Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell ) Chapter 26

Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell ) Chapter 26

Chapter 26 I Can’t Relax When You’re Acting Like This! 

When they came to a forked path, Conner walked in the correct direction, while Brayden chose the wrong path on purpose because he wanted to see which Alison would choose. 

For Alison, however, there was no choice to make. It didn’t matter whether she knew which path was the right one because, between Brayden and Conner, she would choose to follow Conner on any given day without hesitation. This was a lesson she learned from Brayden. 

“Boss….” Just as expected, Conner noticed Brayden making a wrong turn from his peripheral vision and stopped in his tracks. “Miss Lambert’s ward is this way. That’s the wrong way.” 

Brayden doubled back, and the three of them continued their journey. 

He laid his eyes on Alison, who remained composed the whole time. “How do you know that this is the correct way?” 

“Because Conner is walking this way.” Just one statement from her was enough to squash all of his suspicions. 

Brayden’s silence struck Conner with panic, worried that Brayden would jump to the conclusion that there was some hanky-panky between him and Alison. After all, he was the one who accompanied her shopping, ordered her food, and was her chauffeur. What should I say if he fills in the blanks with the wrong idea? He wondered nervously, waiting for a reaction from Brayden. 

Meanwhile, Brayden was hopping mad, but when he saw that all seemed normal with Alison, he quickened his steps toward Hannah’s ward. He was merely trying to test her, and it wouldn’t make a difference if he sent someone else later to negotiate the collaboration. 

At the same time, in Hannah’s ward, Carl straightened his clothes and asked Hannah to check before asking, “Do I look fierce like this?” 




“Will I be able to compete with Brayden?” 

“I can’t be sure about that…” 

Every word Carol said was true. In her memory, Brayden had never been overwhelmed by anyone and was always the one who instilled fear in others. 

Carl also knew about this, and his eyes grew solemn as he wondered, How can I strike fear in Brayden’s heart? I have to teach him a lesson for mistreating my daughter! 

While he was lost in his own thoughts, his secretary dressed in a suit made an appearance in the 

ward, announcing professionally, “Mr. Lambert, the president of Cornell Corporation, is here.” 

“Let him in.” 


His secretary then invited Brayden into the ward. For Brayden, it was his first time to have a business talk in a ward, and the same went for Carl. 

When Brayden showed up with Alison, he greeted Carl and observed his and Hannah’s reaction the entire time but got nothing for his efforts. Whether it was Carl or the young lady of Lambert International, both seemed very composed when Alison walked into the room, as though she was just a stranger. 

While they were exchanging pleasantries, Brayden expressed that he was sorry about Hannah’s accident and wished her a speedy recovery. Then, the business talk with Carl finally started. 

“You said that you’re rather interested in a new project by our company. I wonder which project you mean?” Carl leaned against the chair and asked the question politely. He exuded a mature, dependable air throughout the discussion. 

Alison’s eyes flickered, noticing the change in his temperament. Unbeknownst to her, Carl was highly unsatisfied with Brayden right now because he didn’t even introduce Alison to him when he walked in with her, which made him feel that he thought nothing about her. This dissatisfaction gave him a stronger sense of dominance than Brayden. 

Although Brayden sensed the hostility from him, he reckoned that he was overthinking matters after careful observation. “The project regarding artificial intelligence.” 

“We have quite a few projects related to artificial intelligence,” Carl answered promptly, fixing his ‘eyes on Brayden. “Which one do you mean?” 

“Artificial intelligence robots.” 

“That’s a good project, but we’re already collaborating with another company on that.” 

“That’s okay.” Brayden’s initial intention wasn’t to speak about business, anyway. His eyes drifted to Alison for a second, and his lips parted as he asked thoughtfully, “I wonder if you have another daughter besides Miss Hannah, Mr. Lambert?” 

“What do you mean?” he asked, sounding genuinely natural. Even Alison raised her eyes and looked in their direction. 

Brayden casually said with a straight face, “Just some time ago, someone in the city claimed to be the heir to Lambert International. I thought you had another daughter besides Miss Hannah.” 

“I’m his only daughter,” Hannah cut in, sitting up in bed. Alison was the precious daughter of their family, and they had to protect her no matter the cost! 

In juxtaposition with Hannah’s vibrant energy, Carl appeared calmer. He even huffed in 

amusement. “You should take these rumors with a pinch of salt because, most of the time, they are false Previously, I even heard that women are clamoring to bear you an heir.” 

“You’re right,” Brayden admitted, chatting casually with him; 

However, Hannah couldn’t control herself and kept staring at Alison. Finally, when she stole a look at her for the tenth time, Brayden met her eyes and asked solemnly, “Do you know my wife, Miss Lambert?” 

Will Anna give me away? Alison thought anxiously. 

“Is she your wife?” Finally, Hannah could look at her sister openly. 

Brayden gave her an ambiguous answer. “For now, yes.” 

“For now?” Carl repeated. 

“We’re in the midst of a divorce,” Brayden said calmly, observing every change in Carl’s expression. If he’s really Alison’s father, he will definitely be furious after hearing something like this. 

Yet, there were no signs of emotion from Carl because he wasn’t a person who particularly enjoyed gossiping. Besides, he didn’t have any interest in the personal affairs of others. If I ask more questions. Aly’s identity will be exposed, ruining her plans. 

“Dad!” Hannah found an excuse to fend off Brayden at long last. “Don’t you think that Mrs. Cornell looks a lot like someone we knew?” she asked in excitement. 

“What the hell are you doing? Carl asked with his eyes. 

We have to show Brayden that Aly is not a nobody!”Don’t expose Aly’s identity!”Chill. I know what I’m doing.” 

A helpless Carl thought, Stop what you’re doing. I can’t stop worrying when you’re acting like this! 

“Who?” he asked, cutting off the exchange of glances between the Lamberts. 

“My personal bodyguard when I was in primary school, Aly,” she answered, making up an identity for Alison, the light in her eyes dancing with excitement. 

While Alison and Carl were stunned with astonishment, Brayden frowned and muttered, “Personal bodyguard?” 

“Aly?” Then, Carl began to play along. In fact, he had no idea how he should act because this scene wasn’t included in the script they went through prior to this. 

Then, Hannah’s acting skills kicked into action, and she began recounting the tales of the past to help her father’s memory. “Didn’t you hire a girl five years older than me when I was nine? She was responsible for my safety, so I won’t get bullied by others outside of school.” 

Carl furrowed his brows. What am I supposed to do next? Should I recall everything suddenly or go on 


pretending that I don’t remember? Indeed, Hannah was five years younger than Alison, but he didn’t have the nerve to write a script by himself. What if he made the situation worse? Alison already had plenty of reasons to despise him, and he would really rather not test her boundaries.

Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )

Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 03/06/2023 Native Language: English
The "Alison's Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )" Today, author Alison's (author of Unprecedented Times) reviews a captivating romantic period drama. Alison's & Brayden Cornell  is one of the most famous romance authors in the world. She has written Billionaire novel, including paranormal and romantic suspense series like “Alison's Identity of Romance”.” She has won numerous awards, including the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award.  

Book Synopsis:

Chapter 1 She's Back, So Let's Divorce

At night in Emperor Gardens, Riverton. In the spacious and bright living room, two people sat facing each other. Between them was a divorce agreement. The man wore a well-ironed suit, and he had beautiful features but a cold demeanor. The aura he exuded was so oppressive that the atmosphere around them felt tense. His cold gaze landed on the woman who was silently sitting opposite him, and his orbs were as dark as the night sky outside. "Let's get a divorce on Monday," Brayden Cornell uttered assertively in a cold and baritone voice. "Apart from the compensation in the divorce agreement, you can ask for anything else you need from me." "Why so sudden?" Alison Lambert spoke in such a hushed voice he nearly couldn't catch her. "Julia is back," he answered curtly. Of course, she knew who Julia was. After a short moment of silence, she replied, "Sure." Brayden was slightly taken aback as if he didn't expect her to agree to it so willingly. Flipping open the divorce agreement and skimming through the clauses, she was reminded of how she and Brayden met. Two years ago, they met at Nightingale Club. She visited the bar full of worries and bumped into Brayden, who was just dumped by his girlfriend. After taking two shots of drinks, they engaged in a pleasant conversation as if they'd been friends for years. There was no one-night stand, and they returned to their respective homes after enjoying each other's company. She saw him again three days later after that night, and when he brought his assistant along to propose marriage to her, she agreed readily.
Alison's Identity of Romance

Review by Alison's:

4.5 out of 5

This story gets a 4.5 out of 5.
This book was fantastic! I really enjoy fantasy stories… greek mythology, Billionaire, Romance vampires, I love it all… and this book had it all and then some.  Anything fantasy or mythological, was in this book.  I really enjoyed how Cornell was able to bring them all together in a way that was seamless and natural (or at least as natural as made-up things can be).  What I mean is that when I learned these mythological characters were all in it I thought it was a recipe for disaster, but actually it works brilliantly. The storyline was incredibly interesting and well thought out.  I imagine this story required an awful lot of planning and research.  As I was reading it I thought to myself that this must have taken some time to put together.  When a lot of planning and research is involved there are usually plot-holes (contradictions/missing information), but not in this case, I saw no errors in the complex plot.
The characters were fantastic.  They were relatable and the overall story itself was an incredibly interesting read.  The ONLY reason I am not giving this story a full 5 out of 5 is because of the ‘ease of reading’ factor.  I am an avid reader, I love reading, but even I found this story a little difficult to keep up with. It required my full attention and if I left it more than a day between reading chapters, I was lost. I had to go back in the book and re-read parts just to ‘get my bearings’.  This coupled with the volume of characters made the story a little difficult to read, BUT it was well worth reading. If you are a Billionaire, lover, you HAVE TO read this book! I guarantee, you will love it. Perfect for adults (16+ due to the content) who enjoy:
  • Billionaire
  • Mythology: Greek mythology and mythological characters (Billionaire, Love, Romance, vampires)
  • Learning from reading
  • Getting lost in a complex storyline.

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Alison's Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )

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My ratings:

  • Easy to read: 3 out of 5
  • Characters: 5 out of 5
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  • Length: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5 out of 5

About the Author:

After two years of marriage, Brayden Cornell abruptly filed for divorce, claiming that his true love had returned. Throughout their marriage, he had been willing to comply with any conditions set by his legal wife. No matter what Alison Lambert did, she realized that she couldn't stop him and that if she wanted to find happiness, she had to let him go. Join Brayden and Alison as they embark on a journey of navigating divorce, perseverance, and assumed identities, all while confronting the truth.


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