Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell ) Chapter 23

Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell ) Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Brayden Invites Carl to Dinner 

Brayden ignored him and walked out of the ward with steady steps. His eyes darkened a little when he thought about what Kai had said. Could… Alison truly be Mr. Lambert’s daughter? 

As he thought of that, he gazed at Sebastian, who was waiting outside, and called out, “Mr. Larson.” 

Sebastian immediately straightened. Judging by the look on Mr. Cornell’s face, could it be that his discussion with Mr. Tanner didn’t go well? 

“Find a time and invite the director of Lambert International to dinner,” instructed Brayden. His voice sounded monotonous, and his eyes were so somber that no one knew what he was planning 

in his mind. 

Sebastian feared that he had misheard Brayden’s order. So, he clarified with Brayden instead of taking the order swiftly. “The director of Lambert International? Mr. Lambert?” 

“Yes,” Brayden hummed flatly before he moved his feet and walked outside. He even glanced sideways when he pa**ed by Hannah’s ward. 

“But Lambert International isn’t one of our primary partners in any of our recent core projects,” Sebastian elaborated as he thought that Brayden wanted to discuss business with Carl. “Will it not be a little improper to invite Mr. Lambert to dinner under such circumstances?” 

“There’s nothing improper about it.” Brayden retracted his gaze and continued walking forward. He planned to probe Alison’s real identity through Carl. “Tell Mr. Lambert that I find the cooperative tie between Lambert International and us pleasant, so I wish to discuss in-depth cooperation with him.” 

Sebastian paused mid-stride, and the corner of his mouth twitched as he glanced at Brayden with a complicated look on his face. 

“What’s wrong?” Brayden took notice of his reaction and asked. 

“Our cooperation with Lambert International isn’t exactly pleasant.” Sebastian’s face turned pale as he recalled the past. “I still remember how tense the situation was when we discussed the percentage point of cooperation. Although both companies treated each other with respect outwardly, inwardly, both had the urge to beat the crap out of each other.” Cooperating with Lambert International can simply be described as Clash of Titans. In fact, they are the last company I want to cooperate with for the rest of my life. It’s truly exhausting cooperating with them! 

Brayden was bereft of speech after he heard what Sebastian said. Since Brayden had delegated his tasks in Cornell Corporation’s Imperia branch, he had never imagined their cooperation with Lambert International was so strained. “In that case, find another reason to invite Mr. Lambert.” 

“Yes.” Sebastian bit the bullet and took the order. 

As for Alison, she had no idea that Brayden would meet Carl soon. 

Hannah finally gained consciousness at 9.00PM. 

Her eyes fluttered open as she blearily stared at the ward that was painted white. Soon, she felt her body protesting in pain. So, she frowned and wanted to move when she heard the voice she wanted to hear, even in her dreams. 

“Stop wriggling about now.” Alison held her down. “You are still having an intravenous drip 

Hannah immediately felt herself come alive as she turned toward the source of the voice. The instant she saw Alison, her eyes lit up with excitement. “Aly! You’re back!” 

“Yeah, Alison had always been gentle to her. “There are still more than 20 minutes until you have finished today’s intravenous drip, so stay still.” 

“Okay.” Hannah obediently listened to Alison. Although she was silent, she kept staring at Alison with gleaming eyes. It was as if she couldn’t get enough of Alison. 

Alison feared that Hannah would catch a cold, so she tucked her in. 



“It’s good that you’re home.” 

Alison replied with a hum. 

“Aly?” Hannah once again called out. 


“I’m so happy to see you.” 

With that, Alison raised her hand and flicked her finger against Hannah’s nose. Fondness was written all over her face as she said, “Take care of yourself, and we can talk later.” 

“Okay…” Hannah happily agreed. 

Twenty minutes later, Alison called the nurse on duty when she saw that Hannah was done with her intravenous drip. 

Hannah struggled to sit up only after the nurse took the annoying things away. She couldn’t help herself, for she missed Alison dearly. 

Meanwhile, Alison just let Hannah be. She elevated the bed head, brought her another cup of hot water, and only sat down once everything was done. 

Hannah was full of energy after a good long rest, and the smile on her face never once faded. when she learned that Alison was truly right next to her. “I heard from Dad that you married Brayden and are currently preparing for a divorce. Is it true?” 

Alison was tongue-tied. How does news travel so fast!? 

“Before I answer your question, you have to tell me how you sustained this injury first,” Alison questioned sharply as her gaze landed on Hannah’s still bandaged head, 

At once, the excitement in Hannah’s eyes receded, and she became somewhere timid. 

Alison noticed her sudden change in mood. So, she allowed Hannah to take her time to answer instead of rushing her. 

“Promise me you won’t get angry after I tell you,” Hannah bit her lip and decided to state some conditions before she came clean. 

Alison didn’t see any harm in allowing that. “Okay” 

Still, Hannah was slightly hesitant. After she contemplated her options, she eventually spoke, “Some guys beat me up, but I’m not sure who is the mastermind behind this incident.” 

“Tell me, who do you suspect?” Alison kept her composure and inquired calmly. 

“I suspect it’s Aunt Debbie’s relative.” Hannah bit her lip and uttered under her breath, “But I think Aunt Debbie has nothing to do with it.” 

Alison was no stranger to the woman whom Hannah addressed as Aunt Debbie. Debbie Chapman…. I know her. She’s B*stard Dad’s new lover. 

“Since I only had a cla** in the morning, I initially planned to go shopping with my roommates. Yet, I received a text message saying that my friend is in danger and asking me to hurry over,” Hannah relayed the ins and outs of the incident, little by little. 

“Friend? Which friend?” Alison asked, wanting more detail. 

Hannah hemmed and hawed for a long time but spoke nothing. Her gaze was a little dodgy as 


Alison immediately comprehended when she saw Hannah acting in such a manner. “Boyfriend?” 

“Yeah…” Hannah disclosed guiltily, for fear Alison would reprimand her. “I didn’t really think it through at that time, so I went to the address that person stated. I never expected that it would be a trap!” 

“Mind showing me the text message?” 

“Here!” When Hannah noticed that Alison wasn’t going to pursue the matter regarding her boyfriend, she immediately unlocked her phone and handed it over. 

Alison clicked on the text message and silently noted the number. 




“Can you not make things difficult for Aunt Debbie?” Hannah was extremely cautious when she stated that request because she knew Carl having a new lover had always weighed heavily on Alison’s mind. “I can a**ure you that she is innocent in this matter.” I learned a lot while Aly was away in the past two years. Therefore, I know that Aunt Debbie isn’t a bad person. 

Alison paused. Shortly after, she replied, “As long as she doesn’t harm you, I won’t make things. difficult for her.” 

“What happened after you went to the location?” Alison returned the phone to Hannah after she read the text message. 

“Someone beat me up with a stick in an alley before I arrived at the destination. I vaguely saw Aunt Debbie’s brother watching me getting beat up from outside the alley, though. ” Hannah elaborated subjectively without embellishment and exaggeration. “After that, my… boyfriend arrived. He rescued me and took me to the hospital. I have no idea what happened afterward. By the way, my boyfriend was able to come to my rescue because I texted him to ask if something had really happened to him when I headed to the address stated in the text.” 

“Got it. At this point, Alison could imagine what had happened earlier. Then, she asked one final question. “Did you make a police report?” 

“I did. Hannah nodded obediently. 

Alison nodded and promised her, “I’ll make sure that everything will come to light within seven days. 

Hannah nodded profusely like a chicken pecking at its feed, and her wily eyes darted around the hospital ward. 

Then, when she saw that Alison really wasn’t going to hold her accountable for being in a relationship, she became more daring. “Aly, I’ve told you about my story. Shouldn’t you tell me about yours?” 

Alison was about to answer when Carl’s WhatsApp message garnered her attention. ‘Aria, Brayden has invited me to dinner. Should I attend?’

Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )

Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 03/06/2023 Native Language: English
The "Alison's Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )" Today, author Alison's (author of Unprecedented Times) reviews a captivating romantic period drama. Alison's & Brayden Cornell  is one of the most famous romance authors in the world. She has written Billionaire novel, including paranormal and romantic suspense series like “Alison's Identity of Romance”.” She has won numerous awards, including the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award.  

Book Synopsis:

Chapter 1 She's Back, So Let's Divorce

At night in Emperor Gardens, Riverton. In the spacious and bright living room, two people sat facing each other. Between them was a divorce agreement. The man wore a well-ironed suit, and he had beautiful features but a cold demeanor. The aura he exuded was so oppressive that the atmosphere around them felt tense. His cold gaze landed on the woman who was silently sitting opposite him, and his orbs were as dark as the night sky outside. "Let's get a divorce on Monday," Brayden Cornell uttered a**ertively in a cold and baritone voice. "Apart from the compensation in the divorce agreement, you can ask for anything else you need from me." "Why so sudden?" Alison Lambert spoke in such a hushed voice he nearly couldn't catch her. "Julia is back," he answered curtly. Of course, she knew who Julia was. After a short moment of silence, she replied, "Sure." Brayden was slightly taken aback as if he didn't expect her to agree to it so willingly. Flipping open the divorce agreement and skimming through the clauses, she was reminded of how she and Brayden met. Two years ago, they met at Nightingale Club. She visited the bar full of worries and bumped into Brayden, who was just dumped by his girlfriend. After taking two shots of drinks, they engaged in a pleasant conversation as if they'd been friends for years. There was no one-night stand, and they returned to their respective homes after enjoying each other's company. She saw him again three days later after that night, and when he brought his a**istant along to propose marriage to her, she agreed readily.
Alison's Identity of Romance

Review by Alison's:

4.5 out of 5

This story gets a 4.5 out of 5.
This book was fantastic! I really enjoy fantasy stories… greek mythology, Billionaire, Romance vampires, I love it all… and this book had it all and then some.  Anything fantasy or mythological, was in this book.  I really enjoyed how Cornell was able to bring them all together in a way that was seamless and natural (or at least as natural as made-up things can be).  What I mean is that when I learned these mythological characters were all in it I thought it was a recipe for disaster, but actually it works brilliantly. The storyline was incredibly interesting and well thought out.  I imagine this story required an awful lot of planning and research.  As I was reading it I thought to myself that this must have taken some time to put together.  When a lot of planning and research is involved there are usually plot-holes (contradictions/missing information), but not in this case, I saw no errors in the complex plot.
The characters were fantastic.  They were relatable and the overall story itself was an incredibly interesting read.  The ONLY reason I am not giving this story a full 5 out of 5 is because of the ‘ease of reading’ factor.  I am an avid reader, I love reading, but even I found this story a little difficult to keep up with. It required my full attention and if I left it more than a day between reading chapters, I was lost. I had to go back in the book and re-read parts just to ‘get my bearings’.  This coupled with the volume of characters made the story a little difficult to read, BUT it was well worth reading. If you are a Billionaire, lover, you HAVE TO read this book! I guarantee, you will love it. Perfect for adults (16+ due to the content) who enjoy:
  • Billionaire
  • Mythology: Greek mythology and mythological characters (Billionaire, Love, Romance, vampires)
  • Learning from reading
  • Getting lost in a complex storyline.

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Alison's Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )

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website : 2
Genres: : 3 Billionaire, Hot Romance, Romantic, Marriage, and Billionaire, Hot Romance
Chapters: 4 From 1 to Latest
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My ratings:

  • Easy to read: 3 out of 5
  • Characters: 5 out of 5
  • Story idea: 5 out of 5
  • Length: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5 out of 5

About the Author:

After two years of marriage, Brayden Cornell abruptly filed for divorce, claiming that his true love had returned. Throughout their marriage, he had been willing to comply with any conditions set by his legal wife. No matter what Alison Lambert did, she realized that she couldn't stop him and that if she wanted to find happiness, she had to let him go. Join Brayden and Alison as they embark on a journey of navigating divorce, perseverance, and a**umed identities, all while confronting the truth.


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