Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell ) Chapter 20

Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell ) Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Brayden Investigating Alison 

It was already 12.30PM when Alison finally made her way to the airport. The earliest flight from. Riverton to Imperia was 2.00PM. So, without further ado, she rushed to the counter to ask if anyone refunded their flight since the tickets were already sold out. This was her only chance of getting on the quickest flight home. 

Alas, reality rarely went according to one’s wishes. 

At the same moment, two people showed up behind her. 

A deep cold voice sounded behind her, bellying a hint of anger, “Are you going to run away just as we applied for a divorce?” 

Alison was stunned and turned around to see Brayden in a suit and Conner beside him. 

“I’m sorry, Madam. The flight to Imperia is full.” The employee tried to help her out by suggesting, “If you’re not in a hurry, there’s another flight tomorrow at 8.00AM.” 

“That’s alright. Thanks,” Alison rejected her offer. 

Flight tickets were all fully booked. This was also the case for high-speed rail tickets. So, the only option left was to drive, but the distance from Riverton to Imperia was just too far. 

She grabbed her identity card and walked to the airport’s entrance with a heavy heart. 

“I’d like to cancel a ticket for the 2.00PM flight to Imperia,” Brayden told the employee at the counter as he noticed Alison was in a hurry. 

Conner looked at him with widened eyes and asked in puzzlement, “Who’s going to discuss the collaboration if you blow them off?” 

Then, Brayden gave him a look. “Who said I’m the one canceling?” 

Conner paused for a moment before realizing he was the fool as he glanced between Brayden and Alison, who had stopped in her tracks. 

“Please present your identity documents.” The employee did her job as she ignored the obvious drama unfolding before her. 

Brayden shot him another look, and Conner obediently handed over his flight ticket and documents to the employee. Soon, the cancellation was successful. 

The employee called out to Alison and handed her the tickets, which made her feel rather conflicted. 

“Thank you.” She knew Brayden did this on purpose. 

“You’re welcome.” He was as cool as ever and took the briefcase from Conner. “You can explain 


why you’re running away when we get on the plane later.” 

Alison didn’t argue with him, nor was she in the mood. Instead, the worry in her heart grew as she thought of the person lying in the operating theater. 

Brayden naturally noticed that her mind was elsewhere, so he sent a message to Conner, ‘Make sure to arrive at Imperia before noon tomorrow. 

To which Conner replied, ‘Got it, Boss.’ 

At 2.00PM sharp, the flight had Alison and Brayden sitting in the same row. They were only separated by the aisle. 

“Why are you going to Imperia?” Brayden initiated the conservation as he regarded her with a hint of scrutiny. 

“My family got into an accident and is hospitalized. So, I’m paying them a visit.” Alison didn’t hide the truth and replied calmly. 

He paused momentarily before asking, “Do you need me to accompany you?” 


“Which hospital?” 

“I don’t know yet.” 

The phone call was abrupt, and she was panicking when she heard that Anna was in an accident. 

When she heard that Anna was suffering a head injury and was unconscious, she immediately ‘bolted out of the house. She didn’t even have the mind to ask how it happened and which 

hospital they were in. She only wanted to see her sister as soon as possible. 

“I’ll go with you when we land,” Brayden decided without asking her. “Ask them which hospital they’re at.” 

However, Alison didn’t hesitate to decline his suggestion, “I said no.” 

“This isn’t a discussion.” He stared at her with cold eyes. “Since we’re in Imperia, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t visit.” 

She didn’t answer him and planned on disappearing once she left the plane. 

After that, she kept her eyes closed and rested while Brayden’s gaze would land on her face occasionally. When he saw the tiredness and worry on her face, he had the urge to smooth out the frown between her eyes so that she could sleep better. 

Three hours later, they finally landed at Imperia International Airport. Since they were first-class passengers, they had the privilege to leave the plane first. 

Chapter 20 Brayden… 

+10 pearls 

Alison and Brayden moved quickly toward the airport’s entrance. He stared at her as she kept looking at her phone before asking. “Did you ask them which hospital they are currently staying 




“I’m going to the restroom.” She kept her phone in her pocket nonchalantly. 

He didn’t realize anything unusual, so he merely nodded and waited for her. 

Half an hour later, his employee from the branch in Imperia prompted, “Mr. Cornell, it’s been half an hour.” 

Brayden was taken aback and finally realized that Alison had taken a little too long in the 


He found her number in his contacts and dialed it, but his call was declined just as it rang. Before he could call her a second time, Alison’s text arrived. I’ve already left the airport. Thanks for the flight ticket. 

That made his face darken. You are really something. Alison! 

“Mr. Cornell?” The Imperia branch office employee was concerned about his sudden change of 


“To the office,” Brayden ordered coldly. 

When he was in the car, he couldn’t help but feel a well of frustration at Alison’s actions. 

So, he clicked the mail app and entered a receiver’s email address before typing the message. ‘Can you investigate this person for me? Alison Lawrence. Female. Imperian. This is her photo. As long as you can find everything about her, you can name whatever price you want.’ Then, he inserted her photo before sending the email. 

The receiver was a hacker he met online when he was 19. They rarely contacted each other but would always back each other up when either of them was in trouble. It had been a long time. since they last made contact. 

At the same time, Alison was sitting in the passenger seat of a white sports car listening to the person beside her going on incessantly about the last two years that she had missed. 

“Aly, are you listening to me?” James was wearing a casual sporty set that made him look young with that baby face of his. 

Unfortunately, Alison was not in the mood to entertain him and his antics. “You’re so noisy.” 

James’ eyes widened in shock. 

So, he put on a pitiful look the next second as he whined, “Where has all the love gone?” 

“One more word, and I’ll kick you out of the car,” Alison replied succinctly. 

James immediately dropped the act. Aly is angry. That’s not good! 

Alison watched with anxious eyes as they neared the hospital, and her heart started to pound. “Is Anna really alright?” 

“You know my sister’s skills.” James understood she was worried. So, he didn’t beat around the bush. “When she knew Anna was injured, she immediately requested to be her primary doctor. She knows how important Annia is to you.” 

Alison felt some weight being lifted off her shoulders. 

She never expected James to wait for her at the airport when she was still in the air. 

So, she was surprised when she saw his message when she landed. Later on, she found out that Carl had asked his employee to estimate her arrival after their phone call. 

It just so happened that James was by his side and volunteered to pick her up at the airport. 

These idiots. Did they even think about what would happen if I didn’t get on the 2.00PM flight? They would have waited for nothing.Buzz. Buzz. Her phone vibrated. 

She casually unlocked her phone to see a new email for an email address that she had not used. for two years.

Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )

Alison’s Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 03/06/2023 Native Language: English
The "Alison's Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )" Today, author Alison's (author of Unprecedented Times) reviews a captivating romantic period drama. Alison's & Brayden Cornell  is one of the most famous romance authors in the world. She has written Billionaire novel, including paranormal and romantic suspense series like “Alison's Identity of Romance”.” She has won numerous awards, including the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award.  

Book Synopsis:

Chapter 1 She's Back, So Let's Divorce

At night in Emperor Gardens, Riverton. In the spacious and bright living room, two people sat facing each other. Between them was a divorce agreement. The man wore a well-ironed suit, and he had beautiful features but a cold demeanor. The aura he exuded was so oppressive that the atmosphere around them felt tense. His cold gaze landed on the woman who was silently sitting opposite him, and his orbs were as dark as the night sky outside. "Let's get a divorce on Monday," Brayden Cornell uttered assertively in a cold and baritone voice. "Apart from the compensation in the divorce agreement, you can ask for anything else you need from me." "Why so sudden?" Alison Lambert spoke in such a hushed voice he nearly couldn't catch her. "Julia is back," he answered curtly. Of course, she knew who Julia was. After a short moment of silence, she replied, "Sure." Brayden was slightly taken aback as if he didn't expect her to agree to it so willingly. Flipping open the divorce agreement and skimming through the clauses, she was reminded of how she and Brayden met. Two years ago, they met at Nightingale Club. She visited the bar full of worries and bumped into Brayden, who was just dumped by his girlfriend. After taking two shots of drinks, they engaged in a pleasant conversation as if they'd been friends for years. There was no one-night stand, and they returned to their respective homes after enjoying each other's company. She saw him again three days later after that night, and when he brought his assistant along to propose marriage to her, she agreed readily.
Alison's Identity of Romance

Review by Alison's:

4.5 out of 5

This story gets a 4.5 out of 5.
This book was fantastic! I really enjoy fantasy stories… greek mythology, Billionaire, Romance vampires, I love it all… and this book had it all and then some.  Anything fantasy or mythological, was in this book.  I really enjoyed how Cornell was able to bring them all together in a way that was seamless and natural (or at least as natural as made-up things can be).  What I mean is that when I learned these mythological characters were all in it I thought it was a recipe for disaster, but actually it works brilliantly. The storyline was incredibly interesting and well thought out.  I imagine this story required an awful lot of planning and research.  As I was reading it I thought to myself that this must have taken some time to put together.  When a lot of planning and research is involved there are usually plot-holes (contradictions/missing information), but not in this case, I saw no errors in the complex plot.
The characters were fantastic.  They were relatable and the overall story itself was an incredibly interesting read.  The ONLY reason I am not giving this story a full 5 out of 5 is because of the ‘ease of reading’ factor.  I am an avid reader, I love reading, but even I found this story a little difficult to keep up with. It required my full attention and if I left it more than a day between reading chapters, I was lost. I had to go back in the book and re-read parts just to ‘get my bearings’.  This coupled with the volume of characters made the story a little difficult to read, BUT it was well worth reading. If you are a Billionaire, lover, you HAVE TO read this book! I guarantee, you will love it. Perfect for adults (16+ due to the content) who enjoy:
  • Billionaire
  • Mythology: Greek mythology and mythological characters (Billionaire, Love, Romance, vampires)
  • Learning from reading
  • Getting lost in a complex storyline.

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Alison's Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )

Name of the Novel: 1 Alison's Identity of Romance ( Brayden Cornell )
website : 2
Genres: : 3 Billionaire, Hot Romance, Romantic, Marriage, and Billionaire, Hot Romance
Chapters: 4 From 1 to Latest
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  • Easy to read: 3 out of 5
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  • Length: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5 out of 5

About the Author:

After two years of marriage, Brayden Cornell abruptly filed for divorce, claiming that his true love had returned. Throughout their marriage, he had been willing to comply with any conditions set by his legal wife. No matter what Alison Lambert did, she realized that she couldn't stop him and that if she wanted to find happiness, she had to let him go. Join Brayden and Alison as they embark on a journey of navigating divorce, perseverance, and assumed identities, all while confronting the truth.


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