An Understated Dominance Chinese Novel Chapter 1099

An Understated Dominance Chinese Novel Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099

The expressions on the faces of some experts and professors in the ward turned particularly sour upon being exposed to the peculiar atmosphere of the group.

While their medical skills may not rival those of Yamada Michio, they are still considered top-notch professionals. It’s truly grating to be belittled by their fellow countrymen.

However, everyone present held esteemed positions, and none dared to provoke a confrontation. They could only bow their heads and feign ignorance.

“Mr. Yamada, when do you expect my husband to regain consciousness?”

Lily inquired cautiously.

Despite the vital signs returning to normal, the fact that her husband remained in a coma was understandably concerning.

“Fear not, your husband will naturally awaken after I remove the silver needles.”

Yamada Michio reassured with a confident smile, swiftly extracting all the silver needles.

As the last needle was removed, Caden’s body suddenly convulsed.

After a few moments, his eyes snapped open, a hint of bloodshot red gleaming—

“Awake, he’s finally awake!”

A wave of joy swept through the room upon this sight.

“It’s all thanks to Mr. Yamada! He speaks, and it happens. Truly commendable!” Garrett commended.

“A miraculous healer, truly extraordinary. He surpasses those lackluster doctors like Long Guo by leaps and bounds!” Vivian and the others chimed in with their praises.

“Thank you, Mr. Yamada. You shall forever be our family’s savior!” Lily expressed her gratitude.

“I specialise in treating various challenging and intricate ailments. This condition posed no difficulty for me.” Michio Yamada looked visibly pleased.

As he spoke, he accepted a moist towel from his assistant and meticulously wiped his hands.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Caden’s eyes were rapidly reddening in the hospital bed, his entire countenance contorted.


Caden suddenly bellowed, leaping from the bed.

In that moment, his face was a mask of wild ferocity, veins bulging, an image of madness that was especially unnerving.

From his mouth and nose, a trickle of dark blood oozed slowly.


The sudden turn of events left everyone startled.

“Mr. Yamada, what’s happening? My husband was perfectly fine just moments ago.” Lily’s anxiety was palpable.

“There couldn’t be any side effects, could there?”

Puzzlement spread through the room.

“Do not panic, everything is within the bounds of normalcy, and he’ll be alright shortly.”

Yamada Michio feigned composure, though privately he wondered if the medication had been too aggressive, potentially causing the patient to become unhinged.

“Mr. Yamada, what should we do now? Something’s not right with my husband.” Lily’s worry intensified.

“Minor setbacks, let’s not make a fuss. Allow me to remedy the situation with a single needle.”

Michio Yamada exuded confidence as he produced a silver needle and inserted it at Caden’s brow.


Caden roared, lightning-fast, seizing Michio Yamada by the neck and slamming him against the wall.

Those bloodshot eyes bore a look of sheer madness.

“Wait! Let’s talk this through…”

Michio Yamada gasped for breath, momentarily panicked, about to plead for mercy.

Yet, in an instant, Caden applied force and snapped his neck.

“A snap!”

Michio Yamada’s head tilted, life extinguished on the spot.

Rest in peace.

An Understated Dominance Chinese Novel

An Understated Dominance Chinese Novel

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