous attempts to contact him. Question 2: What advice did Jane offer to Hazel when she was pacing anxiously? Answer: Jane advised Hazel to stop pacing around in her long gown, as she was worried Hazel might injure herself if she continued to pace. Question 3: How did Ravel react when he returned home and saw Hazel standing in the living room? Answer: Ravel seemed taken aback when he saw Hazel standing in the living room, looking distressed. He did not immediately offer an explanation for his absence. Question 4: Where did Ravel suggest they have a conversation about their relationship? Answer: Ravel suggested having a conversation about their relationship either in the living room or in their bedroom. Question 5: What shocking revelation did Ravel make to Hazel in their bedroom? Answer: Ravel revealed to Hazel that he had been saying things she wanted to hear but no longer felt the same way about their relationship. He mentioned that he wanted a divorce. Question 6: How did Hazel react when Ravel asked her to sign divorce papers? Answer: Hazel was shocked and hurt when Ravel asked her to sign divorce papers. She couldn't understand how they had gone from celebrating their anniversary to discussing divorce. Question 7: What reason did Ravel give for wanting a divorce? Answer: Ravel stated that he found Hazel sexually unattractive and had fallen out of love with her a long time ago. He accused her of being lost in her own delusions and not noticing the problems in their marriage. Question 8: How did Ravel react when Hazel pleaded with him not to go through with the divorce? Answer: Ravel reacted with anger and shouted at Hazel to sign the divorce papers. He warned that if it went to court, she would leave the marriage with nothing. Read Novel Pestered By My Young by Bella Bruno


As Ravel stormed out of the room, the heavy silence hung in the air, filled with the shattered dreams of a marriage that had disintegrated into nothingness. Hazel, her heart in tatters, remained in their bedroom, tears streaming down her cheeks. She felt the weight of Ravel's words pressing down on her, the cruel reality of their loveless marriage settling in. For days, Hazel deliberated over the divorce papers, torn between clinging to a past that was no more and embracing an uncertain future. Finally, with a heavy heart, she signed the papers, accepting the end of their once-loving relationship. The divorce was finalized, and Hazel began the painful process of rebuilding her life. It was a challenging journey filled with loneliness and heartache, but she knew it was the only way to free herself from the shackles of a love that had withered away. In time, Hazel found her own path, discovering strength she never knew she had. She pursued her passions, rekindled old friendships, and slowly pieced together a new life. While the scars of her failed marriage remained, they no longer defined her. As for Ravel, he moved on with his life, carrying the weight of his choices. The memory of Hazel, the woman he had once loved, haunted him from time to time, a reminder of the love that had slipped through his fingers. In the end, Hazel and Ravel went their separate ways, forever changed by their tumultuous love story. Their marriage may have crumbled, but both of them found their own paths to happiness, learning that sometimes, letting go is the only way to truly set oneself free.


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